"I know I'll probably die sooner then many cats due to my genes but as long I'm me and I have people that love me by my side, I'm fine with dying."Edit


Ephemeral is an albino tom-cat who is in no Clan at the moment.


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Appearance Edit

Ephemeral is an albino cat which means he is an oddly lightish (Close to white) pink with pink eyes. He is also smaller then the normal cat.

Personality Edit

Pacifist: Ephemeral hates fighting between cats, he will try his best to make the two cats stop it even if it means he will get wounds from them.

Paranoid: It's rather common to see him get scared and protective over the smallest things. If he sees a cat near a river even if they are fishing, he will begin to yowl at them to be careful

Helpful: Ephemeral is a very kind tom and loves to help cats if needed. He loves making sure he is useful and not a pile of mouse-dung

Cautious: This goes to his paranoid trait but he is very careful around stuff. Before he takes action, he has to stare at his surroundings to make sure he is safe.

Backstory Edit

"Icefoot, how is the kit?"

It was a damp newleaf in the forest as bright sunlight flooded into the den of a white she-cat, a gray tabby tom standing in the clearing in front of it. The she-cat glanced down at the little ball of fur before speaking.

"He never opened his eyes yet but it should be today..."

Just as she said that, the kit sat up and turned it's head toward her and slowly....opens it's eyes. Icefoot's eyes widen as she was hoping for bright flashing eyes that made her heart melt but instead she was shocked.

"Stormdusk, you might need to see this."

The tom walked over in a proud stride but it soon ended as she glanced down at the kitten. Complete shock and confusion flood over him.

The eyes were pink.

Many moons later, yowling of disapproval and rage rang out. Snowkit opened his pink eyes as he walked closer to the entrance of the nursery so he could understand the noise.

"We cannot have an albino cat, they are much weaker and will probably get sick often so the medicine cat will waste all of the herbs on it."

"Send it away!"