so apparently i felt like i had to make a page about my self

Hello! Im dottedfur! and Im known as ivy leaf on AnimalJam. Im currently deputy of perilstar of shadow clan, but i think you should more about my past first.

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But before all that lets start with the basics

  • Name: Ivyleaf
  • Age: 45/60 moons
  • Gender: Tom
  • Rank: Deputy
  • Clan: Shadowclan (xxautumndragonxx)
  • Appearance: Black and grey fur, with green streaks

(Im mostly known for appearance XD)


 OK! family tree,now, keep in mind, Ivy was my first character on animal jam.
So this means that a lot of these family members are from another game i used to play called chat chat ( look it up XD) By the way, i found animal jam by looking at an add when playing this game.

Father: Shade star (chat chat)
Mother: Fox heart (chat chat)
Sisters: Silver heart (chat chat)  Berry patch ( grumpycatjake,quit roleplaying), Grass kit (chat chat), patch kit (chat chat),
Brothers: Dusk kit (chat chat)
Great grandmother: Snail star (chat chat)
Great grandfather: unknown
Great Great grandfather: String star (chat chat)
Great Great grandmother: Wuza ( was a rouge, chat chat)
Uncles: Dottedfur (o i wonder where that name was from, chat chat)
Mate: Peril star ( xxautumndragonxx)
Kits: Yellowkit ( mercoolio38920) Black heart (Bit15)

O I have more from chat chat, i just don't remember the names.

I forgot to tell you guys how big my family really was XD

Oh yea, clans!

( lol this only counts aj clans, my very first clan when i was a kit is also called shade clan on chat chat)

First clan : SunClan User: Sunstarsunclan Rank: apprentice, Ivy paw Edit

My first clan, I had a lot of fun there XD. the clan since there fell, but i have a buddy, ( bloompaw) who remembers it like it was yesterday. When I joined, the den owner was a nonmember, and thats the only time I was in a clan hosted by a nonmember.

Second clan: SoulClan User: Uknown Rank: warrior/medcat, Ivy leaf Edit

The clan where i earned the name Ivyleaf. YES I WAS A MED CAT ONCE XD When in this clan, sun clan came back, and I joined them again. I was kinda a jerk then, and the leader, named shade star, was like " Please don't leave, the clan needs you" and I was like " Lol nope".

Third clan: Shadeclan User:Uknown Rank:warrior, Ivy leaf Edit

Not much about this clan other then this was the clan I found april with, they said that where visiting our allies, and i followed them, and it lead me to sc, and I fell in love with the clan.

Fourth clan: Shadowclan User: xxaprillxxx1200 Rank: Leader, Ivy star Edit

Yep. This clan. This was the first clan where i made real friends during role-play, where i met many cool awesome people, willow breeze and her kit, ( who died), Peril star :), and much more. I was a deputy of riverstar,( who also quit role-play) and then made into a leader. I never told any one before, but I was once invited into the dark forest by riverstar XD this happened when i was leader XP. And i met perilstar, who i made my deputy ( funny huh? XD) oh yea, I once had a deputy before peril star that i didn't trust so i demoted him, and then he attacked me and tried to take over my leader ship. Im not even going to start with how many cats hatted me in that clan ( they had the right too, i was kinda of a jerk, like a said before) but i still loved it so much. < this paragraph is all around the place because i had too much too say.

Fifth clan? i guess: Rouge/ clanner User: Many Rank: Warrior, Ivy/ Leader Ivy Star Edit

This is when I was wandering around wondering what to do now xxaprillxx was gone. I joined multiple clans, pretended to be a smart aleck rouge for a while , and even tried to rebuild shadow clan in xxaprilxx1200, aprills old den, and that failed XD. This was the saddest bits of my roleplaying life, how ever, this was also the time I joined the wiki :u:

Sixth clan: Shadow clan User: xxautumndragonxx Rank: deputy, Ivyleaf Edit

..... I love this clan. You guys know a lot about this clan already , but all I got to say i finally got over April, and i can't even say how much i love this clan, its just, ack, I love it sooooo much XD I would've quit AJ without it :P

Well, thats that, remembering all this stuff was very weird XD