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Tucked away in the dense jungle that embraces a stunning, crystal blue sea is the small Clan called DuneClan.

Named after the sand dunes covered with thick vegetation that serves as its hunting ground,

DuneClan is a tight-knit group of cats with a laid-back attitude and a relaxed lifestyle,

at least when there are no tropical storms.


Dazedly, you open your eyes.

Before you lies a stretch of beach, a hidden cove nestled by kilometers of tropical jungle.

"Where.... Where am I?"

You rise to your feet and try to pick up a scent, but you realize soon enough that you are parched.

The thirst is sure to drive you crazy. You have to find fresh water soon.

Miraculously, another cat steps out from the underbrush.

You run up to the stranger in desperation.

"You're new here... Do you need help?"

The overweight tom seems concerned.

"Actually, yes... I'm really thirsty."

"Oh! Okay then! Follow me!"

You follow the clumsy russet stranger to a crystal clear river that flows through a clearing in the jungle.

You begin to drink.

Your thirst is quenched, and you thank the tom.

"I never caught your name. Thank you for helping me."

"...It's Jarrah. What do they call you?"

"(Your OC's name)."

There is an awkward silence, during which you notice a huge mangrove tree behind the river.

The tom seems embarrassed that you are focused on it.

"Are you okay?" you ask.

"Yeah, well... It's just that this tree... I've always wanted to be in a real Clan, you know...

All the Clans I've been in told me I was useless and I guess I kind of am...

But I still wanted to have that sense of community,

and I thought that if I had a Clan that this could be the Camp."

He shyly looks to you.

"...By any chance, would you like to join?"

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Roleplay Syle
Descriptive Traditional
Green with Zios Badge
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Single noun or prefix/suffix

ex. Zamia or Sandstep


Crystal Sands 

Canyons Pathway

Temple of Zios

Balloosh (Occasionally)

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Basic Rules


Not acceptable unless you are joking. OCs must have flaws to be interesting.

OC Limit

Maximum of 2 OCs per person in DuneClan at any given time. If one of your characters die, you may create another one, but do not go about killing off OCs simply to make a new one.

Double Clanning
At DuneClan, we are very laid-back about this. Double Clanning is allowed under the following circumstances:

You may be in DuneClan and other Clans/Packs simultaneously, but only as long as your OCs are different for those packs and if the other groups are okay with it.

There is to be ABSOLUTELY NO bullying unless it is part of the roleplay. If you are caught bullying another Clanmate, you will be exiled and blocked.

Adults: Snow Leopards, Cheetahs, Tigers, Wolves, Arctic Wolves, Foxes. 

Apprentices: Foxes, Cougars, Tigers, Red Pandas, Wolves.

Kits: Lynxes, Bunnies, Red Pandas

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Dress Code

  • Coat Colours
  • Pattern Colours
  • Eye Colours

Acceptable Items

Any natural-looking items; Feathers, antlers, flowers, etc.

If you can make a "human" item such as a Jamaaliday bow work in a natural theme, then i don't mind either.

Basically any item that doesn't look overly odd on a wild cat.

(HDs are acceptable, but top hats are not, for example)

Tropical items or items that look tropical are recommended.

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Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Moons Article
Jarrah ZigZagArcanine Male - - 60 Here
  • Jarrah


Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Moons Article
- - - - - - -

Medicine Cat

Name Username Gender Apprentice Moons Article
Mapleeye SilverDog1 Female - - -

  • Mapleeye


Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Moons Article
- - - - - - -


Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Moons Article
- - - - - - -


Name Username Gender Mentor Moons Article
- - - - - -


Name Username Gender Mother/Father Moons Article
- - - - - -

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Name Leader Article
ScrapClan ChestnutStar Here

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Camp Details

  • Freshkill Pile and Eating Area
  • Apprentice Den
  • Nursery
  • Warriors and Elders Den
  • Leader and Deputy dens
  • Highbranch for Meetings

NOTE: The den with the red flowers is the Leader's den, while the one with black flowers is the Deputy's den.

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When a new Warrior is made, a new Kit is born, or a new Leader or Medicine Cat arises,

DuneClan traditionally holds a feast.

During the day before the feast, the whole Clan will work together to hunt plenty of freshkill.

Then when night falls, the Clan gathers near the base of the tree at the eating area for the beginning of the feast.

A chosen cat or multiple cats (the new Leader or the parents of the newborn kits, for example)

must then climb the tree holding a flammable branch.

If The Valley of Waves (DuneClan's version of StarClan) deems that the cat is worthy,

the branch will catch fire, and the cat will safely return to the base of the tree to light the campfire.

After the campfire is lit, DuneClan proceeds to feast, play, joke and laugh amidst the summer night air.

In times of great destruction, when massive waves and tropical storms leave the camp unsafe,

DuneClan journeys deep into the jungle to the safety of Balloosh,

which serves as a place to recover from injuries, mourn deaths, and to pray that the camp remains intact.

Balloosh is also a place for leaders to be recognised by the Valley of Waves, much like the Moonpool.

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Application Forms

Joining Application

OC Name:

AJ Username:

Desired Rank:

Roleplay Example:

OC's Article:

If no article:

OC Appearance (please include an irl photo/drawing (optional) and a screenshot of your character in-game):

OC Personality:

OC Backstory:


Alliance Form

Name of Clan:

Leader's name and username:

Deputy's name and username:


Member Count:

Clan's Article:

Reason for Alliance:

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