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Diamond Clan, Where book is your life guide!

You are wondering around this strange place, hearing the peacful chirping of birds. You look up. A songthrush is on a branch right ahead of you. You climb up the ancient elm and bring down the bird easily. It has reacted like it had never seen a cat before. You hurridly eat it and burry the bones. You continue around this unknown place until you smell something... No... It's just a squirrel... "Or my mind playing tricks on me..." You murmur quietly, your voice echos around the trees. It is then, that you realise that all the trees are about evenly spaced out. They are roughly the same size and roughly about the same distance from each other. They are still very spread out, so you decide that enemies cannot possibly hide in these branches or bushes.

Then, suddenly, a cat jumps from the holly right next to you. It smells of dead leaves and maple. Another on leaps up next to its companion. The first one frowned, "Ah, yet another stranger, hmm? Flame? Is that a murmur of agreement I hear from you?" He shakes his pelt and reveiles a dark hazel tabby pelt. The other was smaller. As the first cat had said, this one is Flame. The second cat shakes its own pelt. This one has piercing amber eyes and dark ginger-red fur. She looks like a baby fox but you decide to keep that thought to yourself. Flame speaks up, "Oh, Barktail, I think we need more warriors... more warriors and apprentices..." She murmurs quietly, looking quite embarrassed about speaking in front of the brown tom. He nods. "I agree." He turns to you. "We would like to invite you to our clan, DiamondClan. If you agree, then we'll allow you into our camp. But, if you disagree, then you will be chased away and forced never to come back into our territory. Do you accept or decline?" He says to you.

The rest is for you to decide...

Dress Code Edit

Diamond Clan is very familiar with messing around with cloths, but that doesn't mean you can meddle around clothing all the time. We are serious when we want and funny when we feel like it. Remember that if you have something that you usually wear in roleplaying warriors but is not on the list, go and ask one of our clan members :). Also, un-cattish wear is not appreciated. So if you wore something like gazelle horns or sunglasses, they will be immideatly declined unless we're messing around.

Member Edit

Again, if you don't know if your clothing is allowed, ask a clan member. They'll be nice and polite answering... ( I think... {heh heh} )

Head: Skull Helmets, Mech Angle Helmets ( Rare and non-rare allowed ), Rare Fox Hats, Spring Flower Crowns ( Uncommon to wear ), Flower Crown, Head Flowers, Cat Hats ( Rare and non-rare allowed ), Raccoon Hats.

Neck: Leaf Necklaces, Heart Lockets ( Rare and non-rare allowed ), Jamaaliday Scarves ( Rare and non-rare allowed ), Fang Necklaces, Spiked Collars ( Rare and non-rare allowed ), Moon Necklaces, Studded Collars, Lightning Necklaces, Pinecone Necklaces, Jingle Bell Necklaces, Leis, Ribbon Scarves, Sun Necklaces, Chain Necklaces ( Gold and Silver allowed ).

Back: Worn Blankets ( Rare and non-rare allowed ), Bow and Arrows ( Rare, Golden and non-rare allowed ), Dual Samuri Swords, Slingshots, Jamaaliday Bows, Swords, Pirate Swords, Crossbows, Longbows ( Rare and non-rare allowed ), Elf Armor ( Rare and non-rare allowed ), Scorpian Armor, Spartain Armor. Bows ( The other ones, the tied on ribbon Bows ).

Legs: Mystical Gauntlets, Jingle Bell Bracelets, Clover Bracelets, Elf Bracelets ( Rare and non-rare allowed ), Gloves ( Rare, Freedom, Gold, Silver and non-rare allowed ), Arm Cuffs, Leg Armor ( Freedom and non-rare allowed ), Diamond Encrusted Gauntlets, Bone Claws, Phantom Gauntlets.

Tail:Mystic Tail Armor, Raccoon Tails, Feather Tails, Elf Tail Armor ( Gold and Silver, Beta and non-rare allowed ), Phantom Tail Armor or nothing at all :3

Non-Member Edit

For the last time, ask one of the clan members if you are not sure what you're wearing is alright and they'll probably agree or disagree. If they are not sure, then go to Silverstar, ask her formally, JK :). She's not mean.

Head: Fox Hats ( Rare and non-rare allowed ), Raccoon Hats, Cat Hats ( Rare and non-rare allowed ), Head Flowers, Butterfly Hair Bows.

Neck:Jamaaliday Scarves ( Rare and non-rare allowed ), Heart Lockets ( Rare and non-rare allowed ), Moon Necklaces, Sun Necklaces, Pinecone Necklaces, Jingle Bell Necklaces, Silver Chain Necklaces, Ribbon Scarves, Leis.

Back:Bow and Arrows ( Rare and non-rare allowed ), Worn Blankets ( Rare and non-rare allowed ), Slingshots.

Legs:Jingle Bell Bracelets, Clover Bracelets, Gloves ( Rare, Freedom, Silver and Non-rare allowed ), Diamond Encrusted Gauntlets

Tail:Diamond Encrusted Tail Armor, Phantom Tail Armor or nothing at all.

About Diamond ClanEdit

Our Rules

1.      You must be active in the clan at least 5 days a week.

2.      You must be loyal to the clan.

3.      You must respect everyone in the clan.

4.      You must do your duties.

5.     Best clan cats will be awarded.

6.      You should know what is happening in the clan.

7.      No trading is allowed inside the clan unless you have the permission to.

8.      Whenever you fight , you fight for Diamond Clan.

Our Members

·      Leader: SilverStar (letsgocrazynow)

·      Deputy: Whitetail (noproblemaj)

·      Apprentice 1: Flame (pphtreq23456tyu)

·      Apprentice 2: Shadowpaw (forestpaw2015)

·      Apprentice 4: Bluepelt (charecto1)

·      Warrior 1: Lightningbolt (Awes0meW0lf)

·      Warrior 2: SandStrom (Wolflove58)

·      Warrior 3: Cinderpelt (ajninja)

·      Warrior 4: Mintylunar (sparkleshywolfstar)

·      Queen 1: Kaelin03.

·      Kit: Littlekit (Kyra416)

To enter Diamond Clan:

DiamondClan is welcoming all cats who are willing to join!

Please comment with the following forum in the comments section:

AJ Username:mixel211
Cat name:
Rank Desired:
Been to any
other clan before? Why did you leave? :
Roleplay Example:
Features and personality: 

Thats all for now will update more soon!