Dagger OC Edit

Eyes: Pale emerald

Breed: Tibetan Mastiff + Great Dane + Alaska Tundra Wolf

Personality: Ruthless, Blood thirsty, protective, friendly at times.

Theme Songs: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by Set It off and Dead to Me by Sex Whales , FT Lox Chatterbox

Appearance: Burnt sienna, ebony, and alabaster

Favorite Quote: "When I kill one, I kill all. One fights, they die. One surrenders, they are strong hearted."

Father: Unknkwn

Mother: Unknown

Cousin: [FootBallRockets]

Friend: Saint [Xxloststarxx]

Favorite Word: "Pathetic Mutt"

Used Quote: "Try me, you useless, unworthy mutt. When I have my maxilla mandible at your throat, we'll see whose the stronger one"

Thoughts on Him: People consider him a 'Nightmare'

Back story: [Will work on later]'