Welcome to the pack Edit

It was a pitch black night, no stars, no light. There was a few animals mostly wolves. They were all scared and terrified of the darkness and souls. There was one wolf scared of nothing she was a white,gray and blue wolf. She had blind blue eyes,long curved horns, she had a smirk on her face. She howled and made a bright white light and it formed into a small little fire pit for the animals. All the animals smiled and watched the she wolf pad away. The she wolf got lonely, all she did was play around with 3 of he powers fire, light, ice. She always padded around saying " Good morning" or " Greetings" She was lonely. So she howled loudly one day, and a black wolf looked down at her he said " You, are you fang?" The she wolf responded with a nod. He spoke in a mythic voice " You will become leader some day, no lonely and friends." Fang looked up at him " You sure sir? I'm never going to believe that...." She growled. The black misty wolf looked down at her and smiled " Fine." He Padded away and fang got up and padded away. 5 Years Pass. Fang was fully grown she was 16, the black wolf was right. She started her own pack. She was brave, fast, smart, and she loved to think about legends and myths. She practiced hunting and basic training for 6 months. Then she got on a high rock and howled loudly the wolf came and she said " Welcome to my pack, i'm fang if you want to join let me know..." She stood with pride and smiled at all the wolves that were sitting in front of her. That was just the start.....

Ranks Edit

Alphas 1/2

Fang- A She-Wolf with a grey cote and white fur. She has splashes of blue and has blind blue eyes, wolves say if you stare into her eyes you will be scared for a whole month. She also has a scar on her right paw and has long curved horns

Deputy 0/2 ( these are the mates of the leaders )

Healers/Medics 0/2

Omegas 0/1

pups 0/3

queens 0/2

Warriors- 0/6

Tag must be white Edit

Alpha's- Mira

Deputy- zios

Healers/Medics- Leaf

Omegas- Lightning bolt



Warriors- Wolf howling

Avatar Edit

Alpha's: Arctic wolfs

Deputy: Arctic wolfs

Healers: Wolf or Arctic fox


Pups- Bunny or lynx

Queens: Arctic fox or Arctic wolf

Warriors: Wolves, Arctic fox, Arctic Wolf, snow leopard

Items on animal Edit

Head- Any kind of horns or skull mask if your a queen wear flower crowns

Neck- Spike, Leaf necklace

Back- Worn, sword, bow and arrows

paws/ feet- Elf bracelets, Leaf Bracelets, and arm cuffs

Rules Edit

  1. No Power playing
  2. No fighting pack members
  3. no double packing if you are inform the alpha's
  4. Respect high ranks like alpha and deputy
  5. You can have a mate just no gross things
  6. Pups and queens eat first
  7. Be mature
  8. . When Alpha's are silly be silly

Fill this out to be in the pack ( Copy and paste ) in the comments Edit

Pack Name: Ivy

UserName: Wackyberry85

Desired Rank: omega (when become member would like to be healer)

How does your animal look like?: light brown wolf with white spots and a white under belly with evergreen eyes.

Role play example: Crouching in the tall grass of my territory. I creep up on my prey. I smell it. So close i can almost taste its blood in my mouth. I wiggle my haunches and leaped as high as i can. I landed squarely on my prey. I swiftly clawed it neck and it went limp under my paws. I realized i caught a mouse and was proud because it was very plump. My pack will eat well today.

Male or Female: Female

Have a mate?: No

Free Chat?: Not yet

Punishments Edit

  1. Ear Torn
  2. More work
  3. No leaving the den
  4. Scar made
  5. And Sometime if really bad- K.I.L.L.E.D

Thank You and please tell me in the comments! ONLY. ALPHAS. CAN. EDIT. Edit