"Life Is Not A Package Waiting To Be Thrown Away, But A Precious Gift From The Nova Wolves For You To Treasure."


Name: Edge

Status: Alive

Age: 39 moons

Rank: Loner

Religion: Nova Wolves

Other Religion(s): The Foggy Abyss

Current Inhabitant: N/A

Former Inhabitant: The Pack of Torn Howls

Gender/Sex: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Theme Song: Winter Bird  AURORA

Description: Edge is a dark ginger shewolf with pale amber eyes and a silver star on her cheek from recieving 9 lives as an Alpha (POTH is disbanded).


Crush(es): N/A

Mate: N/A

Former Mate(s): N/A

Pup(s): N/A

Father: Boldow (Deceased/Fictional Character)

Mother: Honey (Deceased/Fictional Character)

Brothers: Finch (Deceased/Fictional Character)

Sisters: N/A

Niece(s): N/A

Nephew(s): N/A

Grandmothers: N/A

Grandfathers: N/A

Aunts: N/A

Uncles: N/A

Former Mentor: Spear

Trainee(s): N/A


Outgoing and friendly. She speaks her mind, often unafraid of dirt-talking someone's ability, usually with a good interest in heart. Like for example, she'd tell someone that they're not good at fighting if they're peaceful, even if they try so hard to learn. It'd be for their own good. She's also quite violent, but it's fine because there's not much violence around in the loner wolf anyway. She's the brawn, not the brain, though it's not like she can't think. Also, she gets bored easily.


Edge's story started off peacefully, in a damp cave with her brother, Finch, her mother, Honey, and her father, Boldow. Honey and Boldow took turns hunting and looking after the pups and the two young ones were quite content, playing moss-toss together, chasing stray leaves and wrestling on the cold granite floor.

When the pups were about 6 moons old, their parents took them to a lush area in the 'loner' forest (basically were all the loners lived XD) where prey were abundant. This, however, was a good two kilometers away from their cave, so it wasn't often that they visited this place. It was easy to hunt here, so Honey and Boldow taught the two pups exactly that. When they'd finished, Finch had two shrews, Edge had a plump thrush and the parents had tag-teamed a cow elk. 

The family wer juet about to head back to their den when a sudden snap-boom in the distance caught their attention. A stone of some kind flew quickly towards Finch and Honey blocked it, taking the bullet through the heart. She fell and bled out quickly, dying silently. A second bullet was fired at their father, killing him, too. But this time, he lay on the ground, writhing in agony for three painfully slow minutes. The cubs panicked, not knowing what to do. Finch had the bright idea of running, so they did.

They pelted one kilometer before stopping to catch their breath. This was when they met a white male wolf with blank eyes who introduced himself as Spear in a monotone voice. Edge had a hard time not screaming. Somehow this guy knew how to speak in tiger language? Was he the devil coming to retrieve her to hell? No. He took the two traumatized cubs in, giving the, food and shelter. 

He taught them how to hunt, fight and use (simple) herbs for two moons before the two headed out on their own. Well guess what? Coincidentally, poachers had set up camp in the direction they were going. One night, Finch went out to hunt because Spear'd told them that most prey items were nocturnal. Edge decided to follow him to make sure he was OK - he was naturally a runt, not that she minded. 

(Anxiety warning) When she caught up to him, she hid in a bush and rolled in some dirt so he didn't notice she was there. There was a gunshot from a bush opposite of her and her brother fell. The shell of the bullet flew through the air and bounced off Edge's muzzle. She stared in horror at her brother, who was surrounded by a pool of blood with a hole through his stomache. Three men walked from the bush where the bullet came from and began to strip his fur from him (he was still alive and screaming), chopped his head off then cut him by the joints and stuffed his body parts into plastic containes before driving off in one of their monsters, not noticing Edge cowering behind them, tears streaming from her oversaturated jade eyes.

This encounter is the reason why she loves flexing her joints - it remonds her of her brother. She somehow found her way to Spear again, who helped her once more, since she decided she didn't want to do anything but sulk in the den thinking about Finch. After about a moon of being unhealthily depressed, Edge finally decided to leave the holly bush and wandered to the edge (no pun intended o3o) of The Pack of Broken Promises' territory with Spear. The wolves (and one panther) offered for them to join the pack, an offer that the companions accepted thankfully. 

She doesn't go a day without missing Finch, even if she hides it behind her cheerful smile.

🐾Likes and Dislikes🐾


Venting to Spear, company, feeling appreciated, stretching, smiling.


The Dark, being alone, thunderpaths, no-furs.

🐾Other Details🐾

Height: Silently doesn't care. But slightly larger than a normal bengal tiger.

Voice: Hetalia Narrator (Anime, English Dub)

Scent: Edge somehow smells like the scent you catch a wiff of after it rains.


Hunting: 8/10

Agility: 10/10

Fighting: 9/10

Stamina: 7/10

Speed: 8/10

Mental strength: 7/10

Physical strength: 9/10

Emotional Strength: 4/10

Social skills: 9.98/10

Tracking skills: 9/10

Intelligence: 6/10

Stealth: 9.7/10

Accuracy: 8/10

Insanity: 2/10

Motherly/Fatherly Instinct: 6/10

Parenting Skills: 4/10

Creative Level: 7/10

Realism/Sanity Level: 7/10

Reflexes: 10/10

Warrior Experience: 8/10

Focus: 2/10

Cunning: 3/10

Leadership: 4/10

Defense: 9/10

Swimming: 7/10

Climbing: 9/10

Running: 8/10

Persuasion: 3/10

Offense: 7/10

Wisdom: 1/10

Jumping: 9/10

Biting Force: 9/10

Physical Health: 10/10

🐾Friends+Amount of Trust🐾

Can I just... Say I have no friend, or something XD?

  • Edge (Drawn by Yours Truly)

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