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DuskClan's Current Status Edit

Active? At War?
Yes No.
Actively recruiting through Animal Jam and Wikia, and actively roleplaying.

DuskClan was created by Gigi1099! (Person who first created this post)

Cats of DuskClanEdit

(X1) Leader:Nightstar (Gigi1099)

(X1) Deputy:Squirrelstripe (Megamoomoo19)

(X3) Clan Spy(s):None (We had one, but they unbuddied me and refused to respond to my Jam-A-Grams.)

(X2) Medicine Cat(s):

(X2) Medicine Cat Apprentice:

Echopaw (Lotte2206)

(Open Rank) Warriors:

Ivystripe (Celestialeffects)

Embertail (Sirloden)

Leaftail (Hannah12294)

Flamepelt (Me10247)

Mudstripe (Morgan868)

Darkshadow (Ebbybunny67)

Hawkfeather (Sunny19744)

Darkstream (Cheddarcheesejammer)

(Open Rank) Apprentices:

Mistpaw (Angel70765) *Mentor:Nightstar*

Songpaw (Bluelove05)

(Open Rank) Kits:

Joining Requirements/RulesEdit

1.MUST read Warriors. No exceptions.

2. You must know the Warrior Code.

3. NO anatomy. No exceptions. Many people do not understand anatomy, and it is not aloud in DuskClan.

4. NO advanced Vocabulary if that's what you call it. No exceptions for the same reason as above.

To JoinEdit

To join DuskClan you must meet certain requirements. Those requirements can be seen above.Edit

To join, Jam A Gram me, fill out this form, (In the comments) or talk to me on my Jammer Wall!

I am gigi1099


AJ User:

Clan Name:

Previous Clans?:(Optional)


Desired Rank:

RolePlay Ex: (Can use action borders such as , action , or I action I)

Warriors Book you are currently reading: (Series Name, Book Name, Optional)

Contact Me!Edit

There are two ways to contact me:

My Animal Jam User: Gigi1099

My Transformice User: Xxnightpelt

Why Join DuskClan? (WIP) Edit

Now, you're probably wondering, what makes this Clan different from any other Clan? I'll tell you.

The Events Edit

The events of DuskClan are fun for everyone! We have events like...

Notice BoardEdit

(6/24/16) Congratulations, Squirrelstripe, for becoming the new deputy of DuskClan!

Legends of DuskClanEdit

Rise of New ClansEdit

It was a stormy night in Leaf-Bare, and 4 cats gathered. They were all leaders of different Clans. A full moon, but only the leaders were healthy enough to attend the Gathering. The 4 cats, Redstar, Rainstar, Moonstar, and Duskstar, shared news. Much of the news to share was who had joined StarClan, or who had fallen I'll. A strike of lightning. A clap of thunder. These things reminded the leaders how weak their Clans were growing as each second passed. Suddenly, the bushes around the clearing began to rustle. Cats began to show themselves. It had seemed they had driven themselves mad. Edit

"Blood will spill, only one Clan may remain!" Yowled a cat from Redstar's Clan. "We will need all the catnip in the forest to cure just one Clan!" 

War began to break out among the Clan cats. "Stop! All of you! There's no need for bloodshed! This will destroy the Clans!" DuskStar yowled. 

"If one Clan survives, they will thrive. Then they can break out into four new Clans!" Yowled Redstar, seeming to agree with his Clan. 

Rainstar's fur stood erect. Her eyes glistening, she whispered, "A prophecy..." She looked towards Duskstar. "Blood may spill, new Clans may rise, but war is the calm before the storm."

Moonstar growled. "What in the name of StarClan is that supposed to mean!?"

Rainstar flicked her tail. "I think it might mean we must recreate our Clans." The wind and rain seemed to lighten. 

Duskstar yowled over a clap of thunder. "Then it's settled. DuskClan, RedClan, RainClan, and MoonClan. We are the four new Clans of the forest." The war continued until few cats were left.

Prophecy of Night And Shadow (WIP)Edit

A young kit padded through the forest. "Copperkit? Flamestar?" She yowled. She had been abandoned from her Clan, RedClan, because she was thought to be a decendant of Redstar. brother was misunderstood. The three other Clans thought RedClan killed kits for fun. No, they killed kits who were decendants of Redstar or Darkheart, the cat who yowled of spilling blood and Clans thriving only to split. They did not want more bloodshed then is necessary to keep the Clan blood healthy and well. 

"Nightkit!" A yowl was heard. "Emberkit?" Another cat yowled in reply.  

At DuskClan camp, a medicine cat and her apprentice padded towards Moonpool. 

Animals, Ranks, And BadgesEdit


Wolf, Snow Leopard, Cheetah, Arctic Fox



Wolf, Cheetah, Snow Leopard

Badge:Howling Wolf

Clan's SpyEdit

Wolf, Cheetah, Snow Leopard, Arctic Fox, Fox

Badge:Fox or Arctic Fox (Or the required Badge of the Clan being spied on. Use Fox/Arctic Fox badge in DuskClan Camp though.)

Medicine CatEdit

Wolf, Cheetah, Snow Leopard


Medicine Cat ApprenticeEdit

Fox, Arctic Fox, Bunny, Wolf



Wolf, Cheetah, Snow Leopard, Arctic Fox, Fox



Bunny, Fox, Arctic Fox




Fox (For Apprentice-Age Kits)




Nile (If taken, please inform me. TropicalClan, YOU DO NOT OWN EVERY SAREPIA!)

Cimarron (If taken, please inform me. TropicalClan, YOU DO NOT OWN EVERY SAREPIA!)


Sarepia Forest

Lost Temple of Zios

Trespassing Cat ProcedureEdit

If a cat is found trespassing on DuskClan territory, they should not be attacked immediately, but should be asked why they are on our territory. If the trespassing cat refuses to answer, ask once more. After asking twice and trespassing cat still refuses to answer, then and only then should you attack.


1. Normal Clan Rules. 

2.Warrior Code

Things to KnowEdit

DuskClan believes in StarClan.

NN, NM, ND, NB?Edit

 Using NN, NM, etc is only aloud if the opponent won't take a hit without it. Just don't do it for every attack.

Double Clanning?!Edit

Double-Clanning is aloud ONLY if you use another OC that has NOTHING to do with your DuskClan OC. (Exceptions are made for SPIES ONLY)Edit


Name-Tags are black with the badge of your rank. (unless you are Non-member) Edit

Feel free to come see the camp or send me a buddy request!

Dress Code (Exceptions can be made)Edit

Acceptable ItemsEdit


Head: Raccoon Hats, Fox Hats*, Skull Helmet, Head Flower (Certain Colors)

Neck:Leaf Necklace, Spiked Collars**

Back:Bows/Long Bows, Worn Blankets, Swords/Pirate Swords,

Legs:Leaf Leg Armor, Freedom Bands, Elf Bracelets (Certain Colors, if it matches your pelt)

Tail:Elf Tail Armor (Certain Colors), Phantom Tail Armor (If it matches your pelt) 

**For the Spiked Collars: Black, Purple, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Green are the accepted colors. It does not matter whether your collar is short or long, all long Diamond Shop Spiked Collars are accepted other than the green/black one, and all short Diamond Shop Spiked Collars are accepted other than the pink.

*All types of Fox Hats are accepted


Freedom Bands, Raccoon Hats, Head Flower (certain Colors), Phantom Tail Armor (If it matches your pelt)Edit

Head:Fox Hats*, Raccoon Hats, Head Flower (Certain Colors)


Back:Bows, Pirate Swords, Worn Blankets,

Legs:Freedom Bands

Tail:Phantom Tail Armor (If it matches your pelt)

**If you can find something OTHER THAN A SCARF for the neck, go for it. I can't think of anything.

*All types of Fox Hats are accepted

UNACCEPTABLEEEEE!!! Items (Kudos if you get that reference)Edit

Jamaaliday Bows, Tiaras, Scarves,Horns/Antlers of any kind Wings of any kind Spiked Wristbands, Lassos, Glasses of any kind, Ties of any kind

Best of Wishes, Nightstar/gigi1099

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