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Welcome to bloodclan, a clan of power and evil. a clan of bloodshed. join us and you may find your place here, choose not to and your life may be at cost. We are the rulers of blood and battle.


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✞General Information

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"Oh yes, blood is everything. But the only blood I am interested in flows from my enemies. Look around you! These cats are bathed in blood. It soaks their fur and laps at their paws. This is why we survive! We are BloodClan!" ~Scourge~


June 2016

Current Leader(s)


Status Inctive


Member Count Alot
Species Felis Catus (Feral Cat)
Camp Fidget04
Orientation Neutral
Tag Color Black
Badge Symbol -
Theme Song -


In every Clan there are rules we must follow. These are here to help us stay orgonized. Read them over carfuly, for if you break one, you will be punished. It may be severe, or it may be small. It depends on what rule you break.

OC Limit

Multiple oc's per each account is getting overwhelming, so we've decided to cut it down to 2 oc's per person. If you have more than 2 oc's right now, please choose your most vital ones, or we will choose for you. You must also use those two oc's equally. There is no point in making an oc that you will never use.


If you fail to respect your Leaders, severe punishment will follow your actions accordingly. These felines have fought hard to gain their ranks, your life should respect them.

Double Grouping

Double Grouping is forbidden in BloodClan. If this is discovered from you, there will be no hesitation in exile. Acceptions are if you are in ShadowClan (Rosepaw16)

●Stress & Pestering●

Most certainly do not put stress on your Leaders. Your Leaders already have enough on their list, and don't need your stress on top of that. Do not pester them to do clan, as they have lives outside of Animal jam.


Power playing includes but is not limited to using any other language than english, fake anatomy, ignoring another enemies moves, and claiming to have powers ESPECIALLY without a backstory.This is not tolerated in any form here and you can be punished for it.


You must be active here in BloodClan. If you don't want to be forgotten, you must be on often. The leader must be notified if you will be gone for multiple days, and for how long. At the rate we are currently growing, it can be hard to keep trach of who's on vacation or who has gotten bored and decided to leave without notifying someone. So make sure you notify the leader of a vacation.

●Leaving Multiple Times●

If you leave BloodClan once , you can come back again, but if you leave BloodClan a second time, you will be exiled and will never be allowed to join BloodClan again. Do not think you can pop in and out of this clan whenever you feel, or if you have a 'bad day' and say you are leaving, then come crawling back.


Drama can be a big part of Clanning, but it can also be the worst thing about it. Most clans do evolve around drama, but most drama is very sutle and doesn't affect the entire clan. Still here at BloodClan, we don't like drama of mostly any kind. That is why we only allow 2 events of drama per week. This includes on the game and on the wiki. We need to remember that drama can and will stress people out and/or cause more issues than thought of.

Examples of “starting drama” are:

  • -Killing off your character
  • - Becoming a queen and having kits
  • - having your oc get injured or getting a disease
  • - Having your character going insane.
  • - having an animal such as a badger of wolf run into camp and attack everyone or just your oc
  • - making your oc depressed
  • - having a natural catastrophe happen such as a blizzard, flood, or thunderstorm
  • - having dreams of visions from StarClan or the Darkforest.
  • - Using your second aj account to make an enemy from your oc’s past suddenly come back into your character’s life.
  • - Anything else that you can think of that will change the course of our roleplay

If you want to start drama you must ask a higher ranking cat first, no exceptions.


Verbal Warning

A verbal warning consequence isn't major and is frequently given for those who make minor mistakes. You will just speak face to face about where you've done wrong and clear up any nonesense. We will give you about two warnings and if you ignore them and continue your behavior we will begin to give you punishments. Try not to think of this as a punishment instead think of this as a chance to redeem yourself. 

Extra Chores

If you do not listen to your leader's verbal warnings then you will be forced to 'clean up' the camp. This means you will have to make the structures of the walls of the camp stronger, collecting herbs for a medic, assisting a queen in the nursery, cleaning out dens or whatever is needed to be done. Sometimes you will be asked to do these things even if you did not do anything wrong

Public Humiliation

Public humiliation comes after verbal warning. A public humiliation will be something wrong you have done that gets mentioned infront of your peers.

Bound to Camp

This often happens if you act wreckless and kit-like outside or within our camp. You will be forced to stay within the camp area. You will be expected to guard the camp during this amount of time and you will not be able to attend gatherings. This punishment can run anywhere from a day to a full moon.

'Treated like an apprentice'

If you act like an immature kit you will certainly be treated like one. For a temporary amount of time you will be treated like a trainee. You will have to have a warrior supervise you when you hunt or train and you will have to sleep in the apprentice den for a night. You will still be able to keep your warrior name though and you will not be given any type of ceramony once you get your rank back.(this rule applies for actual Shadowclan apprentices too but you will be lowered to the rank of a kitten instead of an apprentice.)

Torn Ear &/or Tail

We bay be on the neutral side of things, but if the case is severe enough, we will not hesitate in tearing your ear or tail clean off. It will often be done infront of your fellow clan members, and be comitted by the deputy.


Depending on your actions, you could be demoted from your current rank you have. This will last as long as our leaders choose. If demoted to an apprentice, you will be given a mentor to punish you for your actions and teach you what it truely means to be a warrior here in BloodClan once again


We exile people for only a several reasons, and they are mainly for out of character actions. This includes Double-Grouping.


Death is the darkest punishment, and will happen within roleplay. It may often be a full-clan mauling. You will be torn at and picked apart by your fellow clan members. And after the deed is done, you may never returne to BloodClan.



[ Challengeable by Deputies ]

Highest rank in BloodClan. Only Deputies may challenge. They hold responsibilities to lead the Clan in battles, to keep the Clan organized, and most importantly, hold the clan together. One of the most powerful fighters.


Name Username Mate Description
Scoprion Fidget04 - Scorpion is a slender, broad shouldered, forigen body-typed, pale tan, and short furred, she-cat. She has large amber eyes and an average legenth tail. To have earned her name, is from her sand colored pelt, and as how her tail fur thickens at the tip. Her underbelly is white, and she posesses darken tan stripes along her back. The scorpion zodiac sign is on her shoulder.



[ Unchallengeable ]

A Deputy is to own the same duties as the Leader, but with less power over those duties. They will fill in for the Leader if he is unable to be present. This rank is unchallengeable. We have two deputies so there will always be one present at clan.

Name Username Mate Description
Tangled Ninjagirl01 - Tangled is a slender shecat with long and lanky legs. She has a large right ear and a torn left ear. She has alluring bright yellow eyes. Her pelt is composed of several shades of grey she has several scars that look like tiny claw marks on the right side of her right cheek. has a bony wedge shaped face with massive paws.



[ Unchallengeable ]

Shamans are the temporary medicine cats of BloodClan. They are Warriors who are skilled with finding and using herbs. When a Shaman is not needed or off duty, they will take the position of their current rank.

Name Username Mate Description
Thorn Rosepaw16 ---- Thorn is unually small tortishell she-cat with three claw marks dragging down the left side of her face. She has no tail due to a birth defect. She has extremly long claws as sharp as thorns(hence her name thorn). She has one blue eye and one green eye.



[ Recieved ]

Warriors are the bulk of the Clan and are the Clan's fighters. Warriors must check borders daily and assure the prey pile consists of fresh kill. They  fight beside their Leader no matter the situation. Warriors may be Shamans who assist the wounded. BloodClan Warriors will remain Warriors until death. Permanently wounded male Warriors will be exiled from BloodClan, as they can no longer fight for us, and permanently wounded Females will care for kits.

Name Username Mate Description
Zodiac Catsanddogs58104 Hushuzu

Tall Broad Shouldered cream tom with a black underbelly and socks. He has Amber eyes, and wears a dark grey collar. He has a black 'Leo' Zodiac sign on his left shoulder, and has a surprisingly long tail.

Hawk Wolfy58744 - A large, sleek, burnt seianna female cat with deep mahogony dapples running along her pelt.  Her eyes are a royal hazel color, with a spark inside of them.
Midnight Cookieslove15 - A midnight Dark-greyish night time pelt. Her left eyes is torn, claw marks surrounding the area, the right is blue-green. She has long, thin legs her left side scatched and marked from battle and thorns.
Torn BlueBulbasaur - A menacingly handsome all black tom-cat with deep blue eyes and abnormally large claw. He is extremly slender, making it easy for him to get around.



[ Recieved ]

The Queens of BloodClan. This rank includes either permanent Queens or temporary Queens. Temporary Queens will return to duty as soon as their young become Warriors. Permanent Queens may participate in Battle when needed and will take orphaned Scraps as their own.



[ Recieved ] 

Kits are permitted to exit camp with an authorized feline and have the capability to decide whether or not to participate in battles. Kit are trained by their mother and are permitted to transfer to a Warrior as soon as their mother feels as if they must be ready.

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