NAME: Carvingkit

Carving: Known for her tree like eyes, and deep gashes

GENDER: Female

CLAN: None at the moment



AGE: 3 moons

BREED: Jaguar+Jaguarundi Wildcat

SIZE: Carvingkit is a very small young wildcat, still many moons to grow, but is defininetly the smallest cat you would ever meet, her lion like tail lets herself seem bigger though.

DESCRIPTION: A skinny, energized, small, muscular, and beautiful grey and light brown mix with black splotches, a light brown gaze and a lion like tail

FEATURES: Lion like tail with a long puff at the end, and curved claws to fit into an opponents neck to crush the windpipe

SCENT: Unlike others that have the scent of their mothers, Carvingkit has a dark, bloody scent that lets herself soon be known to always have unhappiness roaming through her slim body, as her scent will let herself blend into a background that is mostly battle like

Personality Edit

TRAITS: : Sweet : Caring : Hatred : Mean : Shy : Suspicious :


Sweet: Carving has a loving heart that will be put on others towards moving on

Caring: She will always be there by someones side, even at the worst times

Hatred: She can have a deep, scary, and unknown voice to herself for there to be that she will give off steam and threaten others

Shy: She has times where she spends to herself, not having friends, wanting to be alone at all times, which makes her be herself

Suspicious: When she is quiet, she is nothing like herself, she will act like a brave, and strong standing warrior towards herself

Family And History Edit

MOTHER: Halfstream

FATHER: Galaxystem

SISTER: Liveoak

BROTHER: Halorealm

History Edit

Halfstream held her feelings to herself, till she met Galaxy, a kittypet wandering the forest. Spending time with him, soon having his kits, she brought him into the clan world, after having two healthy kits, Livekit, and Halokit. Soon after the two kits hit warrior, Halfstream had another litter, with three kits, Stormkit, Rightkit, and Carvingkit. Stormkit and Rightkit soon died after three days with their mother, Carvingkit still being alive. Galaxystem took care of Carvingkit, letting his mother self come into place. Carvingkit got all of her mothers traits, and fur colors. One moon later, a dog pack invaided the camp, leaving her father dead and her siblings running for their lives. Having to run herself, she lost them, and is now searching for a new camp.

Skills Edit

~ Great at fighting

~ Helping Others

~ Hunting

~ Training

~ Swimming

~ Climbing

~ Walking Steady and Silently

Weaknesses Edit

- Hate comments

- Challenges

- Sneak attacks

- Scares

- Sounds

- Thunder

More Info Edit


USERNAME: Tiger4628 ( May be changed )

INSTAGRAM: Cat_Wolf_Lover

MUSICALY: Amber.mel

YOUTUBE: LpsRealms Productions

WORLIZE: NotToBeChallenged

Roleplay Example ( Latin ) Edit

parva cat exhalat in gutture suo dimittas eam cumulo praeruptus unguibus hamo per spinam fracturing cerebrum stem DEBILITATIO hostem , tardius ad internecionem unguibus set , in ventrem vadit , conversus a via XC gradus circuire sensim ad molli sub cute venter tear , relicta opponent semivivus et auxilii inops


the small cat exhales throughout her throat, letting her jagged claws hook through the spine, fracturing the brain stem paralyzing her foe, slowly letting her claws set into the stomach, turning a 90 degree way slowly around to let the soft under belly skin tear, leaving her opponent half dead and helpless


Ephinephrings Digorum Scathers Innuedove into Nauwe DoorGang, Twisting Her Phentoudphenduses A 90 Degree Angle Towards The Canalis Animae, Slowly Severing The Tissue, Raking Through The Levator Scapule, Then Raking Into The Sermockidomastion, Paralyzing Her Opponent To Slowly Leave Them To Die.

Translation: Claws Dig Into Neck, Twisting Her Paws A 90 Degree Angle Towards The Windpipe, Slowly Tearing The Tissue, Raking Through The Muscle In Neck, Then Raking Into The Joint That Helps Move The Neck, Paralyzing Her Opponent To Slowly Leave Them To Die.

Clan Form Edit

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