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♣ Introduction ♣ Edit

The glowing sunset melts down onto your pelt, reflecting the sunlight of the most beautiful time of day on your pelt. The houses surrounding you are black, and tall structures that lean over you like a solar eclipse. You sigh, looking around your housefolks home. The fire is warm, and blazing. You see the wonderful things of living with safety, and protection but there's something inside you that is making you feel curious, and tempted to go to the outside world and explore exactly what you've been missing. You're in the season, you think when the leaves fall off the trees, and you'll often notice the twolegs running off with their rakes and raking through the leaves. But why, do the wild cats hate housefolk so much? Whenever, I see them and the twolegs come out they hiss and run away you dazed off into deep thought staying still as a statue. You suddenly snap back into real life, hearing your owners call with your food. You stay still for a moment, then leap off the windowsill and land down neatly. You approach your food and start eating it. After the duration, of your eating you yawn. It is time to rest, you think and navigate your way to your bed. You step in, and curl your tail around yourself. You daze off into a dream of some kind.

You hear sounds, coming from afar. You're in a strange place you haven't encountered before where all you see is large trees that reach up and block the sky. The shadows drift above you and onto you creating a frightening effect. You seem to hear other cats, in the distance and back away. You turn around slowly but all you see is a blank space. You run up to it but you cant go past. You then turn around and face where you are. You slowly pad over to where the mews are coming from and crouch down behind a nearby tree. The scents are strong, and they are of rubbish, and an uncomfortable smell of cats and kittens. You hear something saying "Pfft, stupid DriftClan." nearby. You perk your ears up.

You suddenly wake up, breathing heavily. It was just a dream you think and pad out. You think about what happened and came across an option. Its about time you thought about going to the forest for real and seeing what it was like. How bad could it be? you were thinking, but also horryfing thoughts too. You gave up and slipped out the catflap hearing the usual slap of it when you got out. You shaked your head, and walked on the hard pavement.


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