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//Quote by Cian, Edit by Umi\\



Basic Information Edit

Name: Cian ( Pronouced Key-in )

Nicknames: Cianbb, Cianbae, Cian Cena, Brudda (pacifitcally for and made my garth, though can be used for anyone that thinks of him as a " brother ")

Species: Canis lupus columbianus

Sex: Male

Spirit dog: Moon Dog

Age: 16 moons

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Sin: Doubt/Rage

Birthday: February 3rd

Voice: Sebastian Todd( mostly from his work as Laurence from MCD )


Position: Loner

Trainee: N/A

Past Inhabitants: POSP, POES, POSP

Theme Songs: Wolf, Hey Brother

Me in a nutshell

Cian's Relations Edit

Format: Status/Gender/Alive or deceased/Location ] ( All OC's will be marked with a * )

Mate: Not looking for one atm

Family Tree: Wolves of the shadows

Former Mate(s): Sunaki [F/Alive/Location Known]


Dwyn [M/Deceased/Location Known]*

Nadia [F/Deceased/Location Known]*


Umi [Sister/Currently Alive/Location Known]

Nyota[Half-Sister-in-law/Currently Alive/Location Known]

Nadia (left) and Dwyn (right) By: Nightwing_TLU

Usiku [Half-Sister-in-law/Currently Alive/Location Known]

Kaguro [Brother-in-law/Currently Alive/Location Known]

Nieces and Nephews:

Falcon [Half-Nephew-in-law/Currently Alive/Location Known]

Komorebi [Half-Nephew-in-law/Currently Alive/Location Known]


​Swift [Daughter/Unknown/Location UnKnown] {Sunaki}

Cian's Appearance Edit

Height: 8 ft. 11 in. ( from ground up when full grown)

Pelt: Deep black overcoat with a grey-ish beige underbelly, and dark grey patches all over.

Eyes: Piercing amber/yellow eyes that often seem to have a mysterious glow to them at night.

Body Flaws: Many small scratches all over legs from puphood / A long scratch down left leg from pup hood / A mid-sized scratch on back from a spar with his former mentor and packmate

Body Proportion'sLong legs, making tall / he is very lithe and flexible / Small paws / Longish tail / thick, sleek fur that somewhat often needs to be groomed

Cian's PersonalityEdit

Secretive: Cian is not known to talk about his past or any secret he is keeping, which means it will take much forcing to get him to tell.

Anxious: Even since he was a pup Cian was very anxious, always worrying about the future and how his past will effect it, and about how people think of him.

Tense/Stiff: If you talk to Cian he will often get very stiff and tense, though it is depending more on who he is talking to.

Quiet: Cian doesn't tend to speak much, since he is afraid he will lash out.

Humorous: Though much of his other traits don't seem to allow it, Cian can be humorous in his own way when he feels like it.

Cian's Flaws and Strengths Edit


  • Cian is haunted by his past and the abuse he went through, meaning if he sees any of his packmates being abused he will often step in, or if he feels he is being abused he will lash out.
  • Cian will often lash out if someone pokes him for secrets or anything about his past, this is why he is so tense and often doesn't speak
  • Being very anxious makes it hard for him to trust others or make difficult/important desicions
  • Cian is a very unforgiving wolf, meaning is you have wronged him, it will not be easy to get his trust back. 


  • Cian is very swift and lithe, and has strength behind his paws, Making him a skilled fighter. He loves sparring as long as they are no fangs and claws.Though you wouldn't want to get in a real fight with him, don't forget he has murdered, but he would never to it again, unless pushed.
  • Though it is hard to gain his trust, especially if you have wronged him. Once you have gained his trust, you have gained a loyal friend who would probably risk his life for you.
  • Though he is very quiet and tense around wolves his age and older, he is very calm and happy around pups. He is mostly like this because he thinks all pups lives should be amazing, so he always tried to make a pup's life good because he thinks no pup should grow up like he did.

Cian's Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes :

  • His friends and family. ( especially his mate and sister  )
  • PUPPIES!! ( all pups )
  • Water, Swimming.
  • Hunting and Running.
  • Being in a small group of friends.
  • Squirrels ( hunting and eating )

Dislikes :

  • Traitors and those who have wronged him.
  • Hot, dry areas.
  • Being in a large groups with more people he doesn't know than does.
  • The taste of mice and rats.
  • Large pools of water that hit with light look like large pools of blood.

Cian's BackstoryEdit

Cian was born into a loner pack which only contained, him, his sister Umi, his mother Nadia, and his father Dwyn. His parents were very abusive, always scratching/nipping him and his sister if they did something wrong or what annoyed them in anyway. This made Cian the way he is now, though his sister always seemed to stay cheerful and determined that that things would get better. One day they thought of leaving, then realized this act would most likely get them killed. They devised a plan at 10 moons: To train at night for 2 moons and then separate their parents some how and kill them. Though they didn't want to, they know they had to do this. The day had come, Cian and Umi were ready. While their mother was sleeping they asked their father to go to the forest with them. After many snarls and growls and a few scratches, he came. They both ran into the shadows and when their father was confused and defenseless they both surprised him and knocked him out, knowing they couldn't take down such a large wolf. While he was unconscious, they force fed him 6 death berries, ensuring death. They cleaned themselves and padded to their mother and delivered the news. She was shocked and gave them both many nips and scratches, blaming them out of grief. Then she stop and curled up to grieve. When she did this they pounced on her. The battle was vicious but Umi and Cian came out the winners. They left the place and decided to part ways, though they both would always know where the other was. Shortly after setting off Cian found The Pack of Shadowed Paws, where he was tested, passing with flying colors. He was accepted as a trainee. Unfortonally, after seeing he and many other packmates had been lied to by their Alpha, they left, forming their own pack were he became a Plethora. Cian has not told anyone and does not plan to tell anyone of his past.


" Don't let the past consme you, for you wan't see the beauty of the present "

By: Cian

" All minds rush, but I'm a flowing river "

By: Swift for Cian

Friends Edit

Sunaki [Etherealistic/F]

Finch [WindedDreams/F]

Spinx [Izax/M]

Nyota [123woof/F]

Ryka [Seal47723/F]

Eclipse [Sunheart1010/M]

Sage [Angeles32/M]

Kaguro [Jammer4803/M]

Garth [Buddyrio/M]

Xaal [xxsparrowfeatherxx/M]

Dusk [RebalPerfection/M]

Art of Cian Edit

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