"It is never too late to get back up again."



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Born on a starry night beside the calming waves of the river, DoveWing was birthed by her mother RippleWave, and was the middle child to RobinKit and Thrushkit. Named after her grey and ruffled fur, which looked like a dove's feathers. Her brother Thrushkit did not sadly survive the night, and was buried the next morning.


DoveKit was named DovePaw in the late month of July, and was given her mentor, PoppyLeaf, a beautiful light cream she-cat with black ears and paws. After her third month of training alongside her sister, RobinPaw sadly passed away from a horrid bought greencough. RippleWave put on a smile for her only kit, and loved her more than she loved anything else in her life.




DovePaw became DoveWing in early January. A few moons after the ceremony, a terrible flood wrecked her camp and her mother, RippleWave, had drowned. DoveWing passed out, being carried to shore by the waves, washing onto ShadowClan's land. Their leaders took DoveWing in, and along the way, she fell in love with the medicine cat, BeeStrike, but he left, leaving her heart broken, and still pregnant with his kits. A moon after she became pregnant, DoveWing was kidnapped with four other cats by an unknown enemy but returned later with a stubbed tail and her kits.

BeeStrike came back and wanted to DoveWing back as his mate but she declined, and spent a moon in the nursery, watching her kits grow.

Thinking Life had returned to normal she lived happy, until a Tuesday morning her kits had snuck out of camp, and were killed by a badger, leaving Dovewing deeply depressed and hiding away from her clan, refusing to eat or talk. After the death of her leader BrokenStar, DoveWing collected herself and her feelings and made herself better for her clan needed her. Cloverleaf passed away, leaving DoveWing broken down, but refusing to give up.

The day she met WolfTuft changed her life. She has somebody to relate to and doesn't pity her, who thinks she is beautiful. She loves him with all she has.
Jum Jum




Name Dovewing
Status Alive & Well
Rank Elite Warrior

ShadowClan (JuJutheeverything13)

Mate WolfTuft
Kits PrideKit, HopeKit, StrongKit


Voice Bloop(BlueStar's voice, british accent)
Age 17 Moons


Tiger Lily

Often Expressed in nature as a colorful and bright flower, Dovewing's spirit flora is a tiger lily. Her spirit posses the ferocity of a tiger, allowing her to press through the odds, tackling each new obstacle head on, while doing so with grace and passion.


The Eagle

She never gives up when it comes to getting the prize, When DoveWing has a goal, she extends herself to get to it. She is a worker, a task doer, and her weakness is her pride. She has a free spirit and hates being tied down, loving exploration and finding new things. DoveWing looks before she leaps, being a careful soul while still being extroverted.


DoveWing is a small in petite cat, making her more efficient in hunting, though while fighting she has several tricks.

5 is basic.

Basic Skills:

Hunting, 8.5/10

Fighting, 6/10

Smell, 6/10

Sight, 8.9/10

Specialty Skills:

Swimming, 9.5/10

Climbing, 3/10

Leaping, 6/10



DoveWing has a grey base to her coat, with a white chest, underbelly, paws, and muzzle. Along her back and start of her long legs are darker grey stripes/spots. DoveWing has a stubby and short tail, though the fur has grown back making it look like she was born with it. DoveWing is missing her left eye due to an eagle attack, and her eye socket is empty and an angry pink.


Physical- DoveWing likes tom's who are tall and muscular. She prefers tom's with a dark coat, like dark grey, dark brown. She likes patterns, such as a colored chest/underbelly, stripes or spots. DoveWing likes long and medium thick fur, somebody she can snuggle with and keep warm. For eyes she loves a blue or amber color, and she likes toms with scars, she believes it gives them personality.

Mental- DoveWing will be interested with a tom who speaks his mind, though knows when to shut his trap. She loves extroverts like herself, somebody she can just sit down and talk with. She likes a fun and bubbly personality, not the dark and shy type who hide in a corner.


Physical- DoveWing does not prefer toms with white or very light grey/brown coats. She thinks "They get dirty too easy". Though DoveWing does like a few scars, she does not like an overload, like their pelt is more scars than it is fur. She isn't very fond of grey, black, or very dark green eyes, and she doesn't like stubby tails, just because she doesn't like her own.

Mental- She hates cats who are self centered and lazy, who believe everybody else should do everything for them. She is fine with stubborn cats, but overly stubborn is just annoying. Toms who have no work ethic or will to do anything should not have become a warrior in the first place.

Past Crush: BeeStrike, CloverLeaf

Current Crush: WolfTuft <3

Past mates: BeeStrike, CloverLeaf

Current mate: WolfTuft <33


Name Rank Gender Group Comment Trust℅
ShadeStar Leader Female ShadowClan (Jujutheeverything13) "Shes such a nice cat, and a wonderful leader." 99.9%
CelticStar Leader Male

ShadowClan (Jujutheeverything13)

"He is a very responsible leader." 90%
RainStorm Deputy Female ShadowClan (Jujutheeverything13) "Very mischievous but a good deputy none the less." 80%
Novapelt Deputy Female ShadowClan (Jujutheeverything13) "I've never really gotten to meet her, but I'm sure she's nice!" 50%


Queen Female Starclan, formally Riverclan. "She tried so hard to protect me. My mother..." 100%


Warrior Male Starclan, formally RiverClan. "He was always there for me, my father.." 100%


Warrior Male Starclan, formally ShadowClan "He's gone..." 95%
SilverMist General Female ShadowClan (Jujutheeverything13) "I couldn't ask for a better best friend. She always has my back." 100000000%
WolfTuft Warrior Male ShadowClan (Jujutheeverything13) "I love him with all I have..." 100%
LeafStorm Medicine Cat Female ShadowClan (Jujutheeverything13) "A very nice and tender she-cat, she took care of me after loosing my eye." 95%


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