Clarity: Clarity has 2 OCS. Sacred and Clarity. They both have different backgrounds, same life, and same parents.

Clarity OC: Clarity is a pure bred Dire wolf. He keeps all of his promises and gets Treacherous when furious at those who oppose him or bring up his past. He regrets how he lived before under the name of Fallen, and agrees to choose Family over his previous pack, Pack of Mystics.

Sacred OC: Sacred is just bloodthirsty, you can see it in his eyes and how he reacts to everything. Like Clarity OC, he is a pure Dire wolf, and hungry for a fight. He loves to pick on his 2 siblings, Sokudo and Gentle, and sometimes messes with his Thunderclan family. Most of Thunderclan officals are his family, and loves to visit them when he can. He couldn't bear seeing those he loved die in front of him like his son, Crow. Sacred will do anything to get Crow back.

Crow: This small, black coated Dire wolf mix Newfoundland loved his father more than his ferocious mother. His mother was Ivory, who never met her but Crow had heard rumors. Crow was a newly made warrior when he was killed, because of Riverclan had attacked their camp(Lion). Crow was Sacreds/Claritys only son, whose sister died during birth.

Breed: Pure bred Dire wolf, though son of a Panther { Dont even ask XD]

Siblings: Gentlecat{ Thats his user}, Youngest brother to Clarity. Sokudo, younger sister of Clarity by a moon. Clarity is the eldest son by a moon from his sister Sokudo, and uses this to tease her when he is bored.

Mate: None, previous mate was Ivory{Howlingforthewolves, Mudclaw95}

Closest friends: None, he keeps to himself and only makes friends with those are close to his family.

Desires: Elite warrior, like his sister. He wants to be even with her just to show CC he is strong successor of his mother Wish{ aka Slystar aka xxslystarxx}

Age: One moon above Sokudo, who knows how old she is XD

Parents: Wish{Slystar}, and Broken {Previewed}. Clarity was also raised by his adopted mom Ravenstar{Frogleapfrog} and his adopted father Jay, whose account is currently banned, which was once Jayseyes.

Preferred in a mate: Anything that isn't blood thirsty or ruthless, but gentle and kind hearted.

Wishes: To be leading side by side with his mother, Slystar, and to also rule with his sister Sokudo. Possibly have pups {Or kits} with a mate.

Theme song: You'll always be my hero{ aka Love the way you lie}, Skylar Grey version.

{Video with lei wolfy}

You'll Always Be My Hero00:47

You'll Always Be My Hero