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Blazestar Xxion's Second form after Metallicstar, and his current one. He lead Thunderclan up until he left to join Breezeclan. Not long after, Breeze was nearing it's end and Blazestar was a loner for some time. Soon enough, he allied with the pack, Malefic Revolt (Big Cat Pride). With this pack he raided Thunderclan and cancelled his plans time later. And currently; he's working on finishing Fireclan. Blaze developed a battle-torn mind after the bloody death of Metallicstar and a slight caution of dogs. He will set out goals that should theoretically create peace, but if innocence are harmed, it is for a greater cause.

Moon: 19


Kit- Amberkit

Brother: Cloudfur

Extended Family- Unknown

Analysis Edit

Blazestorm is timid, often tries to avoid large crowds. He needs time to decide on committing to something, but he will never stop working on it until it's finished, no matter what his original goal was. if he could not complete his task, he may show strains of anger by burning whatever's near him.

-Silence is a virtue


-On time assuming reality isn't in his way

-Urges to express anger come out though he does shelter himself away from public when they do

-Realist, Perfectionist

-God awful at telling the truth

-Even-headed, homosexual

Current Projects Edit

-Metallic's Hideout


Appearance Edit

Blaze is also a pure black tom, nearly the spitting image of Metallicstar. The main difference is that his fangs are sharper.


-Not quite strong