NAME ...... Dewkit

Dew: Her pelt reminded Storm of the dew that settles on leaves

Kit: The standard suffix for all clan kits

POSSIBLE WARRIOR NAMES ...... Dewleaf, Dewpath, Dewstone

PAST NAMES ...... Dew

GENDER ...... Female

CLAN ...... Scarclan

RANK ...... Kit Apprentice Warrior Elder

MENTOR ...... N/A



BIRTH SEASON ...... Leaf-fall

AGE ...... 2 moons

BREED ...... 33% Scottish Fold, 33% Bengal, 33% Munchkin, 1% Other

SIZE ...... Dew was smaller than her litter-mate and is still smaller than most kits that are her age, leading her to have difficulty walking. She appears sleek and delicate, with wisps of fur sticking out on her hind legs and tail. She walks dainty steps and holds herself in a way to appear slightly taller, with chin held high and going on her little toes. She will most likely keep her small stature as she grows into a warrior, but for now has room to get bigger.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION ...... A small, blue eyed she-kit with white fur covered in black and dark grey patches.

SCARS ...... N/A


◊ - - Dew's body is petite, and there isn't much strength behind her small paws and short legs. Most of her visible bulk comes from her fur, and is the main reason for her somewhat rounded features- notably the face and curved tail. As for abilities: she is slow and weak, but makes up for it with her high endurance making her tiny legs run for miles.

FUR TEXTURE/FUR LENGTH/FUR COLOR ...... Dew is an interesting mixture of grey's and black's, as she inherited from her father. Her base coat is a white with patches of black covering half her face, left shoulder, and base of her tail. Large spots of dark grey cover her face as well as her tail but also appear in her black spots. Her spots are much like her brother, Stones, but are darker, like her sister, Dapple.

Her fur seems as it would be incredibly soft to touch, and if you think so you are absolutely correct! The hairs covering her are very fine and relaxed. Her length of her fur is quite long, which she inherited from her mother, but that makes it so you will often find her grooming it to keep it in a good from.

EYES ...... Her eyes are quite a few shades of blue, and are rather round in shape with lashes at the end.

BODY TYPE ...... Small and chubby at the moment.

SPECIAL FEATURES ...... One of her special features includes her folded ears, which she inherited from her father, as he was a Scottish Fold and Bengal Mix.

SCENT ...... As most kits who smell like warm milk, she has the smell of the forest clinging to her fur.



TRAITS ...... [ Kind ] [ TBA ] [ Suspicious ] [ TBA ] [ Sensitive ] [ TBA ]


+ [ Kind ]

Dew loves to help whenever she can, and hates to see others stressed or unhappy. Her emotions and words are always meant to be genuine, yet she does have a hard time explaining some things. She will go great lengths to help another and will do whatever it takes. She just wants everyone to be happy, and values kindness and honesty above anything else.

= [ Suspicious ]

Dew, though being nice, isn't that trusting, which makes her not as easy-going with strangers. She prefers to keeping what she knows and not allow in the unknown. This may be good when it comes to protecting the ones she cares of most.

- [ Sensitive ]

You may have read this at some point, but Dew is rather. . . well . . . weak. This makes her emotionally weak as well, being so passionate about things she has a hard time accepting the fact someone could possibly lie to her. Her feelings are easily hurt by others and it doesn't take much to make her tear up at some points. When she is really upset, she will avoid eye-contact.


◇ Living | ◆ Deceased | ◈ Whereabouts Unknown

MOTHER ...... ◇Storm

FATHER ...... ◈Trout

SIBLINGS ...... ◇Creek(M) ◇Dapple(F)

STATUS ...... Too Young!

ORIENTATION ...... Straight/Demisexual



  • + Patient
  • + Honest
  • + Brave


  • - Unfaithful
  • - Dishonest
  • - Indecisive


Dew X Creek (Shipped by Ravenstar)

Dew X Panther (Shipped by Ravenstar, Nightfall and Foxwing)

Dew X Crow (Shipped by Nightfall)

Dew X Tiger (Shipped by Ravenstar)

Dew X Snarky (Shipped by Snarkykit)

Dew X Grey (Shipped by Nightfall, Ravenstar, and pretty much everyone)


Crystalize- Lindsey Stirling


Prologue: Prior to birth

Dew was born to a fierce pure-bred Munchkin she-cat called Storm. She lived with some two-legs, and was fine with the domestic life. Given to her fiery personality, she didn't attract many toms, but one day one fell for her. His name was Trout, which Storm thought was pretty funny- yet cute. Trout was a mix of a Bengal and Scottish Fold. At first, Storm would pay little attention to the tom, but as time went on she started to warm up to the silver cat. It was a couple weeks time before she found out she was expecting kits.

The fierce she-cat never intended to become pregnant, she didn't want stupid kits to control her life from then on! So when she had three kits, one being Dew and her sister Dapple, and the one tom, Creek, she neglected them. Dew was raised the first two weeks as a piece of trash, sure the two-legs did give her shelter and food and water but payed very little attention to her, since they wanted Storm to be bred to a pure-bred Toyger. Storm was always making harsh comments about her and her father, saying he was a reckless and irresponsible tom. The other neighborhood cats always teased her because of her tiny legs and this made Dew and her siblings finally have it! They decided together to leave them, and ran into the forest, there they were found by Scarclan, who soon adopted the three little kits. The three were thankful, they were half-starved and were sure to die, but due to some help they were raised back to full health and are forever grateful.

Chapter 01: Kit



Scarclan: Edit

Whitestar(leader)/Choco1atebunnies(M)- Like/Good Friend/Trusts/Respects:

"He is so cool! He makes an excellent leader and a great friend! He also is perfect with Ravensong, there so cute!"

Ravensong(deputy)/Mrbrusselspot(F)- Like/Best Friend/Trusts/Respects:

"Ravensong is one of the first to introduce me to Scarclan, and for that I am forever grateful to her! I love Ravensong like a family member!"

Nightfall(clanmate)/Legit1234(F)- Like/Best Friend/Trust/Respects:

"She is amazing! I hope she becomes my mentor when I am old enough, her backstory is really amazing to!"

Greypaw(clanmate/Swaggerflow(M)- Like/Best Friend/Trust/Admires/Confused:

"He is a good friend but lately I have been nervous to talk to him, I wonder if something is wrong with me? But I really like him! He is the best-est friend ever!"

Creekkit(sibling)/Thistles111(M)- Like/Trusts/Friend/Blood Family:

"He is my brother! He is there for me when I need him, I hope we can stay this close as we age!"

Snarkykit(clanmate)- Like/Good Friend:

"Snarkykit was one of the first cats to welcome me into the clan! I appreciate it and hope we can get along and get to know each-other better!"

Tigerkit(clanmate)/Tigerstaralive(M)- Like/Good Friend/Trusts:

"He is one of the kits in the clan, and I am starting to become good friends with him!"

Pantherkit(clanmate)/Sophia112205(M)- Like/Best Friend/Trusts:

"He is the first kit other than Snarkykit I met in the clan! He is a dear friend to me!"

Rouges: Edit

Storm(mother)/NPC(F)- Dislike/Fear/Blood Family:

"I don't like her that much. . . she would always say hateful things about me and Creek. . ."

Trout(father)/NPC(M)- Unsure/Heard Of/Blood Family:

"He was never there when we were kits, so I don't really know him, but from what Storm told me, he didn't sound that great. . ."

Dapple(sister)/NPC(F)- Unsure/Blood Family:

"Were apart and I don't know where she is, why did she leave me? Was I a bad sibling? Why was I left alone?"



+ High endurance

+ Intelligence


- Water

- Fighting


+ Laying in the sun

+ Butterflies

+ Breezes


- Cold/Wet weather

- Deep water

- Thunder/Lightning


= Water

= Snakes

= Being abandoned


TIME ZONE ...... (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

METHODS ..... Animal Jam/Email (If I know you well enough/know you in person)

POST SIZE ..... I'm happy to match size with whoever i'm roleplaying with

RATING ..... Any [Minus any sexual content -.-] 


Roleplay Example: Edit

*Roleplay as Dew and her brother suffering from being half-starved*

The alabaster, atramentous, and ashen femmora's cobalt phopolia suspencory ligamens scintillating, she collapsed, enervated as hunger devoured her. Trying to encompass onto little hope, the unsettling setting forcing her captius dimintious maximus to spin. The rosy-hued dawn coming over the earth. She bellowed as unpleasant anguish went through her serrates ventralis. Her captius dimintious maximus oscillated toward her brother, her phopolia suspencory ligamens losing light, she closed them, 'Someone help. . .'


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