Appearance Edit

Calypso looks like an average black doberman, he wears a red collar with silver spikes on it. He is a warlock, meaning he is taller, stronger, and faster than the breed is. when light shines in his flaming eyes it turns red with a bit of the color of the light, but still with the firey effects


Height: 2.8, 2.11 with ears

Normal Speed: (Running) 25 miles per hour (Swimming) 5 miles per hour

Bite Force: 605

Personality Edit

Calypso is a dark souled, yet fair dog. He is a fan of keeping clean and spends a third of his day grooming himself. He somehow keeps his teeth clean though. He likes water but he is very sensitive to the cold. He is constantly "controlled" by the earth dog, who is attached to him.

Calypso's Insanity

Special Abilities Edit

Calypso can sense natural disaster (avalanches, floods, tornadoes). Under complete silence, he is capable of becoming one with the earth by listening closely to the ground, but get this, he headbutts into the ground like a fox, tearing into the ground and catching prey. He uses the strength in his head and front paws only as he fights, making him a quick thinker and explains the fact that you can feel more pressure on his forehead rather than the rest of his body. Though his horrid acts hold him captive, he is still very smart and holds great memory, making it extremely hard for him to forget anything.

Canine Element: Earth

Family Edit

Calypso doesn't have any living parents. He never met his father and only knew his mother until he opened his eyes, then she died.