About UsEdit

◾ We are a Clan.

◾ We believe in peace and solitude.

◾ We accept anyone who is willing to be loyal to our Clan.

◾ We will help other feline groups in times of need, but will expect something in return.

◾ Domesticated Cats only.

◾ Our territory is all of Bongo.

How to joinEdit

dawn clan is currently accepting new members.

Requirements to joinEdit

◾ Must have knowledge of basic roleplay.

◾ No anatomy is allowed in the Clan; if you know it, don’t use it.


◾ Willing to sacrifice yourself for the Clan.

Fill out this formEdit

◾ Name

◾ Desired Rank

◾ Gender

◾ Example of Roleplay (Hunting or Fighting is fine, if rank desired is medicine cat, please treat a wound)

◾ Username on AJ


◾ Leader: Leads the Clan. Only one of these. Current leader is spottedstar (slkkls)

◾ Deputy: Second in command. Only one of these. Current deputy is soot fern (preciouspurple2006)

◾ Medicine Cat: In charge of healing sick or injured Clanmates. NEEDED

◾ Warrior: The bulk of the Clan. In charge of defending and patrolling. NEEDED

◾ Apprentice: Training to become a warrior. Takes care of the elders.

◾ Queen: Shecats expecting or nursing kits.

◾ Kits: Cats under 6 moons of age.

◾ Elders: Retired cats. Respected by the Clan.


◼️Don't attack allies.

◾ Refrain from bullying.

◾ Please do not join if you have no knowledge of roleplay, we need something to work with.

◾ PLEASE read the warriors series. You can check them out at your local library. While I will not quiz you, if it becomes obvious you have no idea what your doing, I will kick you from the Clan.

◾ Use logic.

◾ You must be mature while roleplaying.

◾ Only goof off if spottedstar is goofing off. (She does allow us to have some fun, after all!) Please don’t make her say “Roleplay mode” more than once.

◾ Please refrain from creating major drama. If you plan on doing that (having a vision, getting sick, having a something attack) please inform spottedstar first.

◾ No double-clanning. At all. If you are found double-clanning, without immediately stopping, you will be exiled. Double-clanning also includes packs, tribes, and all other roleplays. Using other OCs is still not allowed. (We aren't unreasonable. If you are on a shared account, tell spottedstar).

◾ Respect your superiors.

◾ Defend one another. Leaving another results in exile.

◾ Always give the full effort.

◾ If I JAG you, tell me if you can’t come, so I don’t have to JAG you again.

◾ Do not exile cats from the Clan without spottedstar's permission.

Dress CodeEdit

If this list is missing anything, comment.


◾ Head: Skulls, fox or raccoon hats

◾ Neck: Spikes, Leaf Necklaces, or nothing

◾ Back: Armor (Spartian, Three Horned), Worn Blankets, swords, Jammaliday Bows (on wolves and bunnies only) or nothing

◾ Feet: Elf Bracelets, Leaf Bracelets, Legendary Gloves, or nothing

◾ Tail: Elf Tail Armor or nothing


◾ Head: Fox Hats or nothing

◾ Neck: scarves

◾ Back: NM Swords, Worn Blankets, Bow and Arrows

◾ Feet: Glove or Freedom Bands or nothing