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♦ Name: Desertfur.

♦ Attitude: Desertfur is a protective, sweet-hearted, peaceful she-cat. She seeks peace and faith, Not violence and war.

♦ Mate: Firestar. ♦ Kits: Rockkit (Adopted,) Musoka.

♦ Appearance: Desertfur is a tan, medium-sized she-cat with a light brown underbelly, And dark-brown moons on her sleek pelt. She has giant piercing pure white eyes, And a white marking on her muscular chest.

♦ Religion: Starclan.

♦ Breed: Turkish angora.

♦ Abilities: Desertfur has very long slender legs, Making her very agile and finesse in running skills. Also, Her vision is incredibly strong, (Like every cats,) But hers is stronger than most cats, Which gives her a advantage to hear prey coming before her trail.

♦ Quote:

Pride and greed doesn't make a cat. It's the true heart that does.

♦ Clan: Thunderclan (Madjasterxyz.)