> > Ambersky of BearClan < <Edit

Status -- Alive & Active

Past Name/s -- Amberpaw

Sex -- Female

Sexual Orientation -- Bisexual

Age -- 12 moons+/12 months+

Species -- Domestic Feline

Breed -- LaPerm X Japanese Bobtail

Appearance --

  • Ref for Amber
  • Human Amber
  • Wren X Amber (Amen) - Drawn by Kiirox
  • Amber drawn by me.

Voice -- TBA

Personality -- Ambersky is this really bright shecat that is positive most of the time. She will tend to encourage others and compliment them. Due to all of this, she can read others really well and can become annoying due to bugging you about your problems.

She can also getting to be a nuisance due to her large ammount of energy. Since she has a lot of energy, you'll normally see her bolting all over the place. Her speech is also quick and this can cause her to mix up words sometimes, but she never seems to care.

However, once you bother her or her close friends then her attitude will change quickly. Because normally you can feel the positivity radiating from her, but that will swiftly change once you get on her bad side. She is a manipulitive cat that can mess with the mind if she knows something specific about you. Since you get punished for physically hurting others most of the time, she'll just go for things that can mentally damage them instead. She can get serious in no time and can be intimidating if needed. She's just really protective.

99.9% of her is protective and the other 0.1% is chill. But it's really low key on how serious and intimidating she can be.

Group -- BearClan

Rank -- Warrior

Past Group/s -- None

Mentor -- None

Past Mentor -- Darkpine

Theme songs -- TBA

Mother -- Presumed dead

Father -- Presumed dead

Sibling/s -- One brother that lived until he died in leafbare after being two moons old

Crush -- Wrenheart (Amen is my oxygen, thanks)

Mate -- None

> > Backstory < <Edit

The backstory of Ambersky likely isn't allowed to be shown through on the AJCW so I'll just give a summary of it.

Basically when Ambersky was younger her dad wasn't "fufilled" with her mother and what she was giving him. So out of frustration he raped Amber after just killing her mother. In her state of panic, and using the only things she knew, she eventually got him off of her and slammed his throat into a rock multiple times until he bled and was choking due to a damaged windpipe.

Not knowing what to do after that, and realizing what she had just done, she ran away and never checked on him to make sure he was alive. She assumes that he is dead, though.

Even though she did make it out, she made it out with some scars beside her left eye, her left shoulder, her back right before the "tail" starts, and then a thin yet long line on her belly. If you move away fur, some bite marks can also be seen on her neck.

Eventually she had come across a patrol of BearClan and due to her being only six moons old, and being injured, they helped her out and eventually she just joined in.

And that's the main idea of it.

> > Errorstrike of BearClan <<Edit

Status -- Dead & Inactive

Past Name/s -- Error, Errorkit, Errorpaw,

Sex -- Female

Sexual Orientation -- Homosexual

Age -- 30+ moons/30+ months

Species -- Domestic Feline

Breed -- Kurilian Bobtail X Manx

Appearance --

  • Real Life Ref
  • Online Ref
  • Human Errorstrike. The program used to make this was not mine, so I don't take credit.
The Online ref is to show scars and be just another thing to make sure. It is also more accurate for pelt colors. The Real Life Ref is more accurate for size and fur length. 

Voice --

Personality -- Acts and seems like a cinnamon roll, but is really a sinnamon roll.

She is asocial/not a social cat and thinks she doesn't deserve what she has due to how she was treated before being in BearClan. She has a lot of self doubt, and will always let herself be treated badly. Although she is like this, she does have a limit. Once pushed to that limit, she will likely be very angry and not treat you nicely. She loves to roast others, as well. Puns are a thing she does from time to time, joking about her 'sad' life. Through her depressiong nature, she is actually very fond of getting affection, but is had to get since she doesn't get attracted easily. Most of the time she won't show it, if she is. She also hates talking about her old life. It upsets her and doesn't make her feel good about herself. She gets nervous easily, and will stutter. She hates being put in the spotlight, and she will likely find her way out of a praise. She is a very honest cat.

Group -- BearClan

Rank -- Elder

Past Group/s -- Unknown

Past Mentor -- None

Currently Mentoring -- None

Past Apprentice/s -- None

Theme Song/s -- TBA

Real Mother -- Dead

Real Father -- Unknown

Adoptive Mother -- Squirrelflight

Adoptive Father -- Crookedjaw

Sibling/s -- None

Crush -- None

Mate -- None

Past Mate/s -- None

Offspring -- None

> > Back Story < <

I woke up to the bright sun shining in my face and being shoved and shouted at, "Error! Wake up!" I could make out. I shook my head a little bit. "Wha...?" I managed to get out. My mother was the one prodding me and yelling at me, "You're late!" She said, her tone packed with concern. I looked at how high the sun was up. I would have been only a little bit late by now, so I didn't know what she was talking about. I have never been late, only early. As had everybody else. So they wouldn't punish me too badly.

"Come on, no time for thinking!" She said as I snapped back to reality. "Okay, okay..." I mumbled drowsily as my mother pushed me out of the little rock den that I slept in. I only slept in this due to being... Different from the other kits. Not because of me having no tail, but because I was born late. Hence my name being 'Error.' I didn't mind how I was treated too much. But it was quite unfair.

I brushed my thoughts off as I padded up to the aready lined up next to the other pupils. I saw the mentor of us all whip around and walk down to the end of the line next to me. "And why are you late?" He asked angrily. I was confused at this point, because I was only slightly late. There was no big deal about it. "Be-because I was sl-sleeping...? Why d-does it m-matter?" I stuttered, even though I was confused, the mentor was still scarier than all nightmares. Even so, I stuttered often due to the violence and hatred focused on me, or others. And because I was extremely shy.

"It matters because we could be heading out by now!" He shouted, getting closer to my face. I stepped back a little bit, and he saw this as a sign of weakness. "Are you being a coward?" He spat, taking a step forward, causing me to cower back in fear. He smirked a little before stepped back and slamming me agaisnt the ground, claws sheathed. "Fear will not be tolerated!" He said and before I could respond, he continued, "Nor is being late!" I mumbled a few insults underneath my breath before heaving myself to my paws.

By this time, I could already tell that today was going to be a long, long day.

The sun was all the way up in the air, and it was blazing out. Right now, we were climbing trees and some were being pushed out of them. They weren't tall trees, so everybody ended up alright, anyways, so there wasn't a need to worry. "Error, dammit! What are you doing, just standing around?" The second in charge of mentoring had been watching the pupil the entire time she had been processing everything. She was not just "standing around." But she didn't dare talk back with an attitude, or at all. She was silent.

"Well? Are you just going to be silent as well? Or are you going to answer me?" They asked as they loomed over her and she stapped back defensively, the second in charge invading her personal space. She was getting angry due to stress and just being so done with everything right. "Answer me!" The tom demanded once again. I jolted back to reality as I had been thinking about what to say.

"I-I'm going to a, answer you." Error responded with rising anger. This anger wasn't really like her, but she didn't really notice it at the time being. "Then answer the question!" The tom stepped a little closer and I tensed up. Due to the yelling, cats had began to look, and along with this aggresive feline being right next to her, she had froze. Along with her slowly rising anger, his was obviously faster than her's. "I said answer m-" While talking, the tom was about to swing his paw onto the smaller she-cat, but she jumped back, her fur fluffing up, causing her to be twice her size and her hackles rose.

"Don't touch me!" Error had yelled angrily with a hiss. She had not been thinking as she had done all of this, and she looked around and she realized what she had just done. She pinned her ears back as she straightened out her back and she made her fur go back down. Her breathing was heavy about what she had just done as everybody stared at her. Nobody had a full reaction at what had just happened due to their own disbelief. This was unlike the small pupil, and the thing that increased their astonishment was who she had done this to. To try and avoid it, Error finally answered the question.

"I-I was a-analyzing e-everything." That was the only sound other than her own breath for now. The chance of the topic had brought the angry male back to his thoughts as he seemed somehow more angry than before as his paw came back into the air and Error jumped back, not wanting to get back. "How dare you speak to me that way?" He shouted at the young cat and she lowered herself down as she tried dodging his hits as he was taking his anger out on her. "I-I d-didn't me-mean t-to!" She said between gasps of terrified breaths and eventually she got up, rising up fully and she turned tail, starting to run.

Now, must of the time, she would just be punished and teased for running. But this time, she was being chased. He was obviously angry due to the fact that it was her who had said this, she was late that day, and it was somebody so young compared to them, and we were meant to respect them. "Hhhh!" She let out the sound of stress as she didn't want to run anymore and she decided to shoot upwards and into a tree and the tom simply followed. My goodness, was she stupid.

"Face me, coward! You may be young, but some of the kittens your age can do it!" He said this as he cornered the white and black female and due to her placement, she couldn't jump to another branch. "Come on, then!" He said, taunting her. So, she decided to do it.

She ran straight forward and she flinched a little bit as her body came into contact with his and he let out a surprised screech as he fell to the ground. Normally, the other apprentices would expect to be pushed out. But him, he obviously did not. A loud, angry and pained yowl came from him and Error made her way down from the tree and not even looking back to feel anybody's wrath, she ran all the way back to camp.

Error was in her den, as she had been sent straight to once the others had gotten back to camp. Her punishment was obviously being thought out, and this made her nervous.

While going through many thoughts in her mind, her mother busted into the den, and angry yet sympathetic look on her face, which was a strange mixture. The way Error could tell that was because she could read and hear expression well, only because of how much she saw everyday. "His joint was pulled out of it's socket, but it was put back into place. You shouldn't have done that, dear. Even though I know why you did it, and I agree with your defense, you shouln't... I don't know what they're doing with you, because they didn't tell me... Nobody know yet, anyways, I assume." Her mom's words calmed the kit by an immense amount as her fears dimished a little bit, but they obviously didn't go away all the way.

"Error!" Both of them heard her name being called, and their heads turned around. "Oh, I suppose they're announcing your punishment." Her mother said with a reassuring smile as she gently lapped her forehead and Error smiled a little bit, rubbing against her mother. Boy, did she love her. But she had to head out, so she did so...

"Error. Everybody other than that hooligan loves you,-" The leader pointed their tail towards her mother before continuing. "-but she's useful. You freeze up, and cannot talk without stuttering. You cannot defend yourself, and you act out." Her mom lashed her tail. "This is the first time she has done this!" Error's mother defended her kit, yet the leader seemed to shrug it off, responding cooly. "And? It still happened, and she injured one of the mentors." he said this, nodding his head towards the one that the small kitten had pushed out of the tree.

"Nobody other than your mom wants you. So why keep you? Due to this reason, you will be having your last meal tonight. Your useless life will be ended at moonhigh. Meeting dismissed!" Error and her mother stood there for a long moment... Silent, angry, and most of all...


Finally, her mother could react and she gently grasped Error's scruff and shot towards their small den. "M-mom? Wh-what are w-we gonna d-do?" The small she-cat asked her mother with a tone full of fear and concern. "I... I don't know. But what I do know, is that we need to get you out of here." The feline responded in a tone with even more concern than the golden eyed kit had.

By now, it was almost moonrise. me and my mother had been planning for a while now, and we had just finished eating. "I don't think they suspect anything so far. In jsut a short time, we're going to leave this place and find somewhere better. Okay, dear?" Her mother said in a warm tone, and all I could do was nod.

"So, let's go over the plan. When it's moonrise, I'll pick you up by the scruff, and since we're so close to the exit, we'll just run. We won't be stopping until we're somewhere safe, or until they stop chasing after us, because once they have an objective, they get it done. So even if you, or we, ran away, they'd still wanna end somebody. And if I set you down, and I continue running, you run as well. Simple, right?" She said this all quickly, but since her mom talked like this all the time, she was used to it. So I nodded my head.

"Well, we ate and drank. So we'll be prepared for running a whole bunch. And it's bound to be dark out by now, since sunhigh had passed, and it's moon high right now. May as well start the mission." And at that instant, Error was picked up from the scruff by her mother and they both suddenly shot out of the den, and then out of camp.

But due to the place being so active at the time being, cats had of course seen. Some words could be heard and her mother slowed down, set Error down, and they both began running. Error didn't question as to why she was set down, nor did she have time as she knew they were just about to be chased.

They ran and they ran. Her mother seemed to be fine, but Error was lagging. Due to being young, she was already lagging, but now she was exhausted. This caused her to be out of breath and not able to run at the speed she needed to. "C'mon, Error!" Her mother encouraged, but Error just couldn't continue to run faster.

She looked over her shoulder at the two cats that ran after them now. They were getting closer and closer as the kit slowed more and more. The tailless kit's mother looked at her kit and she slowed down and eventually stopped fully as Error had done so as well. They were far behind, but not far enough. Her mother turned around. "Go. Now." She said without hesitation. "Wh-what? N-no!" Her mother nudged her roughly. "Don't deny your mother. Go!"

Error was about to run before her mother said one last thing. "And if you ever have to fight like this, or run like this... Summon all the courage you require! Then count; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, number 10 paces fire!" Error stared at her mother and she said gently, "I l-love you..." Her mother smiled back. "Love you, too, dear."

Error then turned tail and ran. She looked over her shoulder from time to time as her mother had her hackles raised, fur all the way up, and a snarl in her throat as the two toms approached her. Error knew her mother was a good fighter and all... But two of them? Even though she knew she should still hope, Error didn't. She knew what the outcome would be, but that didn't mean she accepted it.

Blood was everywhere in a matter of no time. She could hear yowls and hisses from where she was. And she could barely see the battle, but she could see the last blow.

Her mother knew she was going to die so she stopped fighting back... The tom raised his unsheathed claws over her neck and then went down. "Wait!" Error shouted just as the claws had hit. Her mother's body went limp, her sides heaving, but that as well slowed down and she was dead in no time.

No time to think about that. She had to run, even though she saw them running back to camp.

It had been about two days since Error started to travel. She was surprised she made it this long, and somewhere along the way she was been coated with this odd smell. She thought it smelled actualy pretty nice, so she decided to stay there for the night. But she woke up to a strong scent of new cat.

Her head bolted up as she could hear paws heading down to where she was and the kit bolted from across the clearing and into some rock shelter to where you would have to look directly into it to see her. The large she-cat looked around as she must've heard her, but she sat down and decided to leave it be.

Error stayed there for a moments before she decide to shift. And, oh how predictable, she snapped a twig beneath her paw and the brown feline looked around, obviously hearing it. Error knew she had to come out sometime, anyways. The pretty big cat stood up and walked over to her rock pile. Error likely smelled of cat, which is why the other feline was so cautious. Right before the brown she-cat looked into the hold of rocks she was underneath, Error bolted out. She had to look touch so that she wasn't attacked.

So whens he bolted out, she hit the she-cat in the face roughly with her slaws sheathed. She examined the cat carefully now that she could get a better view, and the cat examined the kit as well. "Hello." The cat suddenly spoke.

"Wh-what do you w-want? I-I'll attack i-if you f-fight m-me!" Error stuttered, her hackles rasing slightly. The cat chuckled. "I'm Sunstar, and I'm not going to fight you. You're just a kit." Error tried to look even more tough, and also tried to look offended. "J-just? I c-could p-pumble you if I-I w-wanted to!" She yelled out in her squeaky tone.

"Sure you could." Sunstar laughed gently again, her having a smile as she looke down at the kit. "You're alone, right? Wish to change that?" Error stared at Sustar. But she didn't trust her. "Y-yeah! I'm alone, b-but I don't h-have to ch-change that! I-I'm f-fine!" Error was kind of yelling as she tried to be more tough than she was. She was trying a little too hard, though. And this caused the she-cat to have an amused look on her face.

"Wh-what's with the a-amused face?" She spat, but Sunstar seemed to giggle. "Come on. You are really trying too hard. Come with me, but first, tell me your name." Error looked taken aback by her kindness... Yet, due to her past life, she had trust issues. "That's n-none of your bu-business!" She said, lowering herself a bit. Sunstar smirked.

"Well, then I guess you don't want to join my family. We treat each other so kindly, and we help each other all the time. We treat each other with respect, we work together, and we are kind. But, it's your loss." The feline then started to walk away and Error decided it'd be best to just join...

"W-wait! I'm E-Error... A-and I'll j-join!" Error stuttered and Sunstar smiled. "That's great! You have just joined BearClan. You'll be taught much there, and I really hope you enjor yourself. I cannot wait! But rogue names aren't accepted, so your name will be Errorkit, it that's alright." All I did was nod before asking my question.

"Wh-why are y-you ou-out here all a-alone?" Sunstar looked down at the kit and frowned. "Because Blizzardstar, a member, had just died. We're all grieving."

Oh. Well, I don't even know who that is.

But this clan sounds amazing, and friendly... I cannot wait to meet everybody else, and learn everything they know!

</font>==> > Blizzardstar of BearClan < <==

Status -- Dead

Past Name/s -- Blizzard, Blizzardkit, Blizzardpaw, and Blizzardclaw

Sex -- Male

Sexual Orientation -- Bisexual

Age -- 48 moons/48 months

Species -- Domestic Feline

Breed -- Maine Coon X Ragdoll

Appearance: Orginally, as a kit, Blizzardstar was white with a light grey face. Although, he's now changed to where around his muzzle area is a slightly dark grey, and it fades out to lighter grey, causing his face tho be all grey. There's white on his face, then the back of his head is a light grey. His pads are a dark grey, and so are the base of his paws, and it fades out into a light grey until it's white. Light grey swirls are all over his body. His tail tip is a dark grey, and it also fades out until it reaches his body, then it's white. Although, there's a little bit of dark grey on the very top of the top (not the tip!). His eyes are a light shade of blue and are very bright, but can be very haunting. He's very soft anf fluffy, too. He weighs 34 pounds, and is 46 inches in size. He has two scars that cross against his back, side by side. One against his back, near the base of this tail, and a little scar on the right side of his mouth. He also has one notch in the right side of his left ear, and on the right side of his left ear.

Voice: Blizzardstar's Voice (Papyrus's Voice/The taller one)

Personality: This leader is very calm and patient. He tries his best as BearClan's leader to serve it well and plan amazing plans. He loves a lot of prey, although, he loves raven. He's very caring, and loyal. He's also gentle, friendly, likes to be independent at times, an intelligent. He gets along with most people and isn't really vicious, although, he'll only get vicious if ticked off enough.

Group -- BearClan

Rank -- StarClan Warrior

Past Group/s -- None

Past Mentor -- Unknown 

Currently Mentoring -- None

Past Apprentice/s -- None

Theme Song/s --

Mother -- Unknown

Father -- Unknown

Siblings -- None

Crush -- None

Mate -- None

Past Mate/s -- Creekstep (Deceased)

Offspring -- None

> > Backstory < <


Blizzard smiled and then twitched at the sound of a yowl and then snickers going throughout a little camp. He yawned slightly as he exited his little bed of moss, sleeping my himself. Some other kits looked at him and then whispered to their friends as some of them confronted him. "Loser!" One of them said, only for anothr insult to be spat out at him, "Pathetic wimp!" He lightly twitched as he continued walking. His parents were killed due to being too nice as one of the older cats whispered to another, "Just like his parents. Too nice to stand up for themselves." He knew he wouldn't attack. He wouldn't be ticked off to attack just because of some insults.

He was alone by himself now after walking a bit. He thought to himself, "Well, I guess I can just leave. I doubt they'd come after me, I mean, they hardly even like me." So... That's what he did. Later in the night, when most were sleeping, he crept out of his den as a large gust of wind ruffled his fur. After feeling a strong, good feeling from the wing, he went in the direction of the wind. As he left, he instantly got to the ground as something horrifying rang out, "Blizzard's not in his nest!" He heard rustles as he let out a slight whimper, both panic and fear casting a cold grip on him. "No, no, no!" He got up and bolted in the direction of the wind. He ran and ran, halting as he ran out of breath.

Stomping in the distance could be heard as he had his breath back and yowl rang out through the trees, "Right there!" Andd he realized it was only a group of two. Although it was only that, the fear tightened it's grip as he ran even farther and faster into the wind. As he casted a glance back, he saw them not too far away, and he locked eyes with one of them as they suddenly said to the other, "Ooh! I can see the fear in his gaze!" Right as they had said that, Blizzard had crossed a scent line. And he looked back in front of him only to run into a tree, hitting his side roughly on the stump. They ran quickly up to Blizzard, but before reaching him, a large female that could hardly be seen in the darkness darted in front of him, hissing at the two chasers. "Are you planning to hurt this kit?" She spat and her icy cold gaze was flickering from the two toms. "He's too weak, so once he's older he'll have to fight us to for his life to be able to stay in the clan. That's what we've planned, that is. Although, he's too gentle. So we need to get rid of him, and it'd be such good fun."

In an instant the dark female, of which could only be seen due to russet patches, lunged forward, throwing one out of the two toms into the other and Blizzard slightly stepped back and into the tree further at the such vicious female. Before Blizzard could say anything, one of the toms lunged at the female, trying to bite her, and she used the other tom to protect her, and the male that had lunged dug it's fangs into the other tom's neck deeply and his eyes went wide with shock as the one bitten threw itself at the other. The female had a smirk on her face as they fought each other. Soon after them fighting, one was lethally injured as he slowly died, and the one still alive had major wounds and he looked up at the female, suddenly realizing what she had done as he suddenly shook the other male. "Venom! Venom?!" Blood gushed out of both of their wounds and the tom, Venom, croaked out, "Get out of here, Ruthless... Make sure I'm brought back." Ruthless nodded before hissing at the female, and picking up Venom's now dead body gingerly before taking him back.

Blizzard tried back up a bit further as the female approached him and she smiled a bit before grasping him by the scruff. "I'll make sure you're okay at camp. No need to fear any longer."

After that night, he was best friends with that shecat... And apart of BearClan short after. Her name? Scarletstar.

> > Gallery < <

  • Blizzardstar X Creekstep

> > Scarlet < <

Status -- Inactive & Alive

Past Name/s -- Scarlet, Scarletkit, Scarletpaw, Scarletbreeze, and Scarletstar

Sex -- Female

Sexual Orientation -- Bisexual

Age -- 46 moons/46 months

Species -- Domestic Feline

Breed -- Norwegian Forest Cat X Maine Coon along with a long line of large cats

Appearance: Black with russet patches all over her. Has very light, haunting, light blue eyes.


Personality: Mainly emotionless, and can be very vicous.

Group -- None

Rank -- Rouge

Past Group/s -- BearClan

Past Mentor -- Flamescar & Spiderears

Currently Mentoring -- None

Past Apprentice/s -- Puddlepaw (Unknown) & Icystone (Deceased)

Theme Song --

Mother -- Brokenstride (Deceased)

Father -- Unknown (Deceased)

Siblings -- Ink & Eclipse (Deceased)

Crush -- Arrow

Mate -- None

Past Mate/s -- None

Offspring -- None

> > Backstory < <


Scarlet padded around her mother grooming her brother, Eclipse. Along with her sister, Ink. She eventually sat down, and slowly crouched down. She lifted up her head, and then set it down in between of her two paws. Her mother, Brokenstride, looked up from Eclipse and Ink. "Scarlet, be an amazing little kit and go hunt for us please." Scarlet's light sky blue gaze flicked up, and was now glued to her mother. I always have to hunt. I am hated... Nobody cares... They would let me die... They only care for each other... The thoughts burned into her mind as she hauled hersef up. Scarlet looked up at her mother, then down at Eclipse and Ink. They ignored her completely, and as Scarlet took a few steps she thought to herself. My father would've loved me much more then they ever could. The moment flashed in front of her eyes. Brokenstride, Scarlet, Eclipse, and Ink were cornered by a badger. Her father had just returned to their "camp" trying to warn them a badger was near. As the badger swung it's large arm, with it's claws turning into a hooked position, her father bolted forward and everything seems to go slowler... Right when the badger's long, sharp claws would've hit Scarlet, her father had gotten in the way and flew more then 10 tail lengths away, and was only stopped by a tree, and all the tree did was knock the wind out of him. Scarlet tried attacking the badger, and lunged. Right when she landed onto it's back, it threw her off, leaving her to skid against the ground. Because the badger sunk it's large, sharp, blood stained fangs into her father's neck, he yowled, "Run!" And at that moment blood splattered everywhere. The blood was her father's. It oozed out of his neck, and he let out a faint whisper, only Scarlet's sensitive hearing could hear. "Why now? I don't know why... But goodbye." His eyes were set on Brokenstride, Ink, Eclipse, and Scarlet after she had returned to their side. Right when Scarlet's father's body stopped moving, they all ran. A paw sharply prodded into her side, and she looked up to see Brokenstride waking her, anger blazing within her gaze. "Weren't you going to hunt?" Her mother stared down at her, and Scarlet nodded, not knowing any other reaction. Scarlet hauled herself to her large paws, and headed off to a cave next to a large gorge to hunt. Scarlet stretched, liking the smell of the cave that swarmed her senses. It was nice. But once she thought about how mistreated she was, everything was wrong. Scarlet went to the edge of the gorge, staring down into it emotionless. She looked up, joy in her face now as a plan began to unfold in her mind. After returning from hunting and back to camp, dragging a small black and grey rabbit, a vole, and a black bird. She trotted up in front of her Brokenstride, Ink, and Eclipse, dropping the prey at their paws. "Eat up, then I wanna show you all something!" Scarlet smiled, and through the joy that glazed her gaze, a wicked gleam sparkled. Her sister, Ink, snorted. "What would you have to show us?" Eclipse stifled a giggle as her mother lashed her tail. "I know it will be boring and not that much fun, but just endure it for now. She'll be gone soon." Scarlet stared, joy still covering her real emotions, and she acted as though she didn't hear her mother. I'll be gone soon? You don't even know what's next. Scarlet smiled slightly more at the thought, and all three of them nodded. "Alright, we'll all eat before we head out." Scarlet's "family" huddled up and began eating, and she stifled any kind of laugh as they were so plump and getting fat. It's almost time. So enjoy that meal. Brokenstride, Ink, and Eclipse followed Scarlet slowly as she led them towards the cave. Ink and Eclipse looked as bored as ever, and her mother emotionless. Soon they'll have some, or a different, emotion. Scarlet smirked, it not being seen due to them being behind her as she padded into the cave. Ink entered first, and sat next to the entrance, slightly out of breath. Eclipse came in after her. Eclipse's breath was slightly worse as he sat next to their sister, Ink. Brokenstride came in last, the most out of breath. She stared, wondering how they could be so tired. "Why'd you bring us here?" Brokenstride's tone had anger packed within it, and it came out as a hiss as she spoke, obviously getting impatient. "Just stand next to the gorge, then I can show you." Her mother started heading there, and she roughly pushed Ink and Eclipse up. "You too, you two." Her brother and sister looked up, but nodded. It's working out perfectly. Scarlet looked around for the sharp stone stab she had hid earlier, and kept it under her paw as she stood a few tail lengths away. "Answer my question, mousebrain. I don't see anything interesting, so why bri-" Her mother's voice was cut off, coming out slightly shaky due to her being still slightly tired. Scarlet had lunged forward, and hooked her paws underneath her legs. Brokenstride's legs buckled beneath her and Scarlet slammed her falling body halfway over the edge of the gorge. "What are you doing, Scarlet?!" Her mother's claws sank into the dirt, and her hind legs helplessly flailing, hanging over the edge. "What does it seem like?" And at those words, before she could push Brokenstride's paws off her only safety, Ink leapt forward. Before Scarlet could stop herself from slamming her mother's paws off, she went rght into Ink, sending Ink into Brokenstride and causing them both to fall off. Ink flailed helplessly as she was bowled over and right into their mother. And as they fell they flailed helplessly and schreeched in terror. She could hear a whimpering sound come from the other side of the den. I am not finished yet. Scarlet looked up, locking eyes with Eclipse. Her brother shook, fear radiating from his gaze, pelt, and tone as he spoke, "What have you done!" Scarlet rolled her eyes, and in an instant she picked up the sharp stone slab, and was in front of Eclipse. "If you're a mousebrain, then you didn't know this. I killed them. And who do you think is next, Eclipse?" Eclipse's eyes went wide as she swung her head up, aiming the sharp part of the stone for his eyes and throat, it having two sharp spikes. Before it stabbed him in the eyes, and right between the eyes, Eclipse ducked and started heading for the exit. "I'm not letting you get away with this!" Eclipse yowled behind his shoulder, and fury burned within Scarlet. A smirk grew and then played across her face. I haven't had a good run in a a while. Scarlet firmly held the sharp stone in her jaws, and bolted out after him. She could see her brother struggling to stay his distance away from the gorge, but she could basically peer within his mind, knowing he didn't want to loose his way. Scarlet's smirk somehow got even bigger as she could see him slowing down. At that moment, Scarlet shot foward at full speed. Eclipse looked over his should, which was his last mistake. He tripped over a branch, and Scarlet slowly stopped herself. Eclipse's weight made mud fall down beneath him, and his claws gripped into the dark, wet dirt. Scarlet slowly padded up, and stared down at the pitiful scene. Although she knew it was pitiful to others, she felt no pity. She just felt happiness. "Please he- help me, I don't want to d-die, pl-please!" Eclipse's plea for help was clearly heard. But Scarlet's light sky blue gaze stared down at him. She lifted a paw, and dropped the sharp stone slab right next to him, but over the edge. Right when she said her only response, his eyes were only made of one emotion. That emotion was horror. The reason of this was because her only response was, in a flat, emotionless tone... "No." Scarlet had meowed. At that exact moment, her paw slammed down in between his paws scrabbling at the dirt, dirt and mud flowing against his face as he swiftly lost his grip. Thud. Scarlet peered over the edge, to see her brother landing on a ledge right above the water. A few heartbeats after she looked, his body fell into the dark, deep, and rapid waters. She could see his body, lifeless, turning and thrashing in the currect for a few moments, then went underneath the water. Is... Is it over? Was that it...? More thoughts whirled her mind, although she knew one thing for certain. She was free of the hate, and free in general. She was happy. ~Time Skip~ A paw sharply prodded into her side, a dark colored tom hovering over her, his paw extended as he jabbed into her side. Scarlet woke up instantly, and shook her head, slightly sleepy. She knew she crossed some odd scent line last night when wondering around after killing her family. She never expected cats to live here. "What are you doing on BearClan terri-" He was cut off as a white, cream, and red she-cat lightly shoved him aside. "Foxwhiskers, shush. Since I am on this patrol, I control what happens." Foxwhiskers nodded, and mumbled under his breath. "Alright, Rosestar." Rosestar looked at Scarlet, and spoke. "Yes, what are you doing on BearClan territory?" Scarlet's mind whirled, and accidently let her confusion out. "What?" Rosestar sat down, her only reply, "BearClan." Scarlet nodded as it all came back to her. Brokenstride used to be in a clan, so she knew what they were. Foxwhiskers looked up at Rosestar and asked in a nice tone, "Should we bring her to camp? She's just a kit, after all." Rosestar turned, and studied Scarlet carefully. "I suppose so..." Foxwhiskers immediately nodded, and the rest of the cats gathered around Scarlet as they head for "camp." A sudden burst of new scents flooded her senses. A lot more. There were a lot more cats, and they turned towards the patrol of cats, especially at Scarlet. Rosestar leapt up onto some high rocks, and called something out. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey, please gather beneath beneath the highrock!" Cats started to exit the bush-type things, and gather all around the "highrock." All of them avoided Scarlet, some of them even hissing. Once Rosestar began, everything was silent. "I know there's a stranger in camp, as you can see." Rosestar's tail flicked towards Scarlet, and she looked down. She could feel their gazes burn into her, and could hear their thoughts. Why is a rouge... She shouldn't be... Is she a kit... Who is she? Rosestar continued, her eyes glued to Scarlet. "What's your name, kit?" Scarlet looked up, locking eyes with Rosestar as she spoke quietly. "Scarlet." Rosestar nodded, obviously hearing. Once nodded for a few moments, she continued. "Well, I was wondering and as she walked back to camp we spoke about keeping you in this clan. Most of us decided yes, so you may. If you'd like to, that is..." Scarlet stared, not knowing what to choose. "Well? Are you going to join BearClan as Scarletkit, or stay a rouge as Scarlet?" Her mind whirled with questions, confused by every word spoken for once. Before she could think, she answered, "Of course." Scarlet then looked back up, Rosestar smiling. "That was a slight late reaction, but that's alright." Some kits peered their head out of the nursery, and stared at Scarlet. She looked towards where the kits were coming out of, then back up at Rosestar. "Alright, then, Scarlet." "Since you chose to live in BearClan, you will now be known as Scarletkit... And welcome to BearClan!" The rest of the cats cheered, and she smiled. These cats don't know me, and I can tell they already care more for me then Brokenstride, Ink, and Eclipse ever did. Scarletkit then looked at a snail moving slowly along the edge of the camp. Silently she crept up to the snail, the meeting now over.

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