"You will be a slave to your own mistakes."
Name: Brokenstar

Species: Felis Catus

Gender: She-cat

Clan/Pack/Tribe: NightClan

Mate: Darkfur, Wolfstorm (deceased)

Kits: (Wolfstorm's Kits) Jaggedsky, Skykit(deceased), Violetkit(deceased). (Darkfur's Kits) Stormkit, Wolfkit(deceased) Sparkkit(deceased)

Father: Sharptalon (rogue)(deceased)

Mother: Sparkheart (deceased)

Siblings: Raggedclaw, Skyfeather

Friends: Stormstar, Thunderstar, Midnightstar, Tigerstorm, Swift, Wolfpaw, Owlfang(many others, I listed her closest)

Age: 90 moons (7.5 years)

Theme Song: Illuminated by Hurts, Centuries by Fall Out Boy

Appearance Edit

Black she-cat with white underbelly and silver tabby stripes

Traits Edit

Personality: Stubborn, holds her kit's in extremely high standard's, sometimes arrogant, tough, doesn't back down to direct challenges, waits for the enemy to make the first move, doesn't ignore direct threat's to NightClan.

Strength's: tough, sometimes arrogant, waits for enemy to make the first move, doesn't ignore direct threat's, holds her kit's in extremely high standards

Weaknesses: doesn't back down from a challenge, doesn't ignore direct threat's, stubborn, holds her kit's in extremely high standards

History/Backstory Edit

When she was a kit, Brokenstar faced a tragedy that nearly wiped out NightClan. A severe breakout of a deadly sickness in AuraClan. If you have been on AJ you would know that AuraClan was an older version of NightClan. Back before Brokenstar was born, the Old NightClan was wiped out by a pack of wild dogs and wolves. Later on, the few cats that were left of the Old NightClan formed AuraClan in hopes of resurecting NightClan. Back to the story, Brokenstar was a kit when the sickness broke out and it killed her mother and father. It also wiped out the AuraClan leader, deputy, a few elders and two warriors. Brokenstar watched from an isolated part of the camp while her Clan slowly died out. AuraClan was infected by this sickness for twelve moons (a year). By that time, Brokenstar was already a warrior. She was known as Brokensky. Brokensky wanted to help her Clan so badly that she went to a neighboring Clan for help. They brought herbs to cure the sickness and AuraClan was raised and healthy once again. But not without a cost I'm afraid. Brokensky had lost almost her entire family in the sickness and she saw it as StarClan's fault. About four moons later, AuraClan was up against another Clan in a battle that stole their leaders nine lives. Brokensky was angered that StarClan was letting AuraClan lose this many cats. When the next leader was appointed, Brokensky was chosen as deputy. Her commitment to her Clan was adored by many. When the leader of AuraClan lost his ninth life, Brokensky was proud to be made a leader. Brokensky, now Brokenstar, led her Clan to become the New NightClan. Brokenstar is still the current leader of NightClan and her deputy is Tigerstorm. StarClan willing that Brokenstar leads her Clan many moons to come.