Intro Edit

You pad through a dense forest. The nighttime sky was ridded of stars, no fallen warriors to be seen.The moon was a blood red color. You shiver, noticing how cold it was. Your ancestors are not to be seen.


You pad deeper in the forest. You hear unknown voices off in the distance. Happy, you run faster towards the forest. Suddenly, you bump into a black tom. Your eyes widen at the sight of him.

He had piercing red eyes, a ragged black pelt jagged with scars, notches on one ear, and the other ear is torn off. His paws and cleaves were stained with blood. A huge scar was visible on his neck.

He growled, and meowed, "Wow, fleapelt. You're a long way from Starclan. Why are you here?"

"I- I don't know." you stutter. "I just found myself here when I fell asleep."

"Classic excuse. You're in the Dark Forest. My name is Bloodstar."

History Edit

"The moon is red! Blackstar, what do we do?"

I stopped nursing and felt for my siblings. My mother meowed to us, "Kits, today is a special day. Me and your father are going to choose your names." "Why today?" I asked, sniffling."Because today, the moon is red. It is a very important event." I felt my way outside the nursery. I gagged at the smell of warm milk and furry kits. My mother shrieked, "Where are you going, sweetpea? Come back!" "No mama! When I open my eyes, I wanna see the moon!" I meowed.

My mother gasped, and everything went silent. I opened my eyes very slowly and looked at the moon. "It's


amazing! I yelped. "Mama, what color are my eyes?" I turned my head towards her, watching her expression. She hesitated and meowed, astonished, "Red. Your eyes are as red as the moon."

My other siblings scrambled on her back, their eyes open as well. "Mama, what color are our eyes? Are our eyes red too?" I turned my head away from them, muttering, "Mouse brains..."

"No, nutkins." she purred. "Let's get Thistleclaw over here. Thistleclaw! Come meet your kits!"

A gray tabby tom padded over to us, his green eyes twinkling. "My kits." he purred. He looked at all of us, then rested his gaze on my eyes. "What names shall we give them?" he asked, turning away from me, looking at my mother.

She pushed my white tabby sister towards him. She looked at her father with gentle icy blue eyes. My mother said, "This one can be Hopekit. Next one?"

My father looked at my white mother and nodded. "Next one, Cloudpelt."

Mama nudged my golden tabby brother towards him. He looked bravely at my father, his amber eyes twinkling. "I want to be Lionkit!" he roared." Thistleclaw's eyes widened, and he purred, "Lionkit it is." He reached for my other sister, a tortoiseshell cat. She looked at my father just like the other kits. Her eyes were a light green. "Give me a sweet name!" she mewed. My father examined her and meowed, "Nutkit, cause you're a little nutkin."

She growled and pretended to claw my father playfully. My mother purred and nudged me to him.

His eyes widened at me. He looked at my completely black fur and my piercing red eyes. He looked at the moon, then me. He meowed softly, "Bloodkit. His eyes turned to my mother. "Bloodkit because his eyes are blood red."

"Yay!" I squeaked. "I have an awesome name! I'm gonna be a great warrior!"

"You will," my mother purred. "You will."

Apprentice hood Edit

Cloudpelt nudged me and my siblings to the clan meeting. I snuffed when other cat's smells tickled my nose. "Bleh." I gagged.

She cleaned us up with her tongue and meowed, "Go closer, kits! Today is when you become apprentices."

I jumped and ran towards the rock excitedly. My silings ran after me, mewing, "Wait for us, Bloodkit! It's our ceremony too! Wait!"

I bumped into my father, and I moved to his side. My siblings lined up close to me and watched as Blackstar climbed up the rock. He shifted his jet black fur and he meowed, "Cats of Darkclan! When we name kits apprentices, we show that Darkclan is healthy and strong. Hopekit, step forward."

My sister's eyes widened as she moved closer to Blackstar. Blackstar meowed, "Hopekit, I have heard that you want to train as a medicine cat. You will now be Hopepaw. Fallowfern will be your mentor."

She squealed with delight. Fallowfern padded up to her and they touched noses. "You will be a great medicine cat. Follow me." They ran towards the medicine den, Hopepaw purring with delight.

Lionkit stepped forward, his tail swaying fast. He meowed, "I want to be an apprentice next!"

Blackstar purred with amusement. "Lionkit, you will now be Lionpaw. Pinefur will be your mentor."

Lionpaw ran over to his dark brown tabby mentor and touched noses with him. "Can we learn fighting moves first?" he mewed. Pinefur meowed, "First the territory, then you're going to learn how to catch prey."

He shrugged, and walked with his mentor to the forest. Nutkit stepped forward, bouncing all around. "Me next, me next!" she squeaked.

Blackstar's ears twitched, and he purred, "Brilliant. Nutkit, you will be known as Nutpaw. Mouseheart will be your mentor."

She touched noses with her brown mentor. They padded to the elder's den, Nutpaw groaning: "Why do I have to do this first?"

I sneered and strutted up to my leader. "My turn now, I presume?"

Blackstar's eyes widened, and he stuttered, "Bloodkit, you will be known as Bloodpaw. Redwillow will be your mentor."

My red ginger mentor padded up to me and we touched noses. He whispered, "We're going to learn battle moves first." He walked with me to the training hollow. I sneered, and followed him happily.

Apprentice Hood - Part 2 Edit

"Now," Redwillow growled, "Do what you can on me."


"Claws unsheathed?" I asked,my eyes widening.

"Anything - just don't kill me." he smirked. "Go on now."

I snarled and circled him. Redwillow returned the favor with a delightful hiss, his eyes following mine. When I was sure his head was turned, I leaped on his back, unsheathing my cleaves. I heard a shriek coming from Redwillow. I purred delightfully when blood ran down his pelt.

He growled and dropped to the ground. My eyes widened in surprise, wondering what he was going to do next. He rolled onto his back, squashing me. I gasped for air, throwing him off me. I wasn't going to give up yet.

I heard an "Oof!" from him. I ran to him and leaped on him again, biting down hard on his foreleg until I felt bone. I waited until he shrieked, then clawed him on his sides. He yowled in agony, and shrieked, "Okay, you prove to be a worthy foe. Get off!"

I leaped off him in surprise, and began helping him wash off the blood. He pushed me away and rasped, "Leave me here. I'm gonna die anyways."

"No! I'm sorry!" I wailed.

"It's fine. I forgive you. You need a mentor who can keep up with you..."

I looked at him, and suddenly all of the weakness left my body. It was best to put him out of his misery. I raised my blood stained paw and dug my claws into his neck. He gasped, and coughed out a lot of blood. His eyes rolled into his head, and his flank fell.

It actually felt good to kill cats now that I had just done it. I looked around for any watchers, and scented none.

I quickly lapped my paws clean of blood, and sniffed the air for any disguise sent i could cover the blood scent with. Thankfully, there was a scent of fox on a tree nearby. I realized that I could tell them that a fox came after us and that it killed Redwillow. So I rolled in the scent until all I smelled was fox scent.

Then I realized that they would notice that I wasn't injured. So I scratched myself up, wincing as I did. I bit my leg until I felt bone underneath, then gasped. I shook my fur, then I picked up Redwillow by the scruff and dragged him back to camp.

Apprentice Hood - Part 3 Edit

As I entered camp, all of the cats in the area gasped in shock. Blackstar rushed over and asked, "What happened?"

"Fox attacked us," I meowed. "It managed to kill Redwillow. I got injured, but I escaped. Afterwards, the fox left the territory of the clans."

He nodded, and meowed, "Okay then. Go to Fallowfern and Hopepaw. Leave Redwillow here. I'll assign you a new mentor soon."

I nodded and ran to my sister's den. Fallowfern gasped and said, "I heard about the fox. Hopepaw, I need some horsetail, cobweb, and some marigold."

My sister ran deep inside the den to retrieve the herbs. After a while, she came back with them. I sat

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down and let the mouse brains apply it to me. I winced when they applied the horsetail and marigold to my wounds.

"It'll hurt for a while, but it helps the bleeding." Hopepaw mewed.

I grunted and waited for them to finish.

Surprisingly, my fur felt better when they were done. Hopepaw meowed, "Come back if you feel any more pain!"

As I walked out of the den, I heard Fallowfern mew, "You did a great job treating your brother. You will become a great medicine cat someday."

I growled under my breath and went to the fresh kill pile. There were a couple of voles, a few rabbits, and 6 mice. I looked then over to see which one has the most blood spilled.

Finally I chose a bloody rabbit and sat down to eat it. I ran my tongue along my teeth, loving the taste of blood. Right when I finished, Blackstar announced, "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join beneath the Night Rock!"

I ran towards the meeting place and sat down. Nutpaw, Lionpaw, and Hopepaw arrived and sat beside me. My mother and father rushed toward the Night Rock. The rest of the warriors and Fallowfern came over and looked at Blackstar questionly.

Blackstar hesitated, and meowed, "Today, Redwillow died due to a fox. He will be missed greatly."

The clan meowed shocked mews, and some murmured their agreements for Redwillow. I muttered something unreadable.

Blackstar continued. "Since he was.. Bloodpaw's mentor, Bloodpaw is assigned a new mentor. Bloodpaw, your new mentor will be Thornpelt."

The gray tabby padded up to me and touched noses with me. He whispered to me, "Bloodpaw, I will teach you how to be strong, how to defend yourself, and how to make blood lap at other cat's paws. I will teach you ambition, revenge, and aggression, the three things that you seem to need."

I nodded and sneered, "I need those things in my life."

Warrior Life Edit

Thornpelt strutted with me to the leader's den. He meowed, "Are you ready to be a warrior?"

I meowed, "Yes, I am..."

He nodded and we stopped at the entrance to Blackstar's den. Thornpelt called, "Blackstar, may we come in?"

Blackstar rasped, "Enter."

Me and Thornpelt looked at each other and we strutted inside, smirks on our faces. Thornpelt broke the silence. "Blackstar, Bloodpaw is ready to be a warrior."

His eyes widened, and I flexed my blood stained cleaves. Blackstar finally meowed, "Yes, he is. He has reached 12 moons. Nutpaw and Lionpaw are ready too."

I sighed when I heard the names of my mouse brained siblings. At least he hadn't mentioned the weak siling, Hopepaw.

Blackstar ran to the Night Rock, which sparkled like stardust had been sprinkled on it. That's why it was called the Night Rock.

He jumped on it and he called, "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join beneath the Night Rock for a clan meeting!"

My mother and father came from the warriors den. They looked excited as they sat down by Thornpelt. They waved their tails in greeting, but Thornpelt only flicked his ears. I admired that about him, he was always never too soft.

My siblings, along with their mentors, sat down by me. Nutpaw's fur was all frizzed up. I chuckled under my breath looking at her. Hope came also, with Fallowfern by her side. The rest of the clan came down and we all waited for Blackstar to speak.

Finally, he meowed, "Today, 3 apprentices are ready to receive their warrior names. Mentors, do you agree?" There was a faint murmur coming from the mentors. Blackstar nodded and said, "Nutpaw, step forward."

The lump of fur who was Nutpaw padded up to Blackstar and looked up at him.


"Nutpaw, do you promise to defend your clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do." she mewed.

"Nutpaw, from this moment, you will be known as Nutfall. Starclan honors your enthusiasm and joy, and they will welcome you as a warrior."

Nutfall touched noses with him, and she sat down. Blackstar rasped, "Lionpaw, step forward."

My brother strutted up to him, looking up at him with widened amber eyes.

"Lionpaw, do you promise to defend your clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do!" he quipped, his tassel sweeping the ground in anticipation.

"Lionpaw, from this moment, you will be known as Lionheart. Starclan honors your bravery and courage, and they will welcome you as a warrior."

Lionheart touched noses with him, and he stepped backward and sat down by his mentor.

Now it was my turn Blackstar sighed, and he rasped, "Bloodpaw, do you promise to defend your clan, even


at the cost of your life?"

I tilted my head at this ridiculous question, and muttered, "I do."

He continued. "Bloodpaw, from this moment on, you will be known as Bloodfang. Starclan honors your strength, and they will welcome you as a warrior."

I touched noses with him. Afterwards he announced, "Meeting dismissed."

He jumped down and padded to his den. I muttered, "This Bloodfang wants blood lapping at his paws."

Warrior Life - Part 2 Edit

The meeting broke up, and all of the cats scattered to do what they felt like doing. When allof them were gone, I ran to the medicine den.

I poked my head inside. Fallowfern wasn't there, thankfully. Hopepaw was asleep in her nest, her whiskers twitching. She's too weak, it's best to put her out of her misery, I thought. I started nosing her, and i meowed, "Sister, wake up, wake up...."

She rose her head and she opened her jaws in an enormous yawn. Disgusting, I thought.

She rose to her feet and padded out of her nest. She mewed, "Bloodfang, why are you here? Is something wrong?"

"No Hopepaw. I need to talk to you- in private." I meowed.

She nodded, and we ran to the edge of Darkclan territory. I waited until the scent marks ended, then I stopped and waited until Hopepaw came to a halt.

I then meowed, "Promise not to speak about this?"

Hopepaw nodded.

Time to distract her. I meowed casually, "What did you do today?"

Her eyes widened with excitement, and she started chattering. "I gathered cobwebs, marigold, and horsetail with Fallowfern, and she taught me how to handle moss bile! It was stinky though..."

I circled her until her back was turned to me. I then raised my paw, unsheathed my cleaves, and dug them into her neck. She gasped, and started coughing out blood. She tried to speak, so I raked my claws on her soft underbelly. I then sank my teeth into her neck until I felt slender bone underneath. She made a gurgling sound, her eyes rolled in her head, and she went limp.

Her pelt was covered in crimson blood. The clan is going to think it was me who killed this weakling, I thought. I decided to tell them that it was a rouge. So I scratched up my pelt myself, and screeched a bloodcurling yowl.

I heard paw steps. I quickly lapped my blood-stained paws, and waited. Pretty soon, Fallowfern, Blackstar,

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and Shadowheart, the deputy, ran over. They gasped, and Fallowfern meowed nervously, "What happened? Oh, Hopepaw! She's dead... Tell us what happened." Her eyes were as big as a full moon. Her brown tabby pelt was bristled with fear.

I replied curtly, "A rouge passed by. He killed my sister-" I flicked my tail towards Hopepaw, "but I managed to escape with a few wounds." I winced when I mentioned them.

"Go to my den." she ordered. She nudged me towards her den, and I pretended to limp after it. I looked behind me as the 3 cats started to run into the camp.

Soon, Fallowfern rushed into the den and started to apply herbs to my pelt. She asked me, "What did the rouge look like?"

"I didn't get a chance to see."