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Welcome to BlazingClan! I am Blazestar, the leader, of course. BlazingClan is a group of many cats, who are strong, fierce, brave, and loyal. We live by the lake, along with the four original Clans. Part of our camp is on a hill. Our camp is big, which is fitting since we have so many cats. The warriors' den is near the entrance. It is a few holly bushes together, making it very big. The apprentice den is just close by. It is made out of a bramble thicket. The entrance and the inside is tall enough so the apprentices won't get poked. The elders' den is next to the apprentice den, and is made out of a bramble thicket, as well. On the other side of the camp, we have the nursery. It is in the bottom of an enormous tree. My den is in the bottom of the hill, in a cave-like place. The entrance is guarded by lichen. The medicine cat's den is next to mine. It is like my den, except it is bigger. Not too far from the medicine cat's den is the Crystaled Rock. It is a big rock that is very much like a crystal. I use it mostly when I call meetings. The rock is sacred to us. The Crystaled Rock has given our medicine cat many omens. We thank StarClan for their gift... The last place of the camp is on the opposite side of the warriors' den. It is where our... "guests" usually stay. Fortunately, we do not have to use the pris—guest den very often. The den is in the bottom of another tree, far from the nursery. That is our wonderful camp! The home us BlazingClan cats love so much.


Allegiance Edit

BlazingClan Edit


The leader of BlazingClan. They are the supreme power and have entire control over the group. They have the most respect in the entire group.

Name Username Gender Mate Kit(s) Description Apprentice Rank
Blazestar N/A Female N/A N/A A beautiful golden

tabby with white paws

and amber eyes. She is

willing to defend

BlazingClan with her life.

N/A Leader


Name Username Gender Mate Kit(s) Description Apprentice Rank
Bearfur N/A Male N/A N/A,


To Have


A cheerful tan cat with

light blue eyes. A tabby.

Lionpaw Deputy

~Medicine Cat~

Name Username Gender Description Apprentice Rank
Scarletlily N/A Medicine Cat
Moonfang N/A Medicine Cat

Scarletlily: she is a magnificent russet-red she-cat with a white underbelly and white paws; she has yellow eyes

Moonfang: he is a small white and black tom with light blue eyes


Shadetail: she is a light gray she-cat with a black tail, pointy ears, and dark blue eyes

Redstone: he is a dark gray tom with red burned patches and dark brown eyes

Nightstorm: he is a black tom with some dark gray and yellow eyes (Apprentice: Cloudpaw)

Robinfang: she is an orange she-cat with one light brown patch on her side and a few black lines on her face, side, and leg; she has hazel eyes (Apprentice: Velvetpaw)

Blackhawk: she is a she-cat with light brown and tan fur with black patches; she has green eyes

Bluecloud: she is a small gray-blue she-cat with dark brown eyes

Wolf: he is a tom with gray, light gray, and white fur; he has one sky blue eye and one yellow green eye

Blade: He is a dark gray and black tom with yellow green eyes

Rosetail: she is an orange she-cat with a very light gray underbelly and sky blue eyes

Goldenclaw: he is a golden and brown tom with green eyes

Mysterysoul: she is a quiet she-cat with a black pelt and tan-ish underbelly; her eyes are a bright yellow

Stonefrost: he is a gray tom with light gray and tan splotches; he has icy blue eyes

Lightningstripe: he is a jet black tom with a yellow stripe along his back and side; he has amber eyes

Kestrelfeather: he is a light brown and tan tom with brown flecks on his belly; he has light green eyes

Ravenspirit: he is a black tom with white spots and bright yellow eyes (Apprentice: Darkpaw)

Blizzardwing: he is a white and light gray tom with a tan-ish underbelly and light blue eyes

Birchsky: he is a white tom with tan-ish splotches and brown flecks; he has sky blue eyes

Brookstride: she is a light gray and taupe she-cat with sky blue eyes

Badgerclaw: he is a black tom with a big white stripe down his front and back; he has green eyes

Ambershine: she is a yellow-orange and tan she-cat with amber eyes

Cinderblossom: she is a gray and brown she-cat with green eyes

Fawnshadow: she is a light brown she-cat with small black splotches; she has brown eyes

Quietstream: she is a white tabby with gray stripes and light aqua green eyes

Cherryheart: she is a russet-colored tabby with dark orange stripes and blue eyes

Echodream: she is a black and light gray she-cat with white patches; she has blue eyes

Aspenclaw: he is a tan and light orange tom with one big, white patch and yellow green eyes

Webshine: she is a white and yellow she-cat with amber eyes

Berylmask: he is a black, brown, and light brown tom with aqua blue eyes

Emberstrike: he is a very tall, black and slightly red tom with green eyes

Cloverleaf: she is taupe and tan she-cat with yellow-green eyes

Twilightflare: she is a light gray and black she-cat with gray and taupe splotches; she has violet eyes

Tigercloud: she is an orange tabby she-cat with black stripes and white patches; she has green eyes

Spottedflower: she is a black she-cat with white spots and jade green eyes

Thistlefrost: he is a light brown tabby tom with brown stripes and a tan underbelly; he has icy blue eyes

Cypresssong: she is a light reddish brown and white she-cat with turquoise eyes

Copperthorn: she is brown-ish orange and black tortoiseshell she-cat with aqua green eyes

Mapledusk: she is a tan and dark brown siamese she-cat with liquid, sky blue eyes

Fernclaw: he is a light brown and tan tom with jade green eyes

Falconflight: he is a black tom with gray flecks on his white underbelly; he has brown eyes

Gingerfall: she is a light orange and tan she-cat with light blue eyes

Sagewhisp: he is a gray and light gray tom with a white underbelly and two patches; he has green eyes (Apprentice: Azurepaw)

Aldergaze: he is a brown and light brown tom with white patches and one hazel and one green eye

Snoweyes: she is a small light gray and white she-cat with very light blue eyes; she is colorblind


Darkpaw: he is a black and dark brown tom with sky blue eyes

Lionpaw: he is a golden and light brown tom with aqua blue eyes

Velvetpaw: she is a gray and brown she-cat with very soft fur; she has violet-colored eyes

Cloudpaw: she is a white she-cat with light orange patches and aqua-green eyes

Azurepaw: she is a big, yet delicate blue-gray splotched she-cat with turquoise eyes; she has unsightly scars on her face and sides, and one completely black front leg.


Whitewhisker: she is a pure white she-cat with yellow eyes (Brightkit: a white and light brown she-kit with yellow eyes; Plumkit: a light gray she-kit with almost violet-colored eyes; Icekit: a pure white tom kit with light blue eyes; Cedarkit: a gray tom kit with brown eyes)

Ashenwillow: she is a light gray she-cat with dark gray flecks on her back and a taupe-colored underbelly; she has aqua-green eyes


Grayheart: she is a dark gray she-cat with gray spots and yellow eyes

Chestnutfleck: she is a light brown and tan she-cat with brown paws and flecks; she has light green eyes

~Gone But Not Forgotten~

Ebonydusk: she is a tortoise-shell and brown she-cat with yellow eyes

Pearlheart: she is a white she-cat with a tan-ish underbelly and aqua green eyes

Brokensoar: he is a jet black tom with amber eyes

Foxfur: she is a pretty tortoise-shell and tan she-cat with blind, white eyes


A New Home Edit

The moon was high in the sky. It was big and full, and there wasn't a cloud in sight. The island was filled with many cats. Three of the leaders were waiting in the branches of a big tree. Suddenly, a loud caterwaul was heard as a small group of cats poured out from the trees. A light brown tabby climbed up the big tree. He nodded to the leaders, his voice was a bit cold. "I... apologize for WindClan being late." "It is alright, Onestar. Now that you're here we can finally begin." A blue-gray she-cat meowed. Onestar twitched his tail, and Mistystar yowled to let all the cats know that the Gathering had begun. But before any of the leaders could speak, a tortoise-shell with a tan-ish underbelly screeched. "I scent cat!" "Foxpaw, hush!" Her mentor, Littlecloud, scolded her. "Of course, you scent cat! Will you look around you?" Foxpaw shook her head, her gaze stretching toward the tree bridge. "This doesn't smell like any of the Clans." Most stared at Foxpaw, but others followed her gaze and tasted the air. "She's right. I smell it, too." More murmurs of agreement spread throughout the area as more and more cats smelled the unfamiliar cat scent. The murmurs stopped when a cat popped out from the trees. "Just one?" Foxpaw looked confused. "It smells like a..." She drifted off as a ton of cats followed the first one. The Clan cats' eyes were wide as they looked at this giant group come into the area. The first cat held up its tail, and the ones behind it, halted. The golden she-cat with white paws practically screeched so that everyone on the island could hear. "Are you the four Clans that live by this lake?" The leaders in the big tree looked at each other. A dark tabby tom with amber eyes answered the cat. "Why do you need to know?" The she-cat turned to her group of cats, taking the tom's reply as a yes. "At last, we have found what we have been looking for!" Yowls of triumph spread throughout the group. The she-cat turned back to the cats on the island. "Greetings! I am Blazestar, leader of BlazingClan! We have come a long way to find you." Shocked voices began to grow in the area. A dark ginger tom hushed them. "Are you telling us that you're a Clan?" "Of course!" Blazestar's eyes were bright as she responded. "StarClan sent us to the lake!"

"We have traveled very far to get here." Blazestar continued to stare at the leaders. "Why has StarClan sent you to the lake?" Mistystar questioned. Blazestar hesitated before answering. "That answer is still unknown. StarClan guided us here. They said we would be safer." "Did BlazingClan live in our old forest home?" Bramblestar asked, looking interested. "No, we did not." "I don't know about you three, but I'm tired of shouting," Rowanstar meowed, looking at each of the other leaders. "And I'm tired of listening to it," Onestar grumbled. "I have an idea. Why don't we end the Gathering and talk to Blazestar? We can let our deputies lead the way back to our camps." Bramblestar's tail twitched as he spoke. Onestar shook his head in disgust. "You want to TALK to that fool down there? She claims that StarClan sent them here, but how can we be sure?" "Onestar is right. We don't know if we can trust her." Rowanstar agreed. "I know that, but... I think she's telling the truth. I mean, look at all the cats Blazestar brought with her!" Onestar rolled his eyes, but Rowanstar and Mistystar seemed to think things over. "Alright," Mistystar meowed finally. "Let's talk to her. Let's see what she really wants." "What?" Onestar was shocked. "You can't be serious? How could you end a Gathering to talk to a strange cat and her so-called Clan?" "If StarClan doesn't want us to talk to her, then they would have covered the moon." Bramblestar meowed, then he looked back toward Blazestar. He shouted. "Blazestar, we have agreed to speak to you!" "I haven't agreed to anything," Onestar hissed at him. Bramblestar ignored him and continued to speak. "Deputies, please bring everyone back to your camps. The medicine cats will stay behind as well as three other warriors we choose." The Clan cats looked confused but they did as they were told. Blazestar instructed her deputy to wait beside the tree bridge. Her medicine cat stayed behind, along with the three warriors she chose: Grayheart, Badgerclaw, and Redstone. It didn't take long for the other leaders to chose whom they wanted. The four leaders sat in front of the big tree with their medicine cat(s) and three warriors. Blazestar was a few fox-tails in front of them. "So, why are you really here?" Rowanstar questioned her. "I am here because StarClan sent us to this lake. They want this magnificent place to be our new home." "New home?" Onestar looked shocked, but he hid it beneath a mocking tone. "Has StarClan told you their reason for that?" Mistystar asked. "No, they have not. I believe it was to keep us safe." "From what were they trying to keep you safe?" "That's none of your business!" A black tom with a big, white stripe hissed at Bramblestar. "Badgerclaw, don't be rude. They have a right to know why we came. This is their home." Blazestar slightly scolded him. "And it will be our home, too." Badgerclaw's eyes glinted as he spoke. Blazestar blinked at the leaders. "We had issues with a group of rouges, as well as a Two-leg problem... The rouges were a minor threat, that is, until the Two-legs came to destroy everything. The Two-legs had driven us out of our home with their big yellow monsters. The rouges started stealing our prey and killing our Clanmates." Blazestar's eyes clouded. "That reminds me of us..." Leafpool, ThunderClan's medicine cat, murmured. "All I ask is that you respect StarClan's wishes and let us stay. We do not need a very big piece of territory. We will work with what you give us." The leaders looked at one another. "Give us a moment to discuss it," Rowanstar said, hesitantly. The leaders and their cats got in a small circle and started whispering.

Blazestar turned to her cats. "Do you think they'll let us stay?' Grayheart asked, with a cold glance at the leaders. "They have to! StarClan wouldn't send us here if it were for nothing," Scarletlily meowed. "And if they don't let us join," Grayheart unsheathed her claws. "Then, we'll fight for our place here." Badgerclaw grunted his agreement. "Fighting will not be necessary. Have faith in your ancestors," Blazestar meowed, her tone was cool. Her gaze was on Redstone. He seemed to be only paying attention to the circle of cats. His eyes flickered to every movement. Blazestar saw his green eyes land on one cat in particular. They rested their for a long time. Blazestar's eyes narrowed, slightly. She was about to open her mouth, when she saw movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned a bit to see Grayheart and Badgerclaw batting at each other with their paws. "Oh, yes. We'll make a good impression on them if you keep doing that," Blazestar meowed sarcastically. "For catmint's sake, knock it off! You both are senior warriors." Badgerclaw and Grayheart stopped mid-swipe, and immediately went back to sitting still. Both of their gazes were to the ground. "Sorry," they mumbled. Blazestar sighed and Scarletlily snorted with amusement. "How is Brokensoar doing?" Blazestar asked as she turned toward the medicine cat. "He's not doing very well..." Scarletlily replied, her ears flattened. "He's going to join StarClan soon." Badgerclaw and Grayheart dipped their heads. "I'm so sorry, Scarletlily. We all know how much you loved your mentor." "You shouldn't be sorry for me. All of us will soon lose a great medicine cat." Scarletlily's mew was quiet. Blazestar was about to open her mouth to speak, when Redstone meowed: "They're done." The group turned to see the four Clan leaders padding toward them. "Blazestar, we have decided," Bramblestar meowed after they reached her. "And we have all agreed that you and your Clan can stay." Mistystar finished for him. Blazestar's eyes glowed with happiness. "Oh, thank you so much!" Onestar was grumbling to himself, but the other three leaders meowed a "Your welcome." "Now, we know this isn't a lot, but Onestar and I have given you a very small piece of our territory," Mistystar told Blazestar. "That will have to do. Thank you again." Blazestar meowed, gratefully. Blazestar and her small group began to pad away. They reached the rest of their Clan and told them the good news. Onestar, Mistystar, and their warriors went with BlazingClan to show them where the new border marks will be. The two leaders then went to their own Clans.

The BlazingClan cats looked around their new territory. They settled in a slightly big clearing. They made all the dens and put moss in them. Blazestar went around checking on everyone's progress. Suddenly, their was a bright light. When the light dimmed, Blazestar began to pad toward it. It was a big rock, not like anything she had seen before. The rock seemed to shine, and its surface was smooth. Scarletlily padded toward it. Her yellow eyes appeared to be glowing like the rock. Blazestar watched as the medicine cat stood right in front of it. Scarletlily froze in her place for a moment. Blazestar could tell that she was receiving a message from StarClan. The BlazingClan cats, who had stopped what they were doing, waited to see what would happen next. Scarletlily turned around to face the Clan, and her voice was bright as she spoke. "StarClan has made it clear to me! We have finally made it to our new home!" The BlazingClan cats cheered, their excitement boiling over. Blazestar looked to the stars above, sighing with relief.

The End


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