Greetings. I see that you wish to speak with StarClan. Well, you've come to the right place. This is the Moonpool, where you can communicate with your ancestors- no matter what rank you are!

A Bit About This Den Edit

My Moonpool is located inside a non-member den. The den's owner username is Cloudbreeze. It took her a few weeks to make it. It was completed on August 28, 2015.

A bit about inside the den as well........ Edit

When you enter the den, you will see towards the upper part of the den a Twoleg tree house, or as cats call it, the Skyden. Twoleg kits sometimes go inside, but not very often. Otherwise, it can be used to train apprentices, or just have fun and role play! Also, there is a lot of herbs growing near the Skyden. Medicine cats are welcome to take the herbs whenever they'd like.

As you enter inside the cave, (there is a stone pathway) you will be greeted with herbs,flowers,and honeycomb all around you. As you come in closer, there it is-glowing in front of you- the Moonpool! So go ahead and take a drink, then lay down on the soft petals of flowers. If you go even farther, there is a Dirtplace you can use.

What this den is good for Edit

  • Half moon when medicine cats gather here
  • Training apprentices
  • Picking herbs
  • Contacting the dead
  • A place to rest on a journey

Hours and usernames Edit

Hours: 24/7

Den's Owner: Cloudbreeze

I hope you use my Moonpool! Edit