Daunt [dawnt, dahnt] (Verb): to overcome with fear, intimidate; to lessen the courage of, dishearten

☠Intro☠ Edit


DauntingClan is a dark-realmed, strictly domestic feline Clan. It is built on earning a reputation amongst other Clans, Packs, and tribes. Training is offered to felines to shape them into the best fighter that they can be, as skill is a respected aspect inside of this group of felines. The deputy is to be chosen not only via skill, but leadership ability and loyalty. Due to leader's distrust and strictness, it is next to impossible to become deputy, although everyone is taken into consideration. I, Wraithstar, genuinely hope you enjoy your time in DauntingClan as a ruthless, feared feline.

☠Attire Guidelines☠ Edit

Though the Clan is generally accepting of most, there are a few regulations to ensure we put have an image as intimidating. Note that armor is exclusive to the back only.

Head Edit

You must wear either a skull helmet, or nothing at all. Fox-hats are typically used by softer Clans.

Neck Edit

It is required to have something on your neck. That can be a leaf necklace, spiked collar, or fang necklace. Non-members may wear moon necklaces or scarves of an kind.

Back Edit


Nothing is required for your back. You may wear a sword, elf armor, spartan armor, or scorpion armor. For kits, you must be a wolf with a jamaaliday bow, which is how you will be identified. Medicine cats are allowed to wear a worn blanket, if they can make it look dark.

Legs Edit

For legs, you are required to have something on them. The items allowed are elf bracelets [one of only two exceptions to the armor rule], a legendary glove, or leaf bracelets. For non-members only, freedom bands and gloves are allowed.

Tail Edit

It is encouraged that you don't wear anything on your tail, but you are allowed to wear an elf tail. That is the only other exception to the armor rule. Any other type of tail item is prohibited.

It is noted that your pelt be darkly colored, to contribute to the "daunting" atmosphere. To contrast with a an almost fluorescent glowing effect, it is recommended to use a dark top color and brightly-colored eyes.

☠Tag Color/Badge, Territories☠ Edit

The tag color is dark blue. It will not be changed, and if you are caught with a different tag color, you will be exiled.

Territory is Mt Shiveer and Coral Canyons in the worlds Amur, Cascade. The multiple worlds are to ensure that there is always a server open that we've claimed. The territory itself is considered barren, and doesn't have a sufficient water flow, adding to a sense of spontaneous survival in the Clan.


Regarding badges, this will reveal your rank within the Clan. When you are a warrior, you are given the freedom of any badge besides the ones the other ranks are required to use.The deputy is to use the lightning badge, located on 6th row [counting from top to bottom], 2nd column [counting from left to right]. The medicine cat wears the zios mask badge, 4th row, 1st column. At one point, active/loyal/skilled members will be told to change their badge to the phantom badge, located in the 3rd row, 1st column. Apprentices have the standard paw badge, 1st row, 1st column. Other than that, there are no badge requirements.

☠Roleplay Guidelines☠ Edit

There practically is no guidelines for roleplay. You will be encouraged to use basic anatomy as well as advanced vocabulary, but you can use virtually anything but Latin. We strictly use english here in DauntingClan, anatomy being the exception.

☠Diet☠ Edit

Our diet is diverse and can be considered drastic/hardcore. The list of what we eat will be listed below.

  • Lemmings
  • Carcasses of dead animals
  • Mice
  • Rabbits
  • Hawks, eagles, ospreys
  • Snakes
  • Bugs and arachnids
  • Reptiles [lizards, snakes, etc]
  • Other felines [only in desperate measures]

☠Rules☠ Edit

  1. Under any circumstance, double-clanning is prohibited. Loyalty is taken very seriously, and double-clanning is considered disloyal.
  2. Do not disrespect a rank higher than you. They are most certainly allowed to put you in your place by any means necessary.
  3. Injuring a kit of your own Clan is prohibited, although you are allowed to treat kits of other Clans/Packs in any way that makes you feel that the intimidation factor is enforced.
  4. Never show mercy or softness to an enemy. They will always come back for another battle, and use your show of mercy to continue to attack you.
  5. For the love of the Dark Forest, participate in activities. A humiliating punishment will be dealt if you are caught standing back during a battle, or not participating in a Clan activity that involves everyone.
  6. Being active is encouraged. If you are regularly inactive, you will be removed, and that will be the end of it.
  7. If the deputy, medicine cat, leader, or a top warrior [warriors with the phantom badge] gives you an order, you are required to follow it.
  8. Revealing any information exclusive to the Clan will result in a hysterical punishment if you are caught in the act. If the leader is informed about the act, but does not catch you doing so, a less extreme punishment will still be dealt, depending on the feline who informs them of the act.
  9. Having relationships outside of the Clan must not deter your loyalty. This includes friends, roleplay blood, and family.

☠Hierarchy☠ Edit

Leader: Wraithstar [Zergiox]

Deputy: N/A

Medicine Cat: N/A

Top Warriors:

lostu2 [Renegadesoul]

xTORNoxLOVEo [Mockingsong]

☠Trivial Information☠ Edit

Founded at 12/30/15 by Zergiox, aka Wraithstar.

Our theme song is, Wretches and Kings by Linkin Park. It is chosen because we go against the stereotypical authority and major Clans/Packs/Tribes, and rather dominate the hierarchy made in our own society.

"There's a fine line between genius and insanity... I have erased this line."

"HEROES always get remembered, but you know LEGENDS never die."

"It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane."

"Family; like branches on a tree, we all grow in differing directions, yet our roots remain as one."