"Alone we are bright, but together we shine like a crystal." ~CC

"You can't have a rainbow without some rain." ~Scorchy

"Life can be like Christmas lights. There's a million ways for it to be tangled and one way to unknot it." ~Da Scorchy again

"People fear what they cannot see. They don't know what's going on in your mind, so they'll try to get a knife through your heart." ~#Scorchyonastreak

''I'm not psycho... I just like psychotic things.'' ~ Cashew/Shay

''It is often my nature to be abstract, hidden in plain sight, or nowhere at all.'' ~ Shay Again (Quote By Gerard Way)

'One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching'' ~ Shay Once Again

Beauty: ''If you're attractive enough on the outside, people will forgive you for being irritating to the core'' ~ Quotes From Uninspirational Shay

'' Don't fear death. You're bound to die sooner or later.'' ~ Shay

'' Life is like a DVDS, we play till our DVDS freeze, but then we keep on going. '' ~ Willow

'' Life changes. Memories don't. '' ~ Cashew/Shay

"Sometimes life is like a confusing quote on a wiki page. You just don't know what's going on or what any of them mean because they're so obscure, but you join in anyway." ~Spider from Mars

"Sometimes life is like Sly's 13-inch softie- sometimes you just gotta let it dangle before reeling it in and realizing it's been out for an hour, embarrassingly enough."~My dad

"We all have different voices, so speak up!"~Scorchy AGAIN

'' We rise as one, and we fall as one. '' ~ Shay

"We are coming for you. We are here. We are ready. FOX BUNNIES ATTACK!" ~ Stratus Cloud aka Fox Bunny Green 2

'' Single Pringles be jingling in the dingles with hingles that mingle into ringles''

'' We are the most singlest pringles on this pixelated virtual game. Independent women '' ~ Shay

'' In this world, it's kill or be killed. '' ~ Shay

'' Just looking at this page fills you with determination...... '' ~ Shay Once again

" Maybe you've heard of that mystical place called CrystalClan, Hello your there!" - From a Hunchback of Notre Dame loving Luna

" When the death is true, and the light is false, you must create your own joy, and share it with all, you might save a clan." - Luna

"I am the moon itself, i have dark sides but i do have light sides. I shine bright as a crystal, and i do have past bad thoughts. I am Moonfur, a proud warrior of CC." ~Moonfur explaining why he is relative to the moon to the newcomer

" Do you want to know how Moonfur and I are related? We're both the deadly moon." -Luna