A cat must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.
-- John C. Maxwell

Dunetuft by EliteNinjaWarrior

Status Deceased
Roleplayed By Saberfang
Gender Male/Tom-cat
Age 81 moons (At death)
Starclan icon by starsightsw2007
Rank Senior Warrior (At death)
Mentor Waspclaw
Apprentice Slatestar, Azriel
Mate Branchleap
Family See "kin"
Defense 8/10
Offense 5.5/10
Speed 7.2/10
Hunting 5.4/10
Climbing 8/10
Swimming 7/10
Stamina 4.3/10
Intelligence 9.5/10
Agility 7/10
Stealth 6.5/10
Voice TBA
Theme Song Elevate by St. Lucia


Name Break-down:

Prefix: Dune [a mound or ridge of sand or other loose sediment formed by the wind, especially on the sea coast or in a desert and for his sandy-colored fur]

Suffix: -tuft [for the tuft of fur on his chest, traditional warriors suffix]

Nicknames: Dadstar, Dunetin, Rabbitstar

Next Names: N/A

Former Names: Dunekit, Dunepaw, Dunestar

Gender Identities: Male/Tom-cat

PGSP: He/him/his

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Age: 81 moons, or 6 years and 9 months

Thoughts on Clan:

I came, I saw, I conquered. I've built a legacy and through it, I shall live on eternally.

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Kit Hood (0-10 moons)

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Dunekit was born premature out of Rosebelly and Smokethroat, an elderly pair of senior warriors. He and his stillborn sister, Hillkit, were to be their last litter. Because of this, Rosebelly was often unable to produce enough milk for the scrawny kit. He was then given to Lilacshade in hopes that having other littermates and enough food would help him grow stronger. Dunekit was born with a weak heart and severe breathing problems. When he turned 6 moons, he was held back for an additional 4 moons until he was well enough. He spent a majority of his kithood in the medicine den. 

As a kit, his other littermates barely paid him any attention, because they were older and had no need for a weak kit. Sometimes though, they'd allow him to pretend to be a mouse while the others practiced their hunting techniques. Whenever Lilacshade found out, she'd scold the others, only deepening their dislike for him.

Apprentice Hood (10-20 moons)


At the ripe age of 10 moons, Dunekit was proclaimed an apprentice and given to Waspclaw. He was a stern and tough warrior, well known for apprenticing the best fighters of the Clan. The leader at the time, Reversedstar, hoped that this match would strengthen the newly-made apprentice. The senior warrior was tough on Dunepaw, as was expected, but because of his respiratory issues, he was unable to keep up. Waspclaw knew many tricks and tried to help strengthen Dunepaw, but their relationship grew awkward and distant as the training continually failed. 

When Dunepaw was 12 moons old, his past littermates were made warriors and he was now being trained with kits half his age. Humiliated and resentful, Dunepaw spent most of his time in the medicine den, with the excuse that his breathing problems were interfering with his training. Waspclaw, angered, forced him to continue training alongside the others, but he was unable to match their abilities. 

When he was 14 moons, he was given his warrior assessment and obviously failed. Proclaiming himself a failure as a mentor, Waspclaw blamed himself for Dunepaw's inability to be a successful apprentice or warrior. Dunepaw, in turn, blamed himself and felt utterly useless. During this time, he dabbled in the ways of a medicine cat, desperate to find a place where he'd fit in. He was unable to remember herbs and the idea of handling broken bones and blood made him want to vomit. Discarding the idea of becoming a medicine cat, Dunepaw felt detacted. For 2 moons, he was just an extra mouth to feed. 

At 16 moons, while lounging in camp while most of the Clan carried out their duties, a small wolf cub wondered through the thicket barrier that surrounded their camp. Because most of the Clan was out hunting and patrolling, Dunepaw was the sole cat (besides the elders, queens, and their kits). Wolves were uncommon on the moor, so he wasn't sure how to handle the situation. Unable to bring himself to hurt the cub, he chased it from camp and across the border. He sent it away with a rabbit from the fresh-kill pile in hopes that a meal would keep it from coming back. poor dune is really dumb at this point in the story 

Of course it comes back again a moon later, this time with it's pack.

The Clan was completely taken off guard. The pack raid the camp and ransack the dens. The warriors were unable to match against the wolves' brute force and strength, and were easily overtaken. They steal the Clan's prey and end up killing four warriors and an elder, and take 3 kits. Reversedstar also loses a life and is left with a rugged scar across his flank. Dunepaw has an epiphany at this point in his life. He blames himself for this incident and vows to never allow another wolf or opposing creature onto his territory again. A spark is ignited in his weak heart and he's determined to feed it.

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Dunepaw throws away his lazy lifestyle and wakes up before the dawn patrol to run laps around the Clan's territory. He climbs trees daily and practices lifting himself up from branch to branch only using his front legs. He swims in the nearby river, almost drowning a few times. He practices these activites alone and only during times when the Clan is asleep. Alongside this extra training, Dunepaw continues to work with Waspclaw. Although they never seem to get along, their mutual need to get Dunepaw out of the apprentice's den fuels them both.

Warrior Hood (20-??? moons)


Dunepaw is now extremely fit, although still scrawny and slim. His chest is narrow, but his breathing is strong and he's now one of the swiftest cats of the Clan. He aces his warrior's assessment at 20 moons and is given the name Dunetuft for the spikey-tuft of fur on his neck. 

Dunetuft climbs through the ranks and becomes an elite warrior at 25 moons. He spends all of his time on patrols and rarely breaks away from his now reclusive and emotionless self. At 30 moons, Dunetuft is a prized warrior and is now respected by his previous tormentors. 



Summary: His overall appearance is shrimpy when compared to his fellow comrades. Born with long legs and a scrawny build, he often stands out. He has no muscle tone and lacks any actual bulk, but he can and will carry his own weight. He carries a quirky smile, although he is, at most times, silent and attentive.

Breed: something russian

Build: With a small nose pad, narrow snout, and long, pointy tipped ears, his posture easily resembles a serval more then anything. His breeding is a mixture of serval and domestic cat origins, concluding why he is of meek structure. His paws and tail are in equal size — large and abstract against his fragile-looking frame.

Fur: A sleek, thin pelt consisting of a top layer of pale yellow. His underbelly, chest, and lower maw are a light, cream-ish white.

Defining Features: 

Scars: None

Voice: Soft-spoken

Speech: His words tend to come out quick and he sometimes stutters. Only during gatherings, meetings, or battles is his voice clear and thick.

Scent: A mix of sand, vanilla, and wind. 


Positive Traits: Kind | Wise | Thoughtful

Neutral Traits: Quick to Trust | Tentative

Negative Traits: Agitated | Superstitious | Grudge-holder

Summary on Positive Traits:

Summary on Neutral Traits:

Summary on Negative Traits:

Skills and StatisticsEdit

Learning Style:

Physical Health: weak little man

Mental Health: eh






insert fam tree here

Father: Smokethroat

Mother: Rosebelly

Brother: None

Sister(s): Hillkit

Sons (adopted): Sunflare, Wheatpaw

Daughters: None

The ratio of toms to she-cats is 5:4


Relationship Status: Taken

Mate: Branchleap (deceased)

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Candy Eye: Mentally/Personality: Humorous, Dominant, 

Candy Eye: Physically:

Turn Offs: Mentally:

Experience: Virgin

Currently Attracted To: Branchleap

Shippings: Brunch [BranchXDune]

Cats Currently Attracted to Dunetuft:

Offspring: Sunflare [U] & Wheatpaw [D]



  • Season - Spring
  • Food - Squirrel
  • Tree - Hickory 
  • Location - Moor
  • Scent - Wind and flowers
  • Color - Mustard yellow and olive green
  • Sunsets
  • Jokes!!


  • Being talked over
  • Cold weather


Memes: his entire life