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Pity is for the helpless, and you, are not helpless. Neither are you permanently damaged. The darkness can do what it will, but it cannot change you, it cannot touch your soul if you do not let it. ~Brokenstar


You are trotting aimlessly through shady forest, the trees towered over you and the small rays of light spilled from their branches and danced on the floor. Briars were snagging on your pelt and you were tripping over large roots that extended slightly above the ground. Your head spun around with dizziness as you accidently knocked into a tree. The forest was absolutely silent; and it frightened you slightly, the only sound you could hear the harsh beating of your accelerated heart. The twisted large trees that towered above, intimidated you, they almost felt as if they were alive,watching your every move. You were lost in this eternal maze and you feared you would never be able to find your way out. Your keen nose suddenly picks up a scent, a scent of a she-cat. Your fur bristles in panic as your widened eyes swivel around your surrounding. You could not hear or see the she-cat but you could certainly smell her. The realisation alarmed you, but you shook the anxiety off of you and followed the scent. You stumbled forward struggling through the tangle of thorns and loose tree branches until your scent was very strong.

She was here but you still could not see her. Suddenly your eyes caught onto a shadowed figure dropping down from the trees and landing soundlessly onto the forest floor. She was hidden from your sight from the darkness surrounding you. The only thing you could see was a pair of icy blue eyes that instantly transfixed onto you and your shaken frame. The silted eyes narrowed into a dangerous glare. You immediately howled loudly, reeling back in surprise, trying to get away from the sudden intruder, with your eyes widened in fear. “I mean you no harm!" You meow, trying to keep your shaky voice as smooth as possible. The she-cat’s eyes intensified as if she was examining you, they were sharp and seemed to pierce right through you and into your soul. You winced under her gaze and pressed your ears against your head. She tilted her head, deciding that you were harmless, her large eyes softened into calm and serene gaze. She silently stepped out from the darkness, revealing herself to you.

She was tall and slender like the young trees surrounding you. The she-cat had a short but smooth silver-white pelt with strange black leopard spots splattered on her fur, three lengthy scars ran down the side of her front right leg, but her most noticeable feature was her eyes, they were young, energetic and full of life, but if you looked deeper into them you would see an jewel of wisdom and sovereignty hidden inside. You froze as you examined her. She patiently waits for you to speak, her long tail danced slowly behind her gracefully lithe body. You finally shake your head to exit your daze, you urge yourself to speak. "Who are you?" You gasped, with your eyes were still locked onto the she-cat. When she spoke, her voice was silvery and musical, but it also was steel-like and strong. "I am Brokenstar"

 General Information

Current name: Brokenstar

Name meaning:

Broken- her dark history

Star- Her rank as a leader

Past names: Brokenfeather Brokenpaw, Lightpaw, and Lightkit

Nicknames: Brokenbb, Brokenbae, Bork, Borkenstar, (for friends only) Borky pig(Viperstrike only) or just Broken

Future names: none

Gender: She-cat

Age: 67 moons

Age In human Years: Roughly 5 years and 6 months

Season of Birth: Leaf-bare

Character created on: April 6th 2016 (she was about the age of an apprentice when I made her)

Death date: July 17 2017

Cause of death (last life): She died from exhaustion and wounds from getting caught in rough waters.

Status- Dead

Physical Appearance
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Cat Breed: Silverstorm Bengal( with a bit of Oriental shorthair)

Pelt texture: Soft and silky

Pelt thickness: Short

Eye color: Icy blue

Eye size: Large

Foot color: White, silver, and black

Foot size: Large

Claw length: Medium

Claw color: White

Tail length: Long

Tail color: White

Tail designs: Black rings and the tip of her tail is charcoal dipped

Belly color: White

Belly designs: Leopard spotted

Ear color: White

Ear designs: Black stripes

Nose color: Black

Head color: white

Head designs: Black stripes 

Back color: Silver white and a little bit of grey 

Back designs: Black spots 

Leg color: Silver-White 

Leg designs: A few black spots and stripes   

Body Type: Foreign

Build: Slender but muscular

Scars: Three long markings her right shoulder she also has several notches in her ears

Long descriptive appearance:

Brokenstar's eyes are rather large and they are a peircing shade of icy blue that can sometimes appear to be grey. She has a black nose, a dome shaped face, and very long ears. Brokenstar is a silver and white colored she-cat with charcoal colored leopard spotted rosettes running down her white pelt. She also has a solid black strip running down the center of her back to the tip of her tail. Her fur length is short but silky, and her pelt shimmers in the sun/moonlight. She has average size front legs and ultra long back legs which makes her look like she is tip-toeing when she walks. Under her fur is a graceful and lithe body of muscle. She is rather slender and does not weigh much compared to other cats that are the same breed as her, but she is tall and prolonged. Her tail is long and lanky. Even though most of her scars are well hidden under her pelt, she three long scars running down her right shoulder.'  
Warrior cat reff sheet by rascal4488-d4iyddsacdadwsd7n
Clan Information

Past clans: LeafClan (not IRL just in my fiction backstory) and ShadowClan

Current Clan: StarClan


Current Rank: Leader

Previous Ranks: Kit,apprentice, warrior, Elite Warrior, deputy

Future rank: None

Lives remaining: 0/9

Family Information

Uknown She-cat

(Guide= Name/status) Mother: Softheart- Deceased

Grandmother: Rainysight- (deceased)

Father- Skystar- ( deceased)

Brothers: None

Sisters: None

Aunt: Tangledclaw ( deceased)

Uncles: Runningfoot (deceased)


LeafClan: 20%

Shadowclan: 5%

Thunderclan: 5%

Riverclan: 5%

Windclan: 0%

Skyclan: 0%

Bloodclan: 15%

Tribe: 0%

Loner/Rouge:' 40%

Kittypet: 20%
Love Life

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Current Crush: NONE ^^

Past Mates: None

Current Mate: None

Kits: None

Brokenstar is not looking for a mate right now, she wants to focus on one thing right now and that is being the best leader she can be for Shadowclan....or at least that is her excuse anyway

Other Cat Relationships

Past Best Friends: Sunsetpaw, Moonpaw, Dusksong, Owlheart, Tundrapelt,Ravencloud, Beartrot, Sandflight, Willowtail, Silentshadow, Frostgaze and Jaggedheart



"Suntailbb is a strong, cheerful, compassionate, warrior. He works hard and is a wonderful mate to Darkfur and he is a good father to his kits. "


"Rustpwhisker is a nice young fellow. This tom very shy and awkward but he is very passionate about his job. Rusty is also very gentle towards everyone and he has a good sense of humor. It is always a joy to work with him."



"Dawn is a smart she-cat who also has a caring heart. Dawn and I have had many memorable adventures of playing detective and we enjoy each other's company. She is extremely loyal and is always there for you, her attitude gives me hope when I think there is none. I know she will make an wonderful leader when my time has come."



"I used to be very jealous of Viper. She never did anything wrong its just that Blackseeker, my crush from when I was an apprentice fell in love with her instead of me. I was upset so I sulked and secretly avoided Viper for a while. But time has changed me and now I see Viper as a kind and loyal clanmate. We have been through so much and yet she is still around. I love spending time with her and she is so easy to talk to!"


"Rainwind is a smart, hard-working elite who always does a little bit more than what is asked of her. We have very similar personalities and she may not know this but we also have similar backstories. Because we are so much alike we tend to get along well."



"Darkfur is a truly amazing friend. She is kind, gentle, brave, and never gives up. She is always there by my side when needed and is trusted. I can never ask for a better future leader ^^


Best Friend: Lightningstar <3
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Brokenstar(feather) and her buddies

Past Mentors: Falcontail, Fearheart, and Greysong

Past Apprentices: Littleleaf, Hollowpaw, Flamepaw, Halfpaw, Brightpaw, and Cloudpaw

Current Apprentice: Fawnpaw

Past Enemies: Forestpaw, Mothpaw,Tangledclaw, Skeletonstar, Flametail, Fate, Jaggedstar, Windstar, Goldenwhisker,Corpse, Midfur, The kittypets of Shadowlane and Redstripe

Being leader gets you lots of enemies XD

Current Enemy: N/A

Reason for being enemies: N/A


Theme Song: Alive by Sia


What Does Her Voice sound like? : Very clear and silvery

Disabilities: Nose bind. She cannot smell anything.


Brokenstar's past is very long and if you dont make it extended then it is very perplexing so I'm just going to make it brief without adding all of the important events just some of them.

Kithood- Lightkit was born in Leafclan, a few moments after she was born her mother died. fortunetaly Rainysight, Lightkit's grandmother took her under her wing and became Lightkit's mother.


Apprenticehood- When Lightpaw was in her second moon of training as an apprentice,she left Leafclan for a personal reason that you will never ever know unless you are Lightningstar or a king at stalking. . She eventually stumbled into Shadowclan's territory. Stonestar, Shadowclan's leader invited Lightpaw into his clan and Lightpaw agreed. Before joining Shadowclan Lightpaw changed her name to Brokenpaw because she didn't want other cat's questioning her past and she also didn't feel like she deserved the name.

Brokenpaw was given an amazing mentor named Greysong.



Warrior-hood- Brokenpaw completed her training and was given the name Brokenfeather, she finished mentoring a young she-cat named Littlepaw who ended becoming what she was gifted for, she became a medicine cat. Brokenfeather made several new friends and lost cats who she thought were her friends.

Shadowclan's former leader Stonestar had unfortunately died from old-age. A rouge named Skeleton came to Shadowclan and took his place as leader instead of the deputies. Skeleton was reckless and unjust. Brokenfeather strongly disagreed with Skeleton and his cruel ways so she and her friends Ivyflame, Lightningpelt, Arrowhead, and Thunderbolt began to arrange meetings to put a stop to Skeletonstar.

Skeletonstar grew angry at one of his deputies, Willowtail and attempted to punish her. Brokenfeather and the other members of Shadowclan protected Willowtail and stood up against Skeletonstar. After that Skeletonstar was no longer a threat to Shadowclan, he disappeared and was never seen in their territory again.

Willowtail became the leader of Shadowclan but only for a short period of time, she felt as if her heart was leading her somewhere else so she left Shadowclan along with the other deputies.

Brokenfeather as an adult

Deputy-hood- Brokenfeather and Lightningpelt were elected by Shadowclan members to become the leaders they had a major amount of difficulty deciding on who was going to be the leader.

Leadership- Lightningpelt and Brokenfeather ended up working together instead of argueing over who was going to be the leader, this makes Brokenstar the youngest leader ever in Shadowclan (18 moons). They chose Tigerfur and Darkheart to become the deputies. 

Brokenstar lost her first life after battling Goldenwhisker she died from injuries. She recieved her second life from Greysong, her former mentor. Tigerfur and Darkheart left Shadowclan for an unknown reason. Darkfur and Dawnspirit were chosen to be their replacements and Brokenstar knows they will do an excellent job when she leaves to go to Starclan.  

Brokenstar and Lightningstar succesfully lead Shadowclan for about 50 moons. 

Death/Life in Starclan- One green-leaf night, Brokenstar recieved a message from a Starclan medicine cat named Berrymoon. Berrymoon told Brokenstar that her time was getting close and she was going to die soon. Brokenstar didn't take this well at all, she ended up challenging Berrymoon, telling her that she had control over her actions and was not going to die anytime soon. About a week afterwards, Brokenstar lost a life from a badger attack. Her mind was so busy with thoughts about the Starclan message she recieved that the leader did not even notice the badgers hiding til they were a mere fox-length away. After the badgers killed Brokenstar, they also killed Dovewing's kits and injured a patrol. Brokenstar interpreted this even as a punishment for denying Starclan's prediction but whether that is true or not is a mystery. Brokenstar was given the chance to speak to Berrymoon again, this time the leader ended up yelling at the medicine cat, fault-finding her for everything that happened soon after she did that the leader broke down, revealing the true reason why she did not want to die yet. Berrymoon then comforted Brokenstar. About a moon after this all happened, Brokenstar went on a hunting patrol with Dawnspirit, her deputy and Rainwind, an elite warrior. Pouring rain and thunderstorms interrupted the hunting patrol.Blinded by the dangerous weather, Dawnspirit, Brokenstar, and Rainwind split up to find their way back to camp. Brokenstar traveled up hill, hoping to find a better view of the territory. And then she saw it. A massive flood was rushing in between a valley. At first the feline was relieved that she was not there but then it hit her that Dawnspirit was at the valley. Without a second train of though the leader leaped into action. She managed to reach Dawnspirit to get her out of the way just in time. Unfortunately the leader was not fast enough to save herself and was devoured into the waves. Brokenstar lost three of her lives from drowning. Rainwind jumped in the water, attempting to rescue Brokenstar but she ended up going unconscious. Brokenstar with a single life remaining, swam up to the surface and grabbed onto Rainwind. How the leader was able to hold both her and Rainwind's weight in that condition cannot be explained. After the water died down a bit, the leader was about to climb onto the shore. She died from exhaustion and her wounds. Just before she went to Starclan, she was able to see her clan one final time. Nothing could have made the she-cat more happy. Brokenstar traveled with Berrymoon to Starclan. The feline was able to see her deceased friends again.  

The bengal now watches Dawnstar, Darkstar, and the rest of Shadowclan up from above  


Personality Qualities:

Fiercely loyal- Though it is hard to earn once you have gained Brokenstar's trust, she will stand by your side through the thick and thin until the end.She is very trust-worthy and will never betray you. The leader will happily lose all of her lives for her clan-mates and friends.

Hard-working-The Bengal believes that her main purpose of her life is to work hard for Shadowclan and make it a strong group that will last for many seasons. Brokenstar is very calm but she is definitely not laid-back if something needs to be done Brokenstar will do it.

Serene/Calm- Brokenstar has learned how to remain in a peaceful state of mind in most situations. This helps her stay focused, use her head in tricky sitiuations, and to deal with difficult minded cats.

Wise- Brokenstar has some knowledge that can only be gained through experience and mistakes. She now is better at making good decisions that are for the better of Shadowclan.

Independent- Brokenstar does not and will not depend on others to help. She does things by herself and does not need the assistance of others to help her no matter the circumstance.(or at least that is what she thinks)

Vigilant- Brokenstar is always observing her surroundings and she notices things that are usually unnoticeable. Her large ears and her keen eyes make her excellent at scouting. The white she-cat likes to be aware of her surroundings and barely looses her focus. She is always on the look out for anything suspicious. She likes to be prepared for anything.

Well behaved- Even as a young kitten, Brokenstar was taught to use proper manners. Brokenstar sits up straight and never slouches/lays down in public. She always remembers to say please/thank you and is careful to use well polished words. Broken makes sure her pelt is as clean as a whistle and she respects the elders and medics.

Humerous/optimistic- If you manage to get to the 'real' Brokenstar you will see that she can be very funny and find humor in almost any situation. Even though it may not seem like it, Brokenstar also likes to see the bright side of things no matter what is happening. It is part of how she can remain calm in dark times.

Selfless- Brokenstar loves her friends/clan and always tries to make choices that will benefit them even if it hurts. This Bengal also forces herself to put her emotions behind her in tough situations so that she will look 'strong' for her clan.

Personality Weaknesses:

Very stubborn- Once Brokenstar has made up her mind on something, there is NO going back. Her stubborn streak has gotten her in trouble several times and still is today. Even if she is proved wrong, Brokenstar will still continue whatever she decided to do.

Prideful- Brokenstar is the type of she-cat who has high standards for herself. The Bengal hates being mocked or being caught doing something foolish and she never asks for help even if she does need it

Argumentative- This spotted she-cat is naturally good at debating and can easily defend her opinion about something. But this is also a curse, Brokenstar tends to argue for the sake of arguing and can become defensive about the most insignificant things. No matter what the situation is Brokenstar always thinks she is right and won't stop until you agree with her.

Untrusting- It is rare for Brokenstar to trust anyone these days which is not entirely her fault. She has been hurt by those she thought were loyal and now she believes that everyone will let her down when she needs them the most. Though she is polite, Brokenstar will not make herself vunerable by sharing personal information with nearly anyone.

Dishonest- Brokenstar does not like other's to think ill of her. She will do nearly anything to make sure everyone at least respects her even if it means building a wall around herself and hiding emotions.

Unforgiving- In most cases if you hurt Brokenstar or Shadowclan once, you will not be given grace by this leader. Her stubborn spirit makes her hold grudges for an extraordinary amount of time. If Brokenstar catches you talking behind her back she will not trust you with anything you say and you will not be given any more private information.



Snow- Brokenstar is very hot natured which means she does not get cold easily so the snowy weather is enjoyable for her and Broken's white pelt naturally blends in with the snow, making it easier for her to hide from prey



Deer- She loves the gracefull, magnificant appearance of the creature

The Sunrise- Ever since Brokenstar was a young apprentice, Brokenstar would wake up early every morning just to watch it. She still does it to this day.

The Stars- the only time when the darkness is managable for Brokenstar is when the stars are out.

The Forest/Trees- Brokenstar often is found in a tree sitting all by herself.


Having a Clean and Neatly Groomed Pelt- Brokenstar cannot stand having dust or icky mud in her pelt. She always makes sure her fur is clean and groomed. That does not mean she is unwilling to do a task that requires her to get her paws messy, though.

Green-leaf Or any other forms of Heat- Brokenstar gets hot very easily so she is miserable during Green-leaf

Horse-places or barns

Cleaning out dens- This was pretty much Brokenstar's least favorite task to do when she was an apprentice

Kittypets- Brokenstar has no respect for kittypets. She absolutely hates the idea of wearing a collar, eating what looks like rabbit droppings, and not being able to go outside when you please.

Lizards- She would rather starve than eat one.

Being Touched- If you touch Brokenstar when she is not paying attention or if she does not know you well, she will flinch and might accidently hurt you, its not her fault she has weird reflexes but if you don't want a clawed up face.. no touchy

Any type of canine

Players- Almost nothing can make Brokenstar angrier than a tom who pretends to love you and then walks away with another she-cat.

Kits- Brokenstar does not hate kittens, she is always willing to protect them and raise them to become great warriors in the future. But she is uncomfortable when she is around them. she really doesn't know how to behave in front of kittens, niether does she understand their playfull minds or how they think in general. Brokenstar also always worries that she will accidently injure them while they are under her watch. This bengal usually tries to steer clear of kittens.

Rouges or Loners- Brokenstar and her clan seem to always be constantly fighting clanless cats that run into their territory to steal their prey. She is now very untrustful of these types of felines and will most likely attack them if she sees them on her territory.

Others telling her what to do - Brokenstar loves to be independent and she takes pride in being able to do things by herself. If you try to give Brokenstar advice (especially if it has to do with how she leads her clan) she will become irritated.

Showing Weakness- As a young apprentice, Brokenstar was taught to never show your feelings, your weaknesses no matter what. She is extremely good at hiding her negative emotions even in tricky situations. But when she does slip, Brokenstar gets very ashamed with herself

Tight spaces Two-legs- Brokenstar has only seen a Two-leg once and they petrified her.

Failing- Brokenstar is constantly anxious of having Shadowclan fall apart. She tries not to take big leaps when making descisions even if they can make Shadowclan a better clan.

Caves-the only place on earth beside two-leg dens that Brokenstar would never go in, you would have to drag her into mothermouth to see the moonstone. Brokenstar has had bad experiances in caves.


Abandonment- Even though She is improving, Brokenstar tends to have this fear that her world is about to collapse through the abandonment of the cats closest to her in her life( they are actually very loyal cats who would never leave her behind)
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(5 is average)


Taste: 4

Smell: 0

Hearing: 8

Feeling: 6

Faith: 5

Flexibility: 8

Strength: 2

Endurance 6

Stamina: 4

Hunting: 3

Hunting in the dark: 4

Fighting: 6

Fighting in the dark: 6

Digging: 2

Fishing: 4

Swimming: 5

Speed: 6

Jumping: 7

Climbing: 9

Stealth: 9

Fighting Style
Brokenstar battles quickly and gracefully, she is considered a intellegent and strategetic fighter. She is definitely not afraid to defend herself, but when Brokenstar is fighting she normally wants to end the battle as quickly as possible and prefers not to kill her opponent unless it is absolutely neccesarry for defense.
Best Skills
She has immensely keen eyes and large ears she is able to run and walk lightly and soundlessly and she has an amazing amount of endurance. She is able to go for a long time without rest or food. Brokenstar is also very flexible, a excellent climber, and very good at hiding and stealth.
Physical Weaknesses
Due to her light weight and her slender frame, her attacks are not as effective as the bigger cats and if she is attacked she might take in more damage than most. She has a blind nose which makes it much more difficult for her to track prey.
Place where she is most Efficient
She is at her best in the woodlands
Place where she is least Efficient
 She is terrible in open fields with hardly anywhere to climb or to hide.


"You can love someone and still have to hurt them."

-Brokenpaw to Fearheart

" We cannot prevent things from happening in the future... but we can use the time that has been given to us to prepare for it."

Brokenfeather to anonymous

"It really hurts to watch cats who used to be the closest of friends argue and say terrible things to each other."

-Brokenfeather to Ravencloud/Fate

"Pity is for the helpless, and you, are not helpless. Neither are you permanently damaged. The darkness can do what it will, but it cannot change you, it cannot touch your soul if you do not let it."

Brokenfeather to anonymous

"a bird with a broken wing only needs mending but once it is fully healed it can soar higher than the rest."

Brokenfeather to anonymous

"Nothing hurts worse than being betrayed by the cat you trust and love the most."

-Brokenstar to Flametail

"Everyone gets knocked down, but it takes the heart of a warrior to get back up again."

~Brokenstar to anonymous~

"I would rather have a small clan with members that are loyal and selfless than a large clan of mousebrains."

~Brokenstar to Dawnspirit~

"Sometimes love can carry us away from reality and destroy logic"

~Brokenstar to Lightningstar

"It's okay to not be okay. Pretending to be strong can only get you so far."

~Brokenstar to Dawnspirit~

"Kittypets are nothing but cute and fat mindless slaves to two-legs who eat from a bowl and wear collars. While they are resting and eating in the warm two-leg den. We are working our tails off, freezing, and starving. Its about time they learned what it felt like to not be comfortable."

~Brokenstar to Rainstorm~

"I am not even sure if I have a starclan guardian watching over me anymore but.. if I do, once I get to Starclan I am going to remind her. Remind her of all the times I desperately needed someone but nobody came."

~Brokenstar to Lavenderpaw~

"In my opinion, Two-legs are the worst predators at all. They arethere are multitudes of them, unpredictable, don't give a care for the world around them and are mouse-brained."

~Brokenstar to Rainwind~

" You say I will die by water? Well then, thank you for the hint. I have complete control of my actions and I will just simply stay away from dangerous water. Just watch me, Berrymoon. I and my clan will be walking out of this situation alive and there is nothing you can say to make me do other wise. I am not finished yet."

~Brokenstar to Berrymoon~



•The only cat (that  is still alive) in ShadowClan who knows all of  Brokenstar’s  past is Lightningstar•

•Brokenstar hates it when cats try to compare her to the older ‘Brokenstar’•

•The first cat Brokenpaw met when she first joined ShadowClan was Stonestar•

•Due to having a blind nose, Brokenstar cannot taste food very well•

-         •Brokenstar tells everyone  that she is from a loner family instead of LeafClan•

•Brokenstar was taught a few herbs when she was an apprentice but she has forgotten most of what she learned•

•Brokenstar wishes that she had a brown pelt instead of a white so she would be able to blend in with the forest better•

•Brokenstar is not very good with kits•

•Brokenstar has barely any memories of her biological mother•

•Brokenstar was very talkative when she was a kit•

•Brokenstar does not know she has kittypet blood in her. If she did her self confidence would decrease.

•Brokenstar lost three lives from an unknown illness•

• Because she has no sense of smell, certain herbs that need to be inhaled such as lavender do not work on Brokenstar•

• Brokenstar’s goal in life is to make ShadowClan thrive• 

•Brokenstar always had a major crush on Blackseeker, a senior warrior of Shadowclan since she was an apprentice but she was always too afraid to make a move•  

•Lightningstar named her kit, Lightstripe after Brokenstar  

•There used to be a pine tree that stood around the borders of Shadowclan's camp. As a young apprentice Brokenstar would climb in this tree and spend hours sitting in it it. Brokenstar continued climbing the tree even after she became leader. Unfortunately when the great flood wrecked the camp, the pine tree was destroyed along with it•  


  • Updated version of Brokenstar
  • Brokenstar by Kirrox
  • Best frands <3
  • Lineart coloring by Willow_tailwarrior
  • Brokenfeather(old version)
  • Brokenfeather (art by me super old version!!)
  • Lineart coloring by a friend
  • Brokenpaw Lineart coloring by Willowtail
  • Brokenfeather( amazing artwork by Le Scarlet witch)
  • Brokenfeather and her good friend Lightningpelt (Lineart coloring by Lightningpelt herself)
  • Lineart colored by Willowtail_warrior
  • Chaos XD
  • Brokenstar being adorbs in the snow ( was done by Tealblue for an art trade)
  • Line-art coloring by Silvermist
  • Brokenstar drawn by Mintie05
  • Dawn and Brokenstar XD
  • Brokenstar as a DRAGON!! Amazingly drawn by Willowtail
  • Broken has been my oc for a year now Yay!
  • Brokenstar, Lightningstar and the future leaders of Shadowclan ;)
  • Brokenstar, drawn by Drakefurbb
  • Brokenstar drawn by Fark
  • Brokenstar and Rainwind
  • Brokenstar gif by Cappturable
  • Brokenstar drawn by Suntailbb
  • Brokenstar and Lightningstar; the roasting queens <3
  • Brokenstar and Patch the kittypet
  • Brokenstar drawn by Viperstrike
  • Broken by Fark
  • Bork by Viperstrike
  • Go to Broken (Human form) by Viperstrike
  • Brokenstar drawn by Viper
  • Broken drawn by Rainwind!
  • Bork drawn by Adimar Co Alpha
  • Also drawn by Adimar ^^
  • Brokenstar by Lightning ^^
  • Cloudstep, Echosoul, Lightningstar, Darkfur, Dawnspirit, and Broken as kits ^^