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~Welcome to Creekclan~

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You are in an unfamiliar area, treading along the murky soil. You're cold, lost, and hungry, without anywhere to go and no place to call home. You keep walking, the eerie cacophony of frogs and owls making you uneasy.

Your ears perk when you hear voices, two of them. "The patrol is done, Wolfstar, can we go now?" A shecat mewed in the distance. "Not yet." a second male voice said. You duck under a bush, some mud flinging to the side as you did. You cringe as it splats onto the ground, and the cats are alerted. "See! I told you, someones here!" He hissed. Your fur spikes as the cats draw closer and closer towards your bush. There was a scrabble in the mud and the tom-cat leaped onto you, pinning you to the ground with sheer force and making your shoulders dig into the mud. He was a big, muscular, dark grey cat with medium sized fur. Behind him was a shecat. A lean white cat. She smirked at you. "This little guy couldn't hurt a fly Wolfstar." Wolfstar glanced at her and stepped off of you. He cleared his throat and raised his chin. "I, am Wolfstar, one of the leaders of Creekclan. This is Pearlstep, one of our deputies." Your jaw almost dropped. A clan? Maybe you could join?

You give her a nervous smile and nod. "May I join?" Pearlstep smiles hopefully and looks at Wolfstar. The tom nods diplomatically and sits up, jerking his head up towards a redwood tree in the distance. "C'mon, you'll have to talk to Spiderstar before you join. Our camp is where that Redwood tree is. Let's go!" The cats sprint forward and you follow behind, smiling a bit.


You arrive at Creekclan camp. It's sunrise and everyone is out. Kits run around, laughing and squealing, while more mature cats are working on dens, or sharing tounges. You grin, watching the cats aimlessly going about their day. Another tom is making his way over to your group. "Wolfstar, Pearlstep, who is this?" He asked, in a somewhat friendly tone, staring at you with his one eye. Wolfstar and Pearlstep dipped their heads. "He's our main leader, Spiderstar, show some respect," Lightstar whispered with a nudge. As you dipped your head, Lightstar went over to him and nuzzled his cheek. " We found him wandering in the Marshlands. He say he would like to join" Spiderstar nodded. "You seem to have potential, a little scrawny though. We'll have to work on that, but for now, you're in. Welcome to CreekClan," He said with a smile. You look around, seeing happy cats sunbathing, sharing tongues, playing, and much more. "I think I'll like it here," you said with a returning grin. "Oh look, Torchblaze's here!" Pearlstep said cheerfully, calling him over. "Newcomer?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "Hello, I'm Torchblaze, you'll love it here at CreekClan," He said, before leaving with Pearlstep. Spiderstar turned back to you, placed a paw on your back and giving you a welcoming pat. "Well, you just met our deputies. But there are plenty more important cats to meet!" he added."By the way," he asked. "What's your name?"
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Member Count
Naming Clan Names
Recruiting? Yes
Current Season Green-Leaf
Founding Date 7/10/2016
Realm Neutral


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>>If you leave you are allowed back 2 more times. Any more then that will result in a ban.<<

>>If you are exiled, you may not post on the page or our main RP Thread.<<

>>No Time skips, Prophecies, or Dramatic Changes are allowed or to be decided unless given permission<<

>>You don't have to always be a special snowflake. Please don't make your OC the center of attention. (Ex: Prophecy cat, demon cat, murderer...)<<

>>There is no limit on the number of OC's now. As long as it's a reasonable amount.<<

>>During roleplay, just do your thing. Just don't do something against rule #3.<<


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· Leaders ·
These cats are first in command of the clan. They choose deputies, hold ceremonies, and look to Starclan for guidance. They have nine lives.

· Deputies ·
Cat-Cat Guide-A Scottish Wildcat hunting in the long grass
Deputies are the leaders second in command. They assemble patrols and becomes a leader after their leader dies or retires.

· Medicine Cats ·
Medicine Cats gather herbs, treating sicknesses or wounds. They go to the Moonstone to receive prophecy's and talk to Starclan.

· Medicine Cat Apprentices ·
1 500 large
These young cats are chosen by Starclan or a Medicine Cat to be mentored by a Medicine cat. They learn about the different herbs and how to treat wounds and sicknesses.

· Tunnlers ·
Image 530505111754353227673

Tunnelers are cats that spend most of their time underground. They make tunnels in the dirt to make passageways to other territories. They can also make burrows for Leaf Bare storage or shelter.

· Seers ·
Seers could be seen as the Undertakers of Creekclan. They decide (with the help of StarClan) what happens to a cat who is dying from age, sickness, infection, etc... · Sages ·

Sages are messengers. They are slim cats who are good at running, and of course have a good memory. They can help out in battles, gatherings, or in a death situation.

· Betas ·

Betas must like water. They know how to swim in strong currents and catch fish.

· Demonlords ·

Now Demonlords are special cats. They are highly disciplined in each teaching, besides herbs. They are good in any type of terrain and water.

· Head Royals ·

Head royals are Royals who have chosen to stay a Royal. They accept any kind of kit into their care.

· Royals ·
Apprentice Training

Royals are She-cats currently pregnant, taking care of, or nursing kits.

· Elite Warriors ·

These cats are promoted by the leaders for courageous and brave acts.

· Sky Warriors ·

Sky warriors have mastered the techniques of climbing trees. They can engage in battles and are usually sent as a patrol to attack from up above.

· Warriors ·

Warriors are the body of the Clan. They hunt prey for the weakest cats in the Clan and fight and protect them.

· Apprentices ·
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Apprentices are training ranks, they usually start training when their 6 moons old.

· Kits ·

The kits are the young of the Clan. They MUST NOT leave camp until the are 6 moons or more.

· Elders ·
Untitled by nichohley-d9666vr

Elders are the oldest cats of the Clan. They are retired warriors who served the Clan well and are honored deeply.


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· Leaders ·

Name Moons Gender Apprentice Mate AJCW Username
Spiderstar 38 Male N/A N/A Ravenstrike14
Wolfstar 25 Male Birdpaw Tigertalon Sprucepaw
Marsh 26 Male N/A N/A Tigerkitpickles

· Deputies ·

Name Moons Gender Apprentice Mate AJCW Username
Darkriver 31 Male N/A 'Rowantuft Shadowspirit666
Deciding -- -- -- -- --
Deciding -- -- -- -- --

· Medicine Cats ·

Name Moons Gender Apprentice Mate AJCW Username
BrambleHeart 26 Male N/A Ravenbell Packorclanboy

· Medicine Cat Apprentices ·

Name Moons Gender Mentor AJCW Username
Dandelionpaw 15 Female Brambleheart Ravenstrike14

· Tunnlers ·

Name Moons Gender Apprentice Mate AJCW Username
Rowantuft 30 Female N/A N/A Ravenstrike14
Ripplefoot 41 Male N/A Mistyfoot Sprucepaw
Crowdapple 26 Male N/A N/A Ravenstrike14
Finchwing 52 Male N/A N/A Jinxed lynx

· Seers ·

Name Moons Gender Apprentice Mate AJCW Username
-- -- -- -- -- --

· Sages ·

Name Moons Gender Apprentice Mate AJCW Username
Jack 22 Male N/A N/A SpanishDorritoMaddy

· Betas ·

Name Moons Gender Apprentice Mate AJCW Username
Cypress 20 Female N/A N/A SpanishDorritoMaddy
Snowfall 23 Female Crowpaw N/A Jinxed lynx
Myrtlefoot 16 Female N/A N/A Unity5akadewfrost

· Demonlords ·

Name Moons Gender Apprentice Mate AJCW Username
Shadowsoul 16 Male N/A N/A Dagger312
Africanheart 38 Male N/A N/A Tigerkitpickles
Acair 25 Male N/A N/A Sprucepaw
Sprucefur 29 Male N/A N/A Sprucepaw
Littlecreek 14 Male Rosepaw N/A Sprucepaw
Lightningstrike 16 Female N/A N/A Sprucepaw
Monarchdust 30 Male N/A N/A Fruttie
Birdtail 13 Female N/A N/A CookieBean

· Head Royals ·

Name Moons Offsrping Gender Mate AJCW Username
Lily 24 Bloodmoon, Fernstep,



Female Lonely :( Packorclanboy

· Royals ·

Name Moons Offspring Mate AJCW Username Previous Rank
Otterfern 28 Ravenbell, Mudpaw, Onekit,

Maplekit, Foxkit

Torchblaze Sprucepaw Beta
Mothpetal 20 Expecting N/A Ravenstrike N/A
Mistyfoot 39 Expecting Ripplefoot Jinxed lynx Warrior
Diana 20 Steve, Richard, Ruggles, Dreadkit Cypress SpanishDorrito



Battle Commander

Name Moons Gender Apprentice Mate AJCW


Ravenbell 13 Female N/A N/A Ravenstrike14
Sunseeker 38 Male N/A N/A Ravenstrike14


Name Moons Gender Apprentice Mate AJCW


Birchflame 27 Male N/A N/A Ravenstrike14

Elite Warriors

Name Moons Gender Apprentice Mate AJCW


-- -- -- -- -- --

Sky Warriors

Name Moons Gender Apprentice Mate AJCW


Ferretblaze 15 Male N/A N/A Tigerkitpickles
Tigertalon 23 Female N/A Wolfstar Ravenstrike14
Soottail 30 Male N/A N/A Jinxed lynx
Ski 15 Male N/A N/A Packorclanboy
Fernstep 18 Female Sprucepaw

· Warriors ·

Name Moons Gender Apprentice Mate AJCW Username
Owlfang 39 Male Petalpaw N/A Sprucepaw
Minnowleap 25 Female N/A N/A Sprucepaw
Echosong 16 Female N/A N/A Sprucepaw
Leafstrom 16 Female N/A N/A Sprucepaw
Vixenwing 20 Female N/A N/A Ravenstrike14
Pumpkinstripe 14 Male N/A N/A Ravenstrike14
Jaggerfall 26 Male N/A N/A Ravenstrike14

· Apprentices ·

Name Moons Gender AJCW Username
Warpaw 7 Male Dagger312
Lemurpaw 7 Male Tigerkitpickles
Bloodpaw 7 Male Tigerkitpickles
Otterpaw 7 Male Ravenstrike14
Petalpaw 6 Female SpannishDorritoMaddy
Maplepaw 7 Female Sprucepaw
Onepaw 7 Female Ravenstrike14
Foxpaw 7 Male Jinxed lynx
Gorepaw 7 - Ravenstrike14
Fidgetpaw 7 - Ravenstrike14
Sparrowpaw 6 Male CookieBean
Steven 6 Male SpannishDorritoMaddy
Ruggles 6 Male Tigerkitpickles
Richard 6 Male Tigerkitpickles
Dreadkit 6 Male Tigerkitpickles

· Kits ·

Name Moons Gender AJCW Username Caretaker(s)
-- -- -- -- --

· Elders ·

Name Moons Gender Mate AJCW Username
-- -- -- -- --


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>>This section is to be cleaned out every month.<<


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Creekclan cats are used to marshy and forest areas.

· Marshlands ·
FlightClan - Windswept Marsh
This swampy place isn't that favored among the clan. It's a dangerous place, as it is home to things like: Herons, Snakes, Coyotes, Rouges, and Foxes.


Frogs, Small Fish, Small Birds, Muskrats, Turtles, Toads

NOTICE: Any rank under a Warrior must be accompanied by an experienced warrior. Anyone who breaks this rule will be punished.

· Tall Tree Forest ·
FlightClan - Skyward Pines 2

· Gallery ·

  • yee seen by Shadowspirit666
  • yee seen drawn by Ravenstrike14
  • drawn by Tigerkit pickles
  • drawn by Tigerkit pickles
  • Oakshade and Echosong by Skippynose
  • Art by Skippynose
  • Drawn by Tigerkitpickles
  • Drawn by Tigerkitpickles
  • Gingerpaw by Jinxed lynx

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