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If you want a serious clan you have come to the right place. Even though we might get a little bit off topic but that's fine. For the most part we are pretty good. Eclipse Clans leader is Hawkstar ( Mrtiger333 ). We want to become a great clan with many strong members.

Our ClanEdit

looking for member: Always

Made: December 12, 2015

Leader: HawkStar

Territory: zios and the forest

Servers: Rocky/kama

Right now we are discontinued

Eclipse Clan: We are a kind clan unless you get on our nerves then we become deadly XD

Ranks needed: Warriors, Kits, and apprentices

Current members: 77


A little about usEdit

Our server is Rocky/kama and our territory is zios and the forest. We need people that are on a lot. If you don't get on often I will delete you for more space. But if you go somewhere tell me so I don't. Or if I forget just send me a message so I will add you back.

Intro I am the leader Hawkstar. Me and my clan mates are the best you will ever meet. We are mostly kind but sometimes we have moments when we get out of hand. We are always accepting new members for our clan. Right now we don't have any members but we are currently growing in size.

Story behind our clan There once lived a clan called Briar clan this clan was led by Tornstar. Tornstar never listened to the warrior code he would kill for no reason and he would also kill any cat that deceived him. But one day there was a prophecy " five cats of family will rise to defend the noble code". That day came and those five cats stood up to Tornstar and his loyal warriors and chased them away. He has never come back since. One of the Five cats became leader and that cats name was HawkFur now HawkStar. The cats that believed that Tornstar should go, they stayed in the clan now known as Eclipse clan.

Dress code and animal ranks Edit

Animal ranks

Kit: bunny

Apprentice: bunny, fox

Elder: Wolf

Warrior: wolf

Med cat: wolf

Deputy: wolf

Leader: wolf

Dress Code


sword, bow, worn, nothing, pirate swords, Elf armor


nothing, elf tail


spike wrist, elf bracelets, glove, leg armor, vine anklet, arm cuffs


Spike collar, fang necklace, ribbon scarf (maybe), lei, leaf necklace


skull helmet, fox hat, flower thingy XD, Nothing

Rules Edit

1. don't hurt or fight with another member of the clan

2. Always follow the warrior code

3.follow the leaders orders

4.We do not like double clanners

5. We do not accept kittypets even if you have a past of a kittypet

there might be more soon... ( lol )


1. possible banishment ( if you break the most important rules )

2.back to apprentice duties

3.delay warrior ceremony

4. delay apprenticeship

5.cant go on any patrols

6.last to eat

some might come soon..... :3