Welcome to DewClan I am Dawnstar, the leader and medicine cat of DewClan. This clan is not friendly towards outsiders, so if you want to join, come straight to me. We are impatient and get bored easily and we get side tracked a lot. We still are a regular Clan. There are 3 in our forest so far and we love when new cats join our Clan to have fun roleplaying!

Allegiances Edit

Leader: Dawnstar - User: All49396 ( It's at this den only when it's the tree house. That may change )

Deputy: their both stupid unloyal ruts Darkstrike Stormclaw

Medicine cat: Dawnnstar ima add someone or more then one person/cat

Medicine cat apprentice: Greypaw

Warriors: Skullface, Nightwing, Amberfur, Iceclaw, Blacktail, Flamepelt, Skyfeather, Stormcloud, Darkfang, Blueclaw, Darksun, Stormcloud, Stormclaw, and Frillfur

Apprentice's: Greypaw, Firepaw, Shadowpaw, Rosepaw, Breezepaw, Birdpaw, and Nightpaw

Elders: Riverbreeze

Kits: Starkit, Crystalkit, Stormkit, Hollykit, Dovekit, Otterkit, Hiddenkit, Squirrelkit, and Lilackit

Queens: Fallenoak, Silverstream, and Silverpelt

Descriptions Edit

(If you are loyal to the Clan, I will make a description for you)

Darkstrike: Darkstrike is my loyal deputy. I picked Darkstrike as my deputy because I think she is loyal and that she can put up with anything. She is responsible, is okay with doing patrols a million times, and has shown to be a leader.

Riverbreeze: Riverbreeze may have come to us as an elder, but she loves telling kits stories and she has been with the clan since the second or third recruit. She has helped me through so much and I am thankful for that. I hope she will be with us a while longer.

Silverstar: Silverstar may not be in my Clan, but she has been with me since I was a kit—telling me stories and joking around. She is my hero and will be for many moons to come. Of course she knew me as Blazekit and many know me as Dawnkit/paw. Some know me as Shimmerkit/paw. So yeah, Silverstar is leader of FrostClan. Join their Clan, it's a good Clan. Username: a78522 It's cozy and friendly. Heart you Silverstar!

Blacktail: Blacktail is a faithful, humble cat. If Darkstrike where to not be deputy anymore, Blacktail would be my next choice. She is good at hunting and has a sharpclaw, but likes to stay in the shadows.

Frillfur: Frillfur is a nice young tom, but sometimes gets picked on because he is so small and has a odd frill on his head. I dont care because he has proved loyal and nice to others no matter what.

Rules Edit

To join the Clan:

  1. You must have read at least one book. (or the field guide)
  2. I need your name and rank on the Jammer Wall.
  3. You cannot ask to be leader, deputy, or medicine cat.

Warrior Rules:

  1. Respect your leader and deputy.
  2. When asked to do something by a higher rank than you, unless it's unreasonable, do it.


  1. You must tend to the elders.
  2. You must listen to cats then a higher rank then you.
  3. If there is a lonely kit who needs someone to cheer them up, you are sure to say yes.


  1. Listen to your mother and father, warriors, deputy, medicine cat, and elders.
  2. You may wander around camp unless you're getting in the way.
  3. You may not go out of camp without a WARRIOR, DEPUTY, or LEADER unless asked to go on special mission.


  1. You take care of kits in time of need.

Medicine cat:

  1. You are expected to know most herbs. You are allowed a tab to help out a little.
  2. You will help any wounded cat unless we're battling them.


  1. You are expected to be the most loyal cat to the leader. You must be organized and you must me a warrior. You must know some herbs too.

Dresscode Edit


  1. Fox hat
  2. Raccoon hat
  3. Head flower
  4. Fluffy fox head
  5. Skull mask


  1. Spike collar
  2. Leaf necklace
  3. Studded collar
  4. Ribbon scarf
  5. Black moon necklace


  1. Worn blanket
  2. Bow and arrow
  3. Sword
  4. Bow
  5. Cape if you have non of the above


  1. Spiked wrist
  2. Glove
  3. Leaf leg armor
  4. Arm cuffs
  5. Elf bracelet


  1. Elf tail armor
  2. Raccoon tail
  3. Gem encrusted tail armor
  4. Feather tail
  5. Phantom tail armor

A couple more things

  1. Gazelle horns (Post a comment if you want to be able to wear something!)

Other Edit

Please let me know if I'm missing information on here. Feel free to give comments, as long as they are nice or your opinion that something is wrong. Please note that it's your opinion and if you think you're being mean, please say so. No judging others unless its me, thanks!

Example of a good judging comment Edit

Hi! I think that the part about the elders is not good, could you maybe change it? If you can't, that's cool and if you don't like this comment let me know. Thanks!