The Resurrection

Introduction Edit

The trees lashed out in a violent frenzy. The calls of many sparrows resonated across the thick expanse of land, the phantasmagoric terrain stretching out endlessly in front of you.

You looked above, the only thing parting you from the luxurious stars were the towering canopy, the lustrous, bewildering moon shone your path to the upper part of the Mesa, constricted with the beauty of nature.

But there was an unmistakable fragrance. Blood. You were daunted by it, until you began to hunt, rapidly pulsing adrenaline overcoming your daunt. Scratches etched the barks of the mighty oaks, you finally got out of the woods, below you stretched green grass, and reeds whistling in the wind, fused to make an alluring song.

You sat, on the edge of a crystalline murky river. Never have you felt so comfortable. Until you pick up the aroma of Wolves. You stared into the trees ahead. Ecru eyes seemed to interlock with yours, a gut-wrenching feeling convulsed you. Another pair of eyes contemplated you from the trees. Then disappeared.

"I'm hallucinating..." You murmured to yourself, but you couldn't convince yourself over the inevitable. You turned around, compacting yourself onto your masculine haunches, prepared to run. You heard a voice, in a calm yet confusing manner. You stared up at a mighty rock, about a foot taller than you were. A Wolf arose, standing on top of it. Flanked beside it was another of it's companions, just as mighty and alluring as the first one.

"You're trespassing on my territory." You began to tingle, in seemingly a literal sense at the chilling words. "I'm sorry--- I didn't know..." The massive smooth-pelted Wolf cut you off. "You are frail, you must eat, come to our Campgrounds, then you can make your decision of what to do next." She spoke, the Wolf beside her nodded. More silhouettes writhed in the distance and soon you were flanked by wolves of many, with scars, but they seemed insurmountable to break. You felt welcomed by your newly found companions, or should you say, your newly found Pack.

General Information Edit

Founding? - 3/30/16
Status? - Active.
Recruiting? - Always.
Orientation? - Neutral.
Species? - Wolves only.
Member Count? - 5
Leader's User? - Maddie240 and Buelljam
Den? - Maddie240
Themesong - W.I.P.
Prey? - Deer, Bison, Elk, Wildebeest.
Season? - Spring.
Religion? - W.I.P.

Ranks Edit

Alpha x2 ( Closed ) - The Alpha is the ultimate ruler of the Pack. Whatever the Alphas say must be taken up and obeyed, the Alpha is to be highly respected and not to be talked back to.

Beta - The Betas are basically Co-Alphas, the Betas take charge when the Alphas are off, and lead and send out Patrols. The Betas are under the Alpha's law, but they help distribute the weight of the Alpha's jobs. ( Pending )

Healer - The Healer interprets omens, and heals the Packmates. The Healer is not to be talked back to, they can't take charge but they are extremely important and respected, the Healer has an excellent knowledge of herbs. ( Pending )

Commanders x4. - The Commanders are basically Elite Warriors. The Commanders have authority over the Warriors, they are in charge of watching the Warriors, making sure the Warriors are doing what they're told. They are equal in the rank to the Lead Warrior. ( Open )

Lead Warrior. - The Lead Warrior is the one who strategizes battle plans and hunting patrols. The Lead Warrior often does the Commander's job. But has extra duties and is the ultimate Fighter. ( Open )

Warriors - The ultimate fighters and hunters of the Pack, Warriors are an important part of the Pack and are respected by all ranks. They never back down and are loyal to their Pack. ( Open )

Tyros - The Warrior apprentices. ( Open )

Queens - Obvious. ( Not Accepting )

Pups - Obvious. ( Not Accepting YET )

Omega - Omegas are the captured or demoted that have to prove themselves worthy to stay in the Pack, they are considered as prisoners, they are not tortured, but they are not respected either. Commanders are the ones that guard them. ( We take them, not joining as one )

Allegiances Edit


Arid - Arid is a Tundra Wolf, Gray Wolf, hybrid. She is calm, but the more impatient and firey of the two Alphas. Arid is gray with black splotches aligning spine resembling the painted night sky. She's bulky, yet fast, with long well muscled legs and a soothing voice, she has ecru eyes. ( Buelljam )

Theia - Theia is ((((( tbw )))))