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Theme Song~ To be decided.

Status~ Inactive.

Basic Information~ Edit


Name~ Cora (Pronounced K-OR-A)

Species~ Canis Lupus

Breed~ Manitoba Wolf

Age~ 42 Moons (3 Years, 6 Months)

Gender~ Female

Current Clan/Pack/Tribe~ Contemporary N/A

Rank in Clan/Pack/Tribe~ Contemporary N/A


Siblings~ Unsourced

Kin~ Unsourced

Mate~ Contemporary N/A

Cub(s)~ Contemporary N/A

Initiates~ Not a Soul

Acquaintances~ Not a Soul

Description~ Edit

Appearance~ Cora is a very colossal Manitoba Wolf. She possesses a very silky, velutinous, and some-what shaggy pelt obtaining an inky and obscure black-brown color. Cora attains a wintry, yet bold color, eyes, which are habitual to scintillate in both well-illuminated and dingy gleams. She stands about 3 and a 1/2 feet tall, being rather large.
Personality~ You may think Cora is very devious, and malicious, due to her more colossal size, but this does not describe her fully. Yes, she can become quite pugnacious, but this isn't frequent. Her main temperament consists of tranquility and the manner of quietude.

Past~ Edit

Too heartbroken to bring up this topic. I'm forbidden to speak of this subject, but I can make an exception.

~ Whilst Cora was just an itty-bitty pup, she was neglected. Her biological parents wanted rid of her, which placed Cora in a world of depression. She always ate last and was the one who was forced to risk her own life for the safety of her kin. This did not please her. Cora began to train herself, preparing to eventually leave this excuse of a family.

~ As Cora grew older, she became more colossal, soon towering over her siblings. As her brothers and sisters cowered beneath her, she began dominating her parents. After killing her mother, she felt the need to exterminate all of her family. Her father some-how escaped with the rest of her siblings- and from this day on, she seeks vengeance.

~ Although she is very content, don't mistake this trait, for she is belligerent and vindictive inside. Cora is willing to lash out at any moment to terminate the remains of her kin.

Portraits~ Edit

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