You can't be angry at someone forever, if you are, screaming at them to change their attitude shouldn't be the solution, you should think about changing your own attitude first. You might change yourself. You might change the way you look at another person.


 General Information 

Chosen Name: Erza

Nicknames: Ez, Za

Tribal Name: Erza of the Timid Sparrows

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Species: Maned Wolf

Age: Nineteen Moons

Status: Inactive

Occupation: Rogue

Rank: N/A

Currently Feeling: Stressed/Annoyed & Shy 

Main Theme Song: Creep

Theme Songs: Savior & Black Hole Sun


Top coat~ Bright Orange 

Undercoat~ Midnight Black

Eyes~ Smooth Teal

Markings~ Pale Creases

Bird Related To~ Sparrow


Mother: Unknown

Grandmother(s): Assumed Dead

Father: Unknown

Grandfather(s): Assumed Dead

Siblings: Unknown

Crush: N/A

Mate: Faith


Shy~ Erza is extremely shy and has a hard time making true friends but once you become a friend of his, he'll become very talkative

Loyal~ Erza will not stand down and do anything to serve his group, even if he had to sacrifice his own life

Cowardly~ Erza, despite from being shy, is frightened by many things, even the weirdest of the most seen objects

Curious~ Erza loves to look around, loving to ask questions but not demanding answers. He is very laid back and will listen to what anyone says

Witty~ When Erza becomes your friend or you get to know him well enough, he can be quite the comedian, loving to make small jokes to get some big laughs


Agility~ Erza's nimble limbs is an excellent combative advantage

Trustworthy~ Erza's loyalty makes him a trusted addition to the Pack

Efficeincy~ Erza is very efficient as he will not be reluctant if asked to do something


Curiousity~ Erza's curiousity is very direct so if told he cannot bring up a subject, he will continue to talk about it 

Nervous~ Erza ets very nervous if he has to talk about something that he doesn't want to talk about 

Engaging~ Erza will easily get engaged in any subject and could annoy anyone by taking about it all the time


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