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~Richard Cecil

About BrightspotsEdit

Brightspots is a deceased Somali she-cat. She was a wanderer, even leading a clan at one point, but eventually became a loner before dying of natural causes and joining StarClan. She had past mates, though lacked one at the time of death, but never any kits.

Appearance Edit

Weight: 6 pounds

Pelt: She has a Cream-colored base, with a white top coat and a white over coat. Her tail is cream with the underside white, and her paws are tipped with white. Her fur is also shaded white. She has a hood on her head of darker grey from her forehead, and white ears. Her eyelids are also white

Eyes: He has one pale blue eye, and another dark amber eye.

Scars/Defects: Her right ear is torn, and a small scar runs over her shoulder.

Other: Her fur is fluffy, especially her tail. She is smaller than average.

  • Realistic
  • Animal Jam (Old)
  • Animal Jam (New)
  • Spirit (Current)




(Other family in existence, including nephews/nieces, but unknown.)

Other RelationshipsEdit


River is a small kit that Brightspots rescued from dogs in the forest. They grew very close and she practically considers the kit her daughter.


Ravenflight is Brightspots' other best friend besides River. They met in ForestClan, growing close and working well together. Bright still remembers the first time they fought together in a battle.

Miscellaneous Others

Brightspots was a wanderer, so of course she made many other friends and acquaintances, though none close enough to be listed by name.

Personality Edit

  • Sarcastic: Brightspots enjoys being sarcastic about mostly everything, especially when she was a loner. Often though, she used this to set up a facade.
  • Bubbly: She can actually be very cheerful, but only towards close friends.
  • Reckless: Brightspots isn't afraid to go into danger to help those she cares about.
  • Defensive: She is very defensive towards herself and those she loves. This often results in her shutting others out with a cheery or sarcastic facade, however.
  • Self-Conscious: She cares too much about what others think, and is often very nervous and clumsy as a result.

Likes/Dislikes Edit


  • Satire (Mostly Sarcasm and Wordplay)
  • Minor Companionship
  • Birds, Fish, and Rabbits
  • Travelling (At Night Specifically)
  • Sparring


  • Larger Crowds
  • Lizards and Frogs
  • Non-Ironic Exaggeration
  • Canines

Flaws/Strengths Edit


  • Because of her defensiveness, Bright can often come off as aggressive to those who don't know her very well.
  • She tends to pick fights.
  • Her sarcasm doesn't help with this.
  • She's secretly a hopeless romantic.


  • She is a good hunter and a decent battler.
  • She is loyal, caring, and defensive towards her friends.
  • She is fairly down-to-earth and experienced, as she wandered most of her life.

Art of Brightspots Edit