Appearance: Edit

Jet Black Tabby Tom/ Darker Black Tabby Stripes Along Flank/ Front & Back Left Paws Dabbed With Black On The Front/ Light Smoky Grey Under Belly & Chest/ Long Bushy Grey Tipped Tail/ All Four Grey Paws/ Left Blue Eye & Right Red Eye

Name Meaning: Edit

Broken-: Due to his different colored eyes, as if presenting two different sides to him. He was named 'Broken' kit due to his insane behavior, and lost of sanity over time.

Soul- He earned this last name after proving himself countless times. He may have lost his sanity, but not is soul.

Other Choice's Of Warrior Names: Edit

- I already have one, but I'll put down some other choice's of names that could have been selected-

- Broken Sanity

- Broken Fang

- Broken Wing

- Broken Heart

- Broken Claw

- Broken Feather

Past Names: Edit

Brokenkit/ Brokenpaw

Gender: Edit

Tom/ Brute

Clan: Edit

I'm a (insane) Warrior Of Stream Clan

Rank: Edit

I'm a Newly Made Warrior

Mentor: Edit

-I self mentored myself-

My two brothers, Redfeather and Savage are like my ever lasting mentors.

Age: Edit

26 Moons

I'm the oldest brother out of the three. Doesn't seem like it, right?

Breed: Edit

-- To be discussed and Determined--

Size: Edit

:: Broken'soul gave a insane laugh, observing his blood tinted claws before continuing::
" Well, I'm actually the smallest out of the three brothers. Sure, I'm the oldest but that doesn't mean anything. If anything, I'm more skilled at speed in agility during combat. I usually get picked on alot since I'm the smallest out of Savage and Red. I try and not let that get me down.. Since I'll still try and shred me enemies anyway. I'll prove that size doesn't matter at all, and that I can be the best!"

- He's fairly tiny, but yet his pelt has muscle and he's pretty limber, great for speed and good amount of strength during battle and hunting. -

Brief Description: Edit

:: Broken huffed, looking at you with his unusually bright colored abnormally colored eyes::

"I'm a jet black tabby tom with a darker black pelt. I have darker black tabby stripes that cover my pelt, ears to tail tip. My front and back paws are a light smoky grey, but they are covered in black at the very tips of them. Just like my paws, my under belly and chest is a lighter grey too, even my under chin. My long bushy tail is also suited in grey along with all four paws. My eyes are different, my left is a piercing icy blue color, while my right is a light blood red color. Got a problem with me?"

Scars: Edit

"I actually have alot of scars, but it doesn't bother me. I'm proud of my scars."

:: He grinned and swiped his tongue around his scarred muzzle, giving a slow blink of his bi-colored eyes::

  • I have scars along both of my ears, making them very mauled
  • Heavy scars along my entire pelt, mainly my upper pelt
  • Heavy scars across both eyes

Fur Length, Fur Texture, Fur Color: Edit