Anything Can Happen In A Blink Of An Eye. Anything At All So Take My Advice,: Whatever You Do? Don't Blink. ~Crimson


(full)Name: Crimson Blood

Species: Canine

Breed: 70% Red Wolf 10% Apoc Wolf 20% Dire Wolf

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 22 Moons

Past Mates: None

Current Mate: None

Group/Clan/Tribe/Packs: (Currently looking for a Pack or Mixed Clan/Pack)

Rank/Status: Hunter/Warrior

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Litter Mates: None

Pups: None

Theme Song:Thousand Foot Krutch ~ Take it Out Out On Me

Thousand Foot Krutch Take It Out On Me *Lyrics in Desc03:20

Thousand Foot Krutch Take It Out On Me *Lyrics in Desc.*-0

Crimson's Flaws and Strengths Edit



•Strong Sense of Justice

•Anger Issues



•Good Will


Current Tactics Edit

Technical Skill Edit


Battle - 5/10

Hunting - 9/10

Swimming - 9/10

Tracking - 10/10

Stealth/Sneaking - 10/10

Climbing - 10/10

Physical Skill Edit


Strength - 8/10

Speed - 7/10

Endurance - 10/10

Accuracy - 9/10

Physical Ability Edit


Bulk - 6/10

Weight - 6/10

Height - 9/10

Flexibility - 7/10

Balance - 7/10

Agility - 6/10

Reflexes - 10/10

Mental Skill Edit


Leadership Ability - 0/10

Battle Tactics/Strategy - 7/10

Observation - 10/10

Intelligence - 10/10

Cunning - 8/10

Focus - 5/10

Mental Strength - 4/10

Social Ability - 3/10

Mentoring Ability - 2/10

Battle Experience - 6/10

Motherly Instinct - 0/10

Hunting Abilites Edit

[More Skilled In The Art Of Hunting]


River Prey - 5/10

Woodland Prey - 10/10

Flying Prey - 5/10

Marshland Prey - 6/10

Mountain Prey - 7/10

Appearance Edit


Birth Season: NewLeaf

Age: 22 moons

Breed: Apoc RedWolf hybrid

Size: Crimson is a large she-wolf with broad shoulders, her intimidating features scare most creatures from ever talking to her, so she is socially awkward

Brief Description: A large, ragged, red/amber eyed she-wolf with a dark russet red coat, orangey cream undercoat, and black streaks along her body

Scars: A large scar on her left eye and left shoulder


◊ - - Crimson's body is large, and there is a lot speed behind her thick coat. Most of her strength and speed come from her legs, and is the main reason for her somewhat powerful features. As for abilities: she is quick and fierce, but tends to trip over her own paws from her clumsy nature

Fur Texture/Fur Length/Fur Denseity: Crimson has an interesting mixture of a blood red/russet colour and black markings. Her base coat is russet red with orangey cream underbelly and black stripes that run along her paws, tail, and her back.

Her fur is very dense and makes it hard for enemy teeth to reach her skin, and if you think she is soft well, she is not. Her pelt is matted and ragged, She has long fur, but she never keeps it clean.

Eyes: Her eyes are a red amber colour, and are rather narrow, and there is a nasty scar covering her left eye.

Body Type: Large.

Height: Crimson is about 6'2 to paws to ear tips and around 6'6 from nose tip to tail tip which she inherited from the Dire wolf and Apoc wolf genes.

Special Features: Her intimidating features keep enemies and other away from her (Not very good, but in her opinion it is)

Scent: As most wolves she smells like the forest but with the strong scent of rust.

Accessories: silver diamond shop spike, and red n' black elf bracelets. Currently using the Arctic Wolf to match her description but I can use the normal wolf.(in Animal Jam)

Personality Edit


Crimson is a lazy she-wolf with a stinging attitude. She doesn't have any friends but a young cat named QuailKit, she doesn't really like cats but she can tolerate this one. Her attitude and life style stops her from even MAKING friends and even getting close with a mate, so she is a loner. Unwanted.

Crimson is considered what most wolves call "Weak" she doesn't always settle things with fights nor does she really start fights, ONLY if she is agitated and has a reason for a battle but overall she is still a wolf like every other Wolf Pack, Loner, Omega, and so on. She has the same flesh and blood but is always treated differently for her "Weak" ways of life.

Dislikes: Cats(Clan Cats, Housepets.. etc), Idiocy, other wolves/packs/dogs

Likes: QuailKit, Hunting, Swimming, Sleeping

Fears: Loneliness, Abandonment

History/Backstory Edit

The Birth Of The Lone Pup

Crimson was born in late Newleaf where she was left by her Kin to die alone, a few other loners helped her but most of them were Male and couldn't offer much for her. But 1 Male decided to care for Crimson as his own, he couldn't provide milk of course so he just gave her small bits of meat and herbs and water just enough to keep her alive until she was old enough to begin learning how to fight and hunt. Crimson wasn't very skilled in the art of Battle but she was very good at hunting, tracking, and stealth. Her pelt provided great camouflage in the Red Wood Forest where she was raised. And she grew rapidly until she was larger then her adopted father. After a long day of training they settled in their den under a large, old, Red Wood tree dug out by a badger a long time ago, after they have fallen asleep they were attacked by pack wolves as if they were waiting for them to sleep. Before her very eyes she watched as her adopted father get slaughtered and the alpha almost the same height as she was, gave her a good bite to her left eye nearly tearing it out of its socket and while she was in this state of pain she was beaten half to death by the followers and then left to die alone again next to the body of her Father.


The Forest Crimson Grew Up In

The next day she awoke to the feeling of tiny paws on her muzzle and her eye opened enough to see a small fuzzy, dappled kitten prodding at her muzzle. She growled warningly but it only came out as a deep grunt. The small kitten jumped surprised and regained her composure and spoke "I didn't think you were still alive, I thought you have died like that other wolf" she gestured towards the dark still figure of her adopted Father in the corner. "So? what about it" Crimson said in a hoarse voice.

"Oh nothing, anyways i'm QuailKit I just happened to pass by here and you don't look to good"

"Tch, of course I don't"

"I can help you wait here"

QuailKit bounded out of the den leaving Crimson alone again and then coming back with weird smelling herbs and seeds.

"Here, Marigold to help your wounds and Poppy seeds to help you rest."

And so QuailKit tended to Crimson's wounds and earned part of her trust. But Crimson was forced to leave the body of her step dad and the den she was raised in and maybe the forest where she learned to Hunt and Fight. Quailkit joined her of course and they both traveled away on the search for either a Pack or a new Den and forest where they will continue their lives while Crimson's real parents still wander the earth waiting and watching...

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