Shatteredstar Edit

General InformationEdit

Past Names - Toast, Shattered

Current Name - Shatteredstar

Nicknames - Badger

Status - Alive & Active

Sexual Orientation - Heterosexual 

Age - 11 moons (kind of young for a leader)

Clan - SoundClan

Past Clans - BearClan

Breed - Turkish Van, Korat, and a Classic Tabby Mix

Rank - Leader

Lives  - 9/9

Theme Song - - Imagine Dragons Warriors - Imagine Dragons

2ND Theme Song - All Still Die We All Still Die


Mother - Lynx (unknown, alive)

Father - Steam (BloodClan, deceased)

Brothers - Lion (rogue, unknown), Liquor (BloodClan, alive), Husky (BloodClan, alive)

Sisters - Husky (rogue, alive), Bee (unknown, deceased), Scarlet (BloodClan, unknown)

(I am distant realitives to Scourge, and Firestar. But I do not carry the same traits, nor personalities as them.)


Shatteredstar is a pale tom with icy blue eyes. He has short fur and a small muzzle, with big paws. He has large and sensitive ears. He has gray stripes along his neck and back, with a grey paw. Shatteredstar is very thin with thick but short fur. Most may not know this but the very tip of his tail was ripped off. Instead of a dark pink, he has a rather dark grey pads. 


Shatteredstar was once a childish apprentice with a bad attitude. He later learned this was not the way to go. He gets his very strict policies from Rosestar, his former leader, which he looked up to as a loyal leader, intelligent, and knew best for her clan. Even when you aren't in his clan, he will be serious and demand you listen to orders, or else consequences will happen. He can get childish sometimes, but he never snaps out of protecting his clan. He now hates BearClan, sadly... but wants to be allies in the future. 

Shatteredstar loves feedback from his warriors. He loves to hear what they are thinking, and what cats are doing behind his back. 


- Rain

- Stormy

- Mint Leaves


- Leaf-fall

- Loud noises

- Disgusting smells/herbs


He has confidence in his clan

He can echolocate, learned when he was rogue. 

(That's actually why this clan is named SoundClan


He normally lets his love-life blind him. 

Sometimes talks in fragments.