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You bolt through the forest nimbly, your sore pads ache but you don't dare pause for a second, as you brush through the damp obscure forest, the dew tipped pines loom over you monstrously. Illuminated by the crisp dead lunar light that was produced from the moon that ly above your head nightmarically. You gasp for the roaring freezing air desperately, already knowing the punishment you shall receive. The lung piercing wind soon crawled up your sinuses, filling your lungs. You don't have enough time to clamp your eyes in agony as the wind burned your lungs viciously. ( not done )

The lunar light of the bright moon reflects on your pelt giving off light as you crept slowly through the forest bright streaks of beaming stars glowing upon the sky. Studying your surroundings you then notice something watching you from the shadows formed by the looming trees around you. All a sudden a massive cougar leaps onto you her claws digging into your chest easily pinning with her mighty claws. "State your reason why you have entered Cryptic Outcries territory intruder". A muscular canine crept out from the shadows her black pelt blending in with the shadows her piercing amber gaze the only way of giving out her appearance. The cougar was a brown and red, a russet breed you were thinking her claws only digging deeper into your skin as you stayed silent. "This is your territory"? You spoke with a hint of fear in your voice. "Cryptic Outcries territory". The cougar hissed into your ear. "May i join, i mean no harm to your group". You spoke slowly taking in deep breaths. Their was a moment of silence before their was a response."Very well". The black canine spoke turning around. The cougar released you from her mighty grasp blood gushing from the gash she formed. After a short travel you see the moon descending and the sun rising forming streaks of dawn across the sky. You then notice you stopped. "Welcome to Cryptic Outcries camp". The canine and cougar spoke at the same time. There were giant trees around a stoned cliff felines and canines studying you as you crept forward admiring the camp with its autumn trees and summer trees all mixed together. You then notice that this could be the right place for you. "I am Psiren one of the alphas". The cougar spoke oscillating her tail. "I to am one of the alphas known as Trauma". The pitch black canine spoke. "Welcome to Cryptic Outcries". Howls and purrs came from all the Cryptic Outcries members surrounding you welcoming their newest member.

This is only the mere beginning of your grand journey, there are many numerous things out there. This is only a small moment. But in an interesting way, this is a tremendously large fragment of your life. There are much more treacherous beasts sauntering this cruel world that lay beyond your path. We shall put those beasts in the depths of hell, where they righteously belong.

We are the one, and only. ~ Cryptic Outcries ~

News Of Cryptic Outcries :

We have defeated Endlessclan in battle claiming the territory Zios in Amur. Thanks to those who have helped us, you can take half the territory of Amur Zios, that is all thank you.

Ranks & People :

Alpha : Catfue12316 & Ivypool151 ( Closed )

Beta :

Minivermoo ( Closed )

Delta : Xylonx

BattleLord :



Elites :


( ill finish it later, i actually have a life

- Your beloved, unusually attractive alpha Psiren )

~ == Territories- == ~Server: Cascade Lands: Mt shiveer, Sarepia, Zios, kimbara. Second server: Amur

Lands: Zios and Appondale.

~ == Alliances- == ~ Soulclan- XxslystarXx The keen eyed canines- Caramel56873- Witheredclan-Sighingoflion

☀The Pack Of Silent Mourners- 80Illusion08

~ == Enemies- == ~Scarclan Dessertedclan- Zoetoe

~Dress code~


~Items for members~

Spike collar

Elf bracelets

Skull helmet

Legendary glove

Spartan armor

Jamaaliday bow

Leaf necklaces

~Non members~


Fox hat


Leaf bracelets

Bow and arrow


The Alpha's~


Trauma is a muscular, mysterious, and wise female wolf. She has a amber piercing gaze, staring too long draws you in a trance of agony. Her main attack is to fracture the cranium going for the stomach to locate the organs. Trauma was given her name by killing her own kin, it was a dreadful day when she did so, a leopard told Trauma to kill her parents, telling her that was the only way to survive. Trauma has some shattered memories from her past, but she keeps going living the present, leading a wonderful pack with a good friend at her side. The only thing she wished, avenging her parents.



Psiren was raised in a healthy pack of cougars, she was power hungry so she left and survived on her own. Killing canines and felines along the way. Then she found a pack, she challenged every rank until she became one of the alphas. Psiren not only kills brutally, but he was also interested in the medical field.