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Basic Overview

Status Inactive/Alive
Name Cedarpelt
Past Name(s) Cedarstar
AJ User Kdertyr
Wiki Username ThePrickliestPear
Sex Female
Sexuality Bisexual
Orientation Light
Religion/Beliefs StarClan
Current Residence N/A (Loner)
Past Residence CraneClan, AbyssClan
Current Rank Loner
Previous Rank Warrior, Leader, Apprentice
Theme Song Hard Times - Paramore



Summary: Cedarpelt has an ivory-colored pelt, with a dark grey seal-point markings. Miscellaneous white markings cover her entire body. She has long, silk-like fur and alluring brown eyes.

Breed: 40% Siamese, 60% Unknown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Build: Average sized cat; Not too muscular or too skinny.

Defining Features: Seal-point markings and long fur.

Scars: N/A

Voice: Aubrey Plaza (April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation)

Speech: Monotone; Often sounds bored.


Format: Name (Gender/Alive or Deceased/ Location Known or Unknown) [AJ User/Wiki User] (* if OC)



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