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Loyal until the end

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~General Information~ Edit

Recruiting: Yes

Founded Date: 2/29/16

Theme Song: Undecided

Season: Leaf Bare

Territory: Brazos and Territory Dens

Tag Color: White

Prey Type: Small Game

Avatars: Wolf

Roleplay Animal: Wolf/Dog

Camp Abbreviations: CO

<<News>> Edit

Welcome to Camp Omega Kovu And Zinc!

Congratulations to Kohaku for Being Promoted To Praetor, We Have Faith In You!

Welcome To Camp Omega Eclipse!

Congratulations To Kovu On Your apprenticeship, Train Well!

<<Ranks>> Edit

Camp Leader: This rank is the highest, he/she plans all missions and oversees activities~Currently Held By: toco121

Co-Leader: This rank is second in command, he/she executes patrols and missions. Is close to the leader and must be related to the leader in some way~ Currently Held By: Footballrockets

Praetor: This is the deputy rank, which is chosen by the leader/co-leader upon agreement. Praetor can be challenged upon by any circumstance~ Currently Held By: Kohaku

Cohort 1: This is the normal warrior rank~Members: Scarlet, Pacific

Cohort 2: This is the normal apprentice rank~ Members: Kovu

Cohort 3: This is the normal pup rank, queens also grouped in this cohort~ Members:Zinc

Healer: This is the normal medicine dog rank~ Currently held by:

<< Camp Description>> Edit

Camp Omega is located in the Sierra Nevada's in a snowy Alpine Area. Nestled in the canyon of a colossal mountain, avalanches are not rare. Dens are carved from eroded alcoves from the marbled polished mountain face. A light layer of snow is never absent in the frosty tundra. Mist and fog is common in the early morning. We are surrounded by lush tall conifer pines. We have adapted by creating tournament grounds and training areas throughout our spacious territory.

<< Territory Dens>> Edit

What are territory dens? These are dens that CO member can make, they are a nature scene den that CO had "claimed."Our current territory dens include " The Beachfront," " Murky Depths," and " The Pines."Descriptions of these territory dens are listed below.

<<Missions>> Edit

~This is a unique was for tasks to be completed in CO. These missions are very organized way for the leaders to get things done. We try to make these enjoyable for you!~

Where can I find missions? The general are to find missions are on toco121's jammer wall or on this wiki below.

Why are the missions different colors? The missions are color coordinated in order to keep organized.

What do the colors mean? Light blue- Easy, Magenta- Medium, and Light Pink- Hard

What are yellow missions? Yellow missions aren't really a mission, just a fun activity for everyone!

How do missions get updated? Missions get updated every 2 weeks new missions appearing on Sunday between 12PM-9AM

<<Games>> Edit

"Dodgeclaw", is CO's take on the old Middle school sport, dodgeball, as the camp is split into two teams, one team on defense and one on offense. However, team offense can only use claws and no teeth. Team Defense has to work together to not get scratched by claws. Team defense can use anything but claws to fend off the offense team. Result in not obeying rules of who uses claws and who uses teeth will result in automatic disqualification. The team with most dogs still in the game wins at the end of 5 mineutes. Healer/Praetor is referee and calls whenever someone is disqualified. Happy Dodging!

"Stonestill," is when a member of CO has to stand still without moving while pups attempt to knock them over. Pups can be coached by a Leader/Co-Leader/Higher Cohort while playing this game.

<<Current/Upcoming Tournaments>> Edit

The Next Upcoming Tournament will take place on 3/18/16 ( This Friday ) OR 3/19/16 ( This Saterday ) Also, We may be be inviting lithiums empire to come join us as well.

<<Capture The Flag>> Edit

Originating from HOO ( Heroes Of Olympus ) this is a game to sharpen your teamwork and defense skills. Canines are split into two groups, One led by the leader and another by the Co-Leader. Only once can the team leader leap into battle to assist their team, only for one minute. The first team to capture the other teams flag wins!

<<Allies/Enemies>> Edit

Allies~AzureClan: Led by zoetoe -Ally Ship Name: Camp Azure/Omezure-

Enemies~ Currently None

<< Co's History/Explanations>> Edit

What is Camp Omega and why Is it called that and not just traditional Omegaclan? I have chosen to make CO like this based on a different book series, Rick Riordan's famous " Heroes Of Olympus " books instead. I have done this to switch things up a bit and add uniqueness to my camp. Ranks are based off of the Romans by using "Cohorts and Praetors. " However the whole camp is greek. Hence it name based off of the Greek omega. I hope you accept this camp and enjoy it!

<<Territory Dens>> ~The Beachfront Introduction/Description POV~ {Creator-toco122}

You arrive at a sandy beach, your raw pads relax as they make contact with the soft grainy warm sand. Tropical weather and the smell of salt water relieve your aching muscles from training. Palm trees sway in the afternoon breeze. You arrive at the beachfront, your camp cohort sprawling out behind you from your morning training session. Humidity melting the mountain snow from your pelt instantly. You coax your cohort to follow, gliding towards the shallows. You wade knee deep in sickly salt water, Small Minnows Scattering in your wake. You intake salty oxygen plunging deep into the shallows to relieve your heat plastered pelt. Your cohort follows your lead diving the after you. After your break you head to the commons for a quick mission. When you arrive at the overgrown common area you recoil at the sight on fish bones from last nights visit from cohort 1's dinner mess. Your cohort hastily bury the musty flea ridden scraps under the sand. You plod back, sand grains thinly coat your relieved paws. You arrive back at the commons, an area where the beach grass appears in thick clumps. Palm trees enclose the area, making a shady place to relax, fresh fish and sea crabs piled up from the last cohorts visit. You and your cohort pick your favorite fish, a variety of carp and sea bass just waiting to be gulped down. After you Afternoon snack you gather your cohort and start the tedious trek back to the Sierra Nevada's, back to camp omega, back to your home, back to your family.

~Murky Depths Introduction/ Description POV~ {Creator-FootballRockets}

You are plodding north, your paws ache from the harsh mountain trek. You keep plowing forward hasty to arrive at the Murky Depths. Coniferous trees line your path, the bog bubbling eerily around you. Galled logs scatter to murky swamp. Thunder clouds roll above, splattering fat droplet of rain I the bog. Lightening crackles as your cohort picks their way through the sticky ground, hastily scouting the area for your patrol. Frogs and insects croak at your arrival, you scout your surroundings, waning to get back to camp. Pine needles litter the ground as you enter deeper into the swamp. You refresh your borders as your cohort spreads out to scour the border. You share a close border with Azureclan, sectioned off by a torrenting River. You see a hunting patrol of Azureclan through the thick undergrowth. You quickly turn back and trudge your way across the marsh. You gather your cohort and report back to camp.

<<All Members>> Edit

toco121: Balto

FootBallRockets: Laika

windbreaker35064: Pacific

imlovely: Kovu

saphire1345: Erosion

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