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DarkClan Edit

DarkClan is a great clan. We hope to get as much allies as ever! We sneak into the shadows and are very aggressive, but yet very friendly! We hope you can help us out a lot. Thank you!

Leader Edit

Name Username Gender Apprentice Mate
Coalstar Thetimeisnow Female Willowpaw

Deputy Edit

Name Username Gender Apprentice Mate
Ravenfeather Jayfeatherwarrior11 Male

Co-Deputy Edit

Name Username Gender Apprentice Mate
Ashfur Animalgift24 Female Sandpaw

Medicine Cat Edit

Name Username Gender Apprentice
Petalwing Whendinosaursfly Female
Stormleaf Cutepaw123457 Male Cinderpaw

Medicine Cat ApprenticeEdit

Name Username Gender Mentor
Cinderpaw Animalgift24 Male Stormleaf

Warriors Edit

Name Username Gender Apprentice Mate
Rippleheart Thetimeisnow Female
Lionclaw Thetimeisnow Male Bramblepaw
Rosesong Rosie3994 Female Gingerpaw
Mosspelt Sunisdown Female
Wolffur Animalgift24 Male
Strongclaw Roleplaywarrior Male Foxpaw
Spottedpelt Moondancer10000 Female
Nimblefeather Cutepaw123457 Male Tigerpaw Mistyfur
Fernclaw Chickenbread Female
Grayfur Shawnarocks Male
Cloverleaf Kbplatinum Male Squirrelpaw
Crystalfur Meme55585 Female
Oceanfur Dogsncats1 Female
Dappledfur Animalgift24 Female
Splashstream Animalgift24 Female
Redfur Animalgift24 Male
Applefoot Thetimeisnow Female
Oakwing Animalgift24 Male Icewing

Apprentices Edit

Name Username Gender Mentor
Tigerpaw Reddragon16 Male Nimblefeather
Foxpaw Tdlittle Male Strongclaw
Squirrelpaw Hlinville5 Male Cloverleaf
Sandpaw Djowl101 Female Ashfur
Willowpaw Missmittens20253 Female Coalstar
Bramblepaw K1ttyn1nja Male Lionclaw
Gingerpaw Starwarsjedie Female Rosesong

Queens Edit

Name Username Gender Mate Kit(s)
Mistyfur Animalgift24 Female Nimblefeather Silverkit, Ghostkit,
Icewing Seal2414 Female Oakwing Hollykit, Darkkit,

Kits Edit

Name Username Gender Mother Father Sibling(s)
Silverkit Boom12345 Female Mistyfur Nimblefeather Ghostkit
Ghostkit Snowballpup12 Male Mistyfur Nimblefeather Silverkit
Hollykit Rozpar Female Icewing Oakwing Darkkit
Darkkit Huskycuddlefriend Male Icewing Oakwing Hollykit

Elders Edit

Name Username Gender Mate Kit(s)
Blackheart Dablicious Male Winterfur Ravenfeather, Ashfur, Stormleaf,
Winterfur Odetosleeper Female Blackheart Ravenfeather, Ashfur, Stormleaf,