General Information Edit



Name: Duke

Former Names: Nudge




Brutal, Duke's Sire

Nicknames: Alpha, Coy, Coydog, Coywolf

AJ Username: Budgielove

Survivors Terms: Pack Dog/Fight-Dog/Leashed Dog (Formerly)/He-Dog/Father-Dog/Sire-Dog

Theme Songs: Undecided

Status: Active/Alive

Orientation: Neutral

Avatar (Current): Arctic Wolf

Spirit Dog Entity: Forest Dog

Species: Coydog

Breed: German Shepherd/Eastern Coyote/Great Dane

Gender: Male

Age: 2 1/2 years

Birthday: August 13

Pack: The Pack of Harmonious Howls

Former Packs: None

Rank: Alpha

Former Ranks: Lone Dog, Patrol Dog, Hunter, Beta

Beta/Alpha Lives Remaining: 8/10

Voice: Akela (The Jungle Book 2016)

Relationships Edit



Mate Edit

Relation Name Username Status Location Breed/s Gender
Mate Loki Water2305 Alive/Active The Pack of Harmonious Howls Black Wolf F

Duke and Blossom


Duke (ignore the collar)


Duke (left) and Blossom (right)


Duke and Blossom

Offspring Edit

Relation Name Username Status Location Breed/s Gender
Pup Amber Grace6599 Alive/Active The Pack of Harmonious Howls German Shepherd/Great Dane/Eastern Coyote/Newfoundland/Gray Wolf F
Pup Eagle Shatterdreams Deceased The Pack of Harmonious Howls German Shepherd/Great Dane/Eastern Coyote/Newfoundland/Gray Wolf M
Pup Lily Puppop26 Deceased The Pack of Harmonious Howls German Shepherd/Great Dane/Eastern Coyote/Newfoundland/Gray Wolf F
Pup (Sister In-Law Poison Reincarnated) Licorice Nørtthern Deceased The Pack of Harmonious Howls German Shepherd/Great Dane/Eastern Coyote/Newfoundland/Gray Wolf F
Adopted Pup Wag Ivynelly Alive/Active The Pack of Harmonious Howls German Shepherd/Husky M
Adopted Pup Dusk Tigerstripe0304 Deceased The Pack of Harmonious Howls Coyote F

Parent-Dogs Edit

Relation Name Username Status Location Breed/s Gender
Mother-Coyote Rose - Deceased (Illness) Unknown Eastern Coyote (Coywolf) F
Sire-Dog Brutal - Unknown Unknown Great Dane/German Shepherd M

Siblings Edit

Relation Name Username Status Location Breeds Gender
Litter-Sibling Yelp Open Unknown Unknown German Shepherd/Great Dane/Eastern Coyote F
Litter-Brother Lick - Deceased (Malnourished) Unknown German Shepherd/Great Dane/Eastern Coyote M
Litter-Sister Waddle - Deceased (Malnourished) Unknown German Shepherd/Great Dane/Eastern Coyote F
Litter-Sister Pull - Deceased (Malnourished Unknown German Shepherd/Great Dane/Eastern Coyote F

Snap-unknown location-alive-female-Coyote

Leaf-unknown location-alive-deceased-Coyote

Nya-unknown location-alive-female-German Shepherd/Great Dane

(Buster's mate) Swirl-unknown location-alive-female-Golden Retriever


Cody-unknown location-alive-male-Coyote

Buster-unknown location-alive-male-German Shepherd/Great Dane

(Leaf's mate) Scorch-unknown location-deceased-male-Red Fox



(Leaf and Scorch) Wish-unknown location-alive-female-Coyote/Red Fox

(Leaf and Zorro) Strike-unknown location-deceased-male-Coyote/Red Fox

(Swirl and Buster) Hope-unknown location-alive-female-Golden Retriever/German Shepherd/Great Dane

(Swirl and Buster) Wish-unknown location-alive-male-Golden Retriever/German Shepherd/Great Dane

(Swirl and Buster) Tree-unknown location-deceased-female-Golden Retriever/German Shepherd/Great Dane

In Laws

Mother In Law: Dust-unknown location-assumed deceased-female-German Shepherd/possibly Newfoundland

Father In Law: Unknown-unknown location-alive-male-Gray Wolf

Half Father In Law: Skip-unknown location-deceased-male-Collie

Sister In Law: Snow-unknown location-deceased-female-German Shepherd/Gray Wolf/possibly Newfoundland

Brother In Law: Kavik-unknown location-deceased-male-German Shepherd/Gray Wolf/possibly Newfoundland

Sister In Law: Poison-brooke0816-known location-alive-female-German Shepherd/Gray Wolf/possibly Newfoundland

Half Sister In Law: Crimson-unknown location-alive-female-German Shepherd/Collie/possibly Newfoundland

Half Brother In Law: Pounce-unknown location-alive-male-German Shepherd/Collie/possibly Newfoundland

Half Sister In Law: Gravel-unknown location-alive-female-German Shepherd/Collie/possibly Newfoundland

Half Sister In Law: Wild-unknown location-deceased-female-German Shepherd/Collie/possibly Newfoundland

Half Brother In Law: Runt (pup, died as pup)-unknown location-deceased-male-German Shepherd/Collie/possibly Newfoundland

Friends Edit

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Blossom (Removed)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Duke trusts Blossom more than anyone else he knows, even those in his own Pack. He has always tried his best to please her from the moment the Alpha and her Pack took him in, and continues to do so today. He is very protective of the wolfdog and will always be.

Trust Rate: 100%

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mist (Chncprincess04)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Duke has known Mist for quite some time. He thinks she is a loyal Packmate and very trustworthy.

Trust Rate: 100%

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shatter (Shatterdreams)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Duke trusts Shatter very much and thinks she is a very loyal Packmate. He has always been very thankful for her unwavering loyalty and respect for the Pack.

Trust Rate: 99%

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Perk (Magicwolfdog)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Duke likes Perk and appreciates her help when Packmates are in trouble. He thinks she is a loyal Packmate and also a very trustworthy canine.

Trust Rate: 99%

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sandy (Puppop26)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Duke thinks Sandy is also a very loyal Packmate and trusts her. He thinks the retriever mix might need a bit of training in her hunting skills, though.

Trust Rate: 99%

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fade (Lilzee200)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Duke likes Fade and also thinks she is a very loyal and trustworthy dog. He likes her gentle personality and her respect for her Packmates.

Trust Rate: 87%

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oak (Creampaw0)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Duke doesn't know Oak very well yet, but he thinks the little dog is a very trustworthy Packmate. He thinks she is very loyal and good in serious matters.

Trust Rate: 86%

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pepper (Leafpool60)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Duke also doesn't know Pepper that well, but he is continuing to bond with the black wolfdog. He thinks she is a very loyal Packmate and a good hunter.

Trust Rate: 86%

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Starry (3raejoy)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Duke trusts Starry more than most other Sharpclaws. He thinks the large feline is a loyal Packmate and very generous.

Trust Rate: 92%

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ginger/Omega (Qweqwe123)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Duke met Ginger through a large Sharpclaw named Starry, and the Swift Dog asked to join the Pack with her feline friend. The canine chose the rank of Omega, but Duke still feels pretty close to the dog and appreciates her hard Omega work.

Trust Rate: 89%

Appearance Edit


Rose, Duke's Mother-Dog


Duke Hunting

Pelt Color/s: Lighter brown, blackish gray, darker brown

Fur Length: Fluffy

Eye Color: Black

Build: WIP

Height: 5 feet

Length: WIP

Weight: 100-130 pounds

Description: A huge canine with a brown pelt and blackish grey snout and paws, darker brown markings on him but they're faint. Erect ears.

Scars: A barely visible fox bite mark on his underbelly, a very small scar on his right hind leg caused by a loudstick shot, a slight dent on the top of his head made by Longpaws, although you can't really see it

Physical Status: Healthy

Current Wounds: A slightly clawed muzzle, medium sized gash running down from his shoulder to his flank (caused by Longpaw)

Physical Disabilities: WIP

Physical Abnormalities: WIP

Scent: Pine, Dandelion, Lily Of The Valley Flower, Dead Nettles

Dress: Leaves around his neck, sometimes his paws.

Brutal, Duke's Sire (the German Shepherd in his blood didn't affect Brutal as much as Duke)

Personality Edit

Loyal/Trustworthy: Duke is very trustworthy and loyal to his Pack. He can keep secrets.

Usually Calm and Easygoing: He usually stays calm.

Peaceful: He can and will be vicious, but doesn't prefer fighting.

Protective: He's very protective of his Pack and friends.

Obedient: He is very obedient to his Alpha.

History Edit


Duke as a Pup


Brutal, Duke's Sire-Dog


Duke (left) and Blossom (right)

I was born in a forest, my Mother-Dog was a Coyote named Rose and my Sire was a German Shepherd/Great Dane named Brutal. My siblings died of the harsh cold, only I and my litter-sister, Yelp survived. A few weeks after I was born, my Mother-Dog got very sick. She threw up blood and became weak and frail. She knew I couldn't nurse or I'd become sick too. She whispered to me, "Me can't give pup more," and then picked me and Yelp up by the scruffs. She sat me down beside a tree then padded off slowly. She looked behind her one last time, a tear in her eye. "Goodbye, pups," she whimpered and strided off with the last strength she had. When she was almost too far for me to see her, she fell to the ground. I padded over to her with my little paws and licked her snout. She looked at me one last time then closed her eyes. A fox smelled death and walked over to her. I growled, showing my tiny milk teeth. Yelp stayed back, hiding behind a bush. The fox smiled in amusement, then picked me up in her jaws with my mother's body on her back. I yelped as she bit into my tender belly. Another fox leaped out of a bush. "Snipe, leave dog-cubs. Not worth. Deserve future. Take mother," it growled, baring its teeth at the other fox. I whimpered. "But why waste?" Snipe raised the fur on the back of her neck. "Us not eat fox-cub, no difference," the other fox snarled. Snipe dropped me on the grass as blood dripped from my belly. I scurried off quickly, yelping in pain with Yelp behind me. 

We were tough and we made it. One day, a longpaw in a strange suit and a loudstick (gun) came into the forest. I turned to run away but before I could, I felt a horrible pain in my right hind leg and passed out. When I awoke, I was in a strange place with a wire cage door and metal flooring. I opened my eyes dizzily seeing other dogs and sharpclaws behind other wire doors. I heard the fuzzy noise of barking and yelping. I looked down at my leg and saw that it was wrapped in white cotton.

A few days later, a longpaw came into the strange place. All of the other animals barked loudly but I turned away and curled up. The longpaw looked around and finally came over to my cage. I growled at them. They said something I didn't understand. I ended up being taken in a loudcage (car) to a longpaw home. I was chained in the front yard.

I was fed rarely and sometimes left in the heat without water. It was no-sun when a longpaw I'd never seen before came up to the door with a bat, I looked up at them and cocked my head curiously. I sniffed them, then they hit my head with the bat. I fainted. When I woke up, I saw a loudcage pull up. The familiar longpaw who brought me to the strange place came out of it. As blood from the hit trickled down my face, he looked at me and said something I once again couldn't understand. He went inside his house and a few minutes later came back, yelling. He kicked me and I yelped, then he pulled the chain tightening it around my neck, choking me. He then called someone with a strange device.

Some longpaws came and took me away to their big machine. I bit one of their hands and they let me go, I ran out into the forest, blood dripping from me.

I finally came to meet a pack called the Pack of Harmonious Howls, they took me in. I moved up in the ranks quickly-I earned the rank of Beta in no less than a few days. I later became mates with the Alpha, Blossom.

Later on in my life in the Pack, things were going well. I had started a family. I was the Sire-Dog of four beautiful pups; Tumble, Howl, Nose, and Squeak. They grew to start families of their own. One day, their partners had died or either thought to be dead, and before I knew it all but one of my pups were with the Spirit Dogs, too. Me and my mate had grieved with our last daughter, and then... What I thought would never happen, did. My partner, had died. Saving me. I then became the Alpha of this Pack I thought I would never fit into. Many new lives began...and there were many deaths. I learned that it was just part of life, and that I did not have any control over that. Blossom was gone, but I would never forget her... She helped me up when I needed it, but now I had to learn to go on without her.

Statistics Edit




HUNTING- 10/10





SPEED- 7/10










Change often due to training and maturity.

Likes Edit

  • Dukemaybe
    His Packmates
  • The Night
  • Elk (as prey)
  • Rabbit (as prey)

Dislikes Edit

  • Most Sharpclaws
  • Disloyalty
  • Enemy Packs
  • Stinging Nettles
  • Foxes
  • Loudsticks
  • Longpaws

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