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Spread your wings and fly in our Clear skies



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1. Talon

2. Streamlily

3. Cloudfur 

4. Redlight

5. Skystorm

6. Shadowclaw 

7. Silkyfur

8. Moonlight

9. Shellwing

10. Pebblepelt

11. Goldenheart

12. Larkcall

13. Inkkit

14. Acornkit


1. Flinchfall


The crisp morning air of greenleaf filled MorningClan with joy at the start of a new season. Petalstar, feeling uplifted, leaped up to the large gray rock in the center of the camp, and yowled. "Let all the cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Highrock for a Clan meeting!" Unnoticed by the Clan, the sky began to darken with clouds. The cats of MorningClan clamored to arrive at her call. Petalstar smiled. This will be a good greenleaf. My warriors are eager to serve. Petalstar lifted her chest a little. "Quiet down!" The clan fell silent. "As you all know, there are many new arrivals," she began. The creamy-white feline pointed her tail to Shadowclaw. "Shadowclaw joined very recently." The clan cheered. "I would also like to congratulate Sunfur on her new kits, Crescentkit and Dawnkit." Sunfur smiled warmly, her tail curling around the kittens. Crescentkit stood taller and gave the Clan a goofy grin. Then, a raindrop landed on her furry, silver-gray head.

A few moments later, and all of the Clan was drenched. Soaking wet, they all raced into the medicine den, the closest and largest of them all. Feathertail ran around, helping as much as she could. Petalstar looked out of the den at the pouring rain. In greenleaf? Impossible!

A loud bang caused the Clan to jump out of their pelts. "What was that?" "I smell smoke!" The cats of MorningClan spoke in hushed whispers. Talon went out in the rain. Everyone saw his expression morph from confused and concerned to shocked. The tom ran back into the den, his jet-black fur clinging to his wet hide. "Lightning struck the leader's den! It is burning! Sunfur wrapped herself protectively around her kit, then let out a bloodcurling shriek. "Where is Dawnkit?" She cried hysterically. The Clan began to panic, and Petalstar was at a loss for words. Feathertail's eyes were dark, her face sullen.

The next morning, the rain had stopped. The Clan all ventured out of their dens, shaking their paws in disgust at the muddy puddles they were stepping in. Petalstar emerged from the medicine den last, after Feathertail, her pawsteps unsteady and nervous. "Ravenwing! Oakfeather! Please come here and help me examine Petalstar's den." Feathertail asked. They obediently went to follow her, and started moving cluttered debris aside. As the sun broke the horizon, golden light flowed over the camp, like oozing honey. Feathertail's eyes widened. A thousand images were passing through her eyes, and the whisper of a thousand souls were speaking to her at once. She was staring, horrified, at Dawnkit, laying dead under a pile of branches in a pool of clear, fresh water. Sunfur went crazy with grief and ran into the forest, leaving a path of tears which Crescentkit tried to follow.

"It is an omen from StarClan," Feathertail said, backing slowly away from Dawnkit's cold body. "This Clan's mornings will come no more. It is time for a new beginning to dawn."

Petalstar stood alone in the clearing. Shocked to her core, she ran away. A few loyal cats tried going after her, but it was no use. She was gone. Most spat in the direction she went. Petalstar was never seen again.

ClearClan was made from the reviving of MorningClan, which was disbanded after the leader, Petalstar, mysteriously left her Clan to fend for themselves. Under a new name and a new leader, Talon, they have grown and changed drastically.


ClearClan is suited to the snow; it is hard to imagine them living anywhere else. They have long, sleek, glossy fur suited for the cold environment. Most ClearClan members have broad shoulders and a large size. Experts in their environment, ClearClan is known for using every last bit of resource, because, as they say, "Everything has a purpose." They have powerful hind legs, and their eyesight and sense of hearing are strongly enhanced. Peace lovers, ClearClan members always exhibit kindness and unending loyalty to their Clan.


I. Respect

All ClearClan members are expected to respect everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, or religion. Any bullying or discriminating comments will be dealt with immediately. Depending on the level of offense, any remarks of these kinds could result in exile. If a member finds themselves in an argument, they are expected to handle the situation maturely.

II. Double Grouping

Roleplaying in a different group is forbidden in ClearClan. If a ClearClan member is caught double-grouping and cannot provide a reasonable explanation, they will be exiled and the other group(s) will be alerted. If a member decides to join a side-group, they are expected to tell the clan before doing so. If not, they could also be exiled.

III. Drama

Drama within roleplay, such as in a plot or to stir up a story, is acceptable. However, drama should not extend outside roleplay. Issues with other Clan members are unacceptable and unnecessary.

IV. Behavior

AJ mating, swearing, and otherwise are banned from roleplay because of some of our member's ages, and the restrictions on this wiki. Any innappropriate behavior will result in exile.

V. Activity

ClearClan does not expect it's members to be on all the time. We discourage it, really. However, activity is what keeps a Clan together. If you are inactive for a week or more without reason, notice, etc., you will receive a warning. Two weeks will result in a demotion, and three weeks a temporary suspension and potential removal from the roster until you become active again. 

VI. Read the Page

Self-explanatory, really. If you consider joining, remember to put the codeword 'cheese' on your form so that we know you read our page, or at least the rules.

VII. Leaving

We are not a hotel. If you leave ClearClan within a week of joining, you will not be welcomed back. After leaving, you are allowed to join twice more. Three strikes and you will be exiled.


Any member is allowed to have a maximum of two OCs in ClearClan at a time. If you have two OCs and would like to replace one, please give an existing OC a proper death. You are not allowed to burn through characters. You are required to roleplay as a character for at least a week before switching. If an OC has a high rank and the owner of that character would like to make a second one, that second OC is not allowed to have a high rank. This makes it fairer for other ClearClan members striving for a higher rank.

IX. Comments

This shouldn't be a rule. This should be automatically followed. But here we are. If you have a comment that does not relate to the page or roleplaying, please post that comment on the Spam thread. If you are posting a comment on this page, please be sure you use proper grammar. No misspellings. Refrain from using u, r, y, etc. Do the same for the message wall of the leader or any other high rank. And please remember to follow the AJCW rules (no swearing, etc.)

X. Powerplaying


Powerplaying, godmodding, or playing as a Mary Sue is absolutely unacceptable. The first time being caught will result in a demotion, and after that, exile.

XI. The Warrior Code

ClearClan members are expected to follow the Warrior Code at all times.

XII. Apprentices and Kits

Taking care of an apprentice or kit is a great responsibility, and any mentor or parent is expected to be active enough to actually do their job. If a mentor suddenly goes inactive, another member will be chosen to take their place. If the mentor is suspended for inactivity, the substitute will be the new mentor of the apprentice. Likewise, if a queen and/or father goes inactive, another member will be chosen to be the kit's guardian until the parents are back online.

XII. Relationships

Kits and Apprentices are not allowed to have mates. Apprentices can have minor crushes if they wish, but nothing farther than that. Sensitive topics such as apprentice pregnancy will result in immediate exile.



The leader is the ultimate authority and head of the Clan, protecting and guarding ClearClan. They wield the ancesteral power of StarClan.

The deputy of ClearClan advises the leader. They are responsible for keeping order in the Clan, and they take over for the Leader when they are not available

Talonstar Pride802 A tom with a pelt coloured many shades of dark brown, with dark amber eyes N/A N/A
Streamlily Snowywildkat A black and white speckled she-cat with bright hazel eyes N/A N/A

The medicine cats of ClearClan are respected mediums. They hold great power, and are able to speak to our ancestors. Healers use medicinal herbs to mend the wounds of our members. 

Medicine cat apprentices go through a rigorous training process in which they memorize herbs, plants, and their uses. They learn to see through the Moonfall into a world far beyond ours.

Cloudfur Browniecupcake001 A silver tabby she-cat with dark eyes and sleek fur N/A N/A

Elite Warriors are highly respected heroes who are strong leaders and have served ClearClan for many moons. 

Tooth and claw, the Warriors of ClearClan are fearless fighters. They are the majority and heart of the Clan. They look out for one another and respect the noble ways of the Warrior Code.

✦ Shellwing Browniecupcake001 A silky cream she-cat with forest green eyes N/A N/A
✦ Redlight Pepperann A reddish-brown tom with cream markings N/A N/A
✦ Skystorm Akabunny0422 A blueish gray she-cat with cream markings N/A N/A
Pebblepelt Kawaiijoslyn A black and red spotted she-cat N/A N/A
Silkyfur Couragee A creamy she-cat with wispy fur and soft hazel eyes N/A N/A
Moonlight SweetyCake321 A gray and white soft-pelted shecat N/A N/A
Goldenheart Tobeycat A golden she-cat with cream markings and seemingly glowing eyes N/A N/A
Larkcall Spriongcreature298 A dark gray tabby with a white underbelly and tufts on his ears N/A N/A

Warrior apprentices learn to hunt, fight, and make wise choices. But the most important thing they learn is to show loyalty and respect to ClearClan and its members.


Queens are the mothers of our future. They take care of the youth and are in charge of teaching them the life skills they need when they grow older.

Kits are the future of ClearClan. They learn love, kindness, and build their character. They learn the history of ClearClan and its ancestors.

Inkkit Violet5609 A jet-black cat with dark eyes Talonstar N/A
Acornkit Random18 A dark-brown furred tom with a lighter underbelly Talonstar N/A

Elders are retired warriors who have have served their Clan for many moons. They are respected veterans who have lived through a large part of ClearClan's history- and they have many a story to tell. They weave tall tales out of words, spinning fables out of thin air. Their wise words are worth listening to.


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