I am Crookedfoot of Stormclan, (i was inspired to make this since Ferndrop did one), And this is My story because it is needed.


2 Moons after i was born, my mother Lightningleaf killed a clan leader's kit named Moonkit, The leader known as Leafstar exiled my mother, which she was later killed by a Badger, My father BrokenToe has looked after me since that, But he didn't like me well after what my mother had done, By the time i was 4 Moons old a dog pack was lured into the Willowclan camp, The dog were brought to the Willowclan camp by the Clan's deputy Flamepelt, 6 massive dogs ran into our small Clan camp, one of the few things i remember when they attacked, i was trying to flee and one of the dogs bit down on my left back leg and started slinging me around like nothing, The leader Leafstar knocked the dog off of me.

I was one of the few cats that survived, although i survived i have to now deal with an injury that will always haunt me.

when my leg healed it didn't heal right, and there was scar's all over the leg, although i have grown use to battling with my injured leg, My name use to be Black kit, then i became Crookedkit, i made my own choice to rename myself.

-RELIVING NIGHTMARE (another story)-

I was getting ready for a battle, while we were training apprentices, when a dog showed up trying to claim Stormclan territory! The dog attacked Ferndrop, and the rest attacked, after a while of battling the dog, i jumped onto its back biting and scratching at the dog's skin, but the dog stopped running and grabbed me by my muzzle and slinging me around, an apprentice got the dog to let go.

I remember waking up in the med den with a Broken Jaw, another injury from a dog that would ruin my life.


Kind, heroic, silent, Smart,




Doesn't like loud noises,

Hates the sound of dogs barking or howling,

Doesn't like to be around dogs,

Has a fear of Badgers,

Struggles with catching fish,

Is really great with kits.


Alive: No

Mate: Sagefall

Best Friend: Spiderpaw

Cats killed: 0 (very good thing)

Battles Fought: 3

Cats/Dogs Fought: 7

Kits: 4

Injuries: Crooked leg, Crooked jaw, Broken paw

Clan: Stormclan

Past Mate: Honeyfeather

Mother: Lightningleaf (dead)

Father: BrokenToe ( could be dead or alive it is unknown)

Past Clan: Willowclan

Apprentice: none

Past Apprentice: Tinypaw (exiled and dead)


White, with a black underbelly,

a blue eye (right eye) and a green eye (left eye),

black ear's and paws,

Scars on left back leg, back, and on muzzle, missing some small bits of fur on muzzle.

left back leg is turned backwards, making it awkward for sitting, standing, or really anything, leg only bothers him when he walks a lot or runs a lot.


Attack On Titan opening theme

Sandblast by Fox Stevenson


During a battle with a pack known as The Pack of Grimm Souls, Crookedfoot battled bravely with one of the pack's deputy's known as Jay, They battled long and hard, but it all ended when Jay leaped onto a rock and Crooked attempted to follow, only to get pinned underwater, Jay bit into Crooked's windpipe, and continued to maul and tear at his throat, when the clan realized he was dead it only brought sorrow to the clan most cats promising to avenge him, while others didn't care much, most cared due to Crooked's kindness.
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