Welcome to the Clan of Fallen Souls! I'm your leader, Shadow. We're brutal and fight for anything. The Dark Forest in a Clan is what they call us. Here are some of our Clan rules:

Clan of Fallen Souls rules:

  1. Blood is what we live by, when we invade be vicious and savor the point when we attack
  2. If you are member have red name tags please
  3. If any Softhearts ( kittypets, loners, cats from thunderclan, windclan, riverclan, leafclan, skyclan, shadowclan, ect. ) Are in the Clan, they will be prisioned and given 3 days to prove theirselves worthy of such a powerful Clan.
  4. If there are fights to see if a Softheart or prisioner is worthy of the Clan. I will pick a fully grown warrior to face the cat, remember, you must fight until i say to stop or one cat dies.
  5. Enjoy your time at the Clan of Fallen Souls
  6. No double clanning- we won't risk a cat giving away our attack plans or secrets. Any cat who double clans secretly will be hunted down and killed in front of their other Clan.
  7. Must be serious roleplayers, we do this seriously
  8. All ranks accepted except for elders
  9. Kits are the only rank known not to do anything. In this clan you take part in things, so NO silly buisness or you will be killed in front of the Clan of Fallen Souls by leader or deputy.

Ranks of the Clan of Fallen Souls:

Leader: Shadow ( Funnybunny44255 )

Deputy: saw

Medicine Cat: venom

Fighters in order from elite to normal: tooth, slash, blade, hilika, bone

Hunters from elite to normal: Fang (girlie1313) Secrets (mysteriousclue3)

Mentors ( Fighters ): 

Mentors ( Hunters ): 

Apprentices:Mist ( 2005cutewolf123 )

Prisioners: echomist, cloudstar, blazepaw

Qualities to have on your computer and animal:

  1. backround music= everybody wants to rule the world by Lorde
  2. No blue or unnatural cat colors
  3. ( when you go into battle dont just drop down by the attack of never take damage, every once in a while take some damage and get blood )


attack the pack of howling wolves and wound them

destroy any softheart clans