Description: Ervina (Air-vine-uh) is a mix of four breeds, among them the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat. This gives her her impeccable size and her oddly sharp claws. She is a dark brown tabby with mottled brown tips and light brown neck fur. She has amber eyes and black stocking on he front paws.

Breed: Amercian Shorthair, Maine Coon, Chauise, Norwegian Forest Cat,

Animal Jam Life: Look on Zearafina

Backstory: Ervina was left on the front door of a Twolegs house by her parents. They where being chased by gruesome dogs and knew that she wouldn't survive. When she was old enough to remember (4 moons) she ran away. Later she was taken into 

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  1. Personality
  2. Strengths
  3. Imperfections
  4. Special Traits
  5. Family
  6. Current Status
  7. Beliefs
  8. True Friends/Mortal Enemies
  9. Theme Song
  10. Cause of Death