Intro Edit

"Intruder! " The Deputy yelled. Dawncloud's eyes flooded with fear, as she slipped into the nursery with her mate, Broken. She tucked her favorite kit beside her safely. Her eyes opened, looking for the intruder. suddenly the brush rustled. She managed to scratch the intruder, Before it slipped off with a grey kit in its jaws. She chased after, as branches hit her. she stopped, knowing there was no way she would catch up now. She padded back to camp. The intruder was there, with the Helpless kit in her jaws. " Silents!" The deputy, Hawktalon waved her tail. Dawncloud looked up. " This is only a drill. No need to worry." There was mutters of disbelief. " We only did this for our safety. From now on, We need to Improve our security. This, Is my friend, Rainpaw. " She waved her tail to the intruder. Rainpaw blinked, Shyly. Dawncloud watched as Broken stormed off angerly. " You should follow him.. " Said the cat next to her. Dawncloud slipped off, after him. Suddenly, she smelled something Familiar... Too familiar. Brokens eyes were glazed, his eyes watering. Dawncloud crawled to his side. There lay Owlkit, Close To death. " im so sorry you never became an apprentice.. " Broken muttered. Dawncloud nodded in agreement. She buried her nose in Owlkits fur. Tears ran, making his body cold. Broken dragged the limp body to camp.

In the night Dawncloud looked at The tom. Broken stared back at her, then looked at the other shecat. " I have to choose, you know. So i choose Soulstorm. " He meowed cheerfully. She stared at him. " Fine!" She stormed to camp. She lay down, glaring the other way of the couple.

She missed her clan brutally. They had Exiled her. Echoclan Was the best clan ever. She was on her own now. To survive, she had to start her own clan. She frowned. She missed Broken. She missed Snakestar. She missed Hawktalon. She missed Bear. She missed everyone.

You pad around, lost. You see something rustling in the trees. You see a beautiful shecat. She stared at you seriously. " don't you know your on Brokenclan territory?" You shake your head. She Smiled at you. " Well come on then." She sped into the brambles, leaving you trying to catch up. suddenly you see a beautiful clearing. " Welcome to my clan. " She meowed. You swear your mouth drops open with awe. She leaps up the high rock, Roaring for silence. " Today we welcome...."

Allegiances Edit

Leader- Dawnstar (Akony)- A beautiful golden tabby, with long claws stained with blood.


Medic/ Medic apprentice-





Contact- Hello, I am Dawnstar, My username in Animal jam is Akony.


- Respect The Leader, She Keeps You Alive.

- Don't Kill Each Other. This Ain't The Hunger Games.

-Respect. Treat Others As You Would Treat Yourself.

- Please Respect Your Medic.

- Be Mature. Do We Want To Look Like Kittypets?

-We Ain't No Dogs.

- Please Use The Following: Wolfs for Warriors, Queens, Leader, Deputy, Medic And Elder;Foxes for Apprentices;Bunny for kits. Thank you.

-Be Loyal, I really don't want to suffer another loss.

-Keep drama low. I know, I am a Dramatic person, but lets please try.

- Please Do not test how far I can go. I get angry easily.

-Don't pretend I don't Care about you, because I do.

- Sometimes we are all carried away, but when i say it is roleplay time, it is ROLEPLAY TIME.

-Please get me, if im on, before you attack me.

Dress code Edit

-Stick with the pelt colors Brown; Grey; Tan; Black; And white. Thank you!

-No collars, We are free, not kittypets

-Please keep the patterns as the pelt. thank you.

-Please just do "girl eyes" or " boy eyes"

Joining Edit

-Name 5 Warrior cats

-Show a roleplay

-Name and rank

-Buddy me