Cloud Clan


You enter a forest, looking up at the trees. You felt watched, and you swore you could hear branches clattering together and leaves tremmering. You glanced all around you, your pelt rising. You walk into a clearing, and you find yourself in a clearing. Behind you, you here a thump. You twirl around, finding a cream she-cat with grey-brown spots and splotches. By the posture you held, you could see she was a leader of some sort. She stalked towards you, her claws sinking into the soft soil. You back away, but find you are surrounded by other cats. The cream she-cat came up to your face, her hot breath bathing your face. Your whiskers brushed hers, giving you a slight tingle. "Greetings, rogue, or whatever you are." She meowed.

You stared at her blue eyes, slightly afraid. "What are you doing on CloudClan territory?" The she-cat continued.

I was hungry and needed a place to sleep... taking in the deepest breath u find urself shaking and wondering wat to do but cant find a way out.

" come with me plz and ake any sudden moves on any warrior here ill make sure u wont be treated well... [ to be contiued]


Member Requirements

Here you will learn what our Clan is looking for and how you achieve that.

  1. Sufficient roleplay skills, especially in battle. We need serious people with serious roleplay.

  1. Have to have read the Warriors Books. If not, then we have nothing to do with you. We require educated members.

  1. Active on AJ. We want active people who are often on animal jam to roleplay. If you expect to get a high rank, you

Prey: Various birds, mice, voles, hares and rabbits. Training: Students are trained from both warrior ranks. Just like a tradintional Clan, the Successor and Cheif sometimes train a student. When a Patroler is promoted to a Fighter, a Fighter must teach that cat promoted to leap from the top branches. It takes loads of training, but is possible. The mentoring Fighter must be appointed b



Basic Rules, Must be followed

No advanced anatomy, only basic.

The word of the Cheif is the Clan's code.

No double-clanning. (This does not include rogues.)

  1. If the Leader is not on but the Successor is, you are to be roleplaying.
  1. Be aware of the situation.
  1. Obey the Chief and Successor.
  1. If you cannot be on for some time longer than two days, notify the Chief or Successor, even if you are not sure.
  1. If neither Chief or Successor is on, the Healer is in charge, otherwise no roleplay.
  1. If you don't feel like roleplaying, please notify whoever is in charge. Do not just ignore the call for roleplay.
  1. You must be an excellent fighter to join.
  1. Loners and Rogues are allowed to visit, but only if they are friends with a member or the whole Clan.
  1. If you have a friend visiting who is a kittypet and is not a Loner or Rogue, please ask them to leave, or excuse yourself after telling the person in charge.
  1. The Successor or Healer may not make major decisions (making allies, enemies, exiling a member, promoting a membr, ect.) without the authorization of the Cheif first.
  1. If you want to join and none of the leads are on, please post of the Cheif's jammer wall saying your name. Also add them.
  1. Be professional. If the leads are goofing off, it is okay to as well. If they aren't, please be serious.
  1. Cats only!
  1. Take a long enough time hunting. We do not want you to be sent out hunting and return a minute later. Especially in the seasons of late leaf-fall and early leaf-bare.
  1. Use roleplaying marks at the front and end of your roleplay comments. (Roleplay marks: ::, :, VV, CC, SS, . & II.)


MapleClaw[gummie4] Brown tabby tom with dark and light layers of brown
ThisleLeaf [????????] A light brown fae with a cream under belly.

Dress Code

Elf bracelets, leaf bracelets, (NM) rare leaf bracelets, (NM) gloves, legendary gloves, or nothing.

Elf tail armor, diamond shop tail armor, feather tail, raccoon tail or nothing.

Any color a cat can be. (No pink, purple, light blue or green). Eyes can be any color.

Preferably no pink, but pink is acceptable.




This is the rank of what would be leader in a traditional Clan. They are absolute leader.


tall cream and black she-cat with grey-brown splotches and clear blue eyes


Would be the deputy in a traditional Clan. The successor of the Cheif and in charge when the Cheif is not on.


muscular white and black she-cat with red tabby stripes and a kinked tail


Also known as the shaman. Would be the medicine cat in a traditional Clan. In charge if neither Cheif nor Successor are on.

TBA[To be announced]



There are two sub-ranks within this rank.

The Fighters

Most like senior warrioes in a traditional Clan, except some are quite young.


Eclipse- silver and grey tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes [lilladybug2006]

Cerevena- A light red tom with a black underbelly, he has an icy blue gaze. [Jacob6daredevil or Sunsetzx]

The Patrolers

Lower sub-rank in the rank of Warriors.


Mouseclaw- Light brown she-cat with dark grey stripes and bright golden eyes [magical3863]

Students Edit

Called apprentices in a traditional Clan. Their duties include learning, serving the Nurses and Seniles, and passing about food in a feast.

(Name)- (description) [user]

(Name)- (description) [user]

Nurses Edit

Queens in a traditional Clan. They keep watch of the kits.

[none so far]

Seniles Edit

Also called elders. Retired Warriors from both ranks. Are served by all of the Clan.

[none so far]

Territories and Servers Edit

Servers: Desna and Elbe. Desna as our main server unless it is full. Edit

Territories Edit

Woods of the Mist (Sarepia Forest)

One Tree Moor (Appondale)

Dusty and Bright Moor (Kimbara)

Slushy Swampland (Zios)

Cloudy Stone Plain (Coral Canyons)

Upwalker Trail (Jamaa)


Alliences Edit

Allies Edit

Groups and loners never to be betrayed.

Ghostclan- Ghoulstar(lydiapower1)

Enemies Edit

Groups and loners that are rivals.

[none so far]

Neutrals Edit

Groups neither rivals nor allies.

AbyssClan- Fadestar [seacseal]

Other Edit

Tags: Green-blue (light blue)

Tag Badge: Leaf