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Berrystar is the leader of RiverClan. She is half-Clan, a mix between ShadowClan and RiverClan..


General Edit

Kits: Rushingkit, Rainpaw, Mudpaw, Ebonypaw, and her son.

Parents: ShadowClan deputy [mom] and unknown dad

Siblings: Half-sister and Hurricanetail (younger half-brother)

Mate: Ebonyclaw

Famous Quote(s) Edit

"Despite everything, I must do what's best for the Clan. It's not about me, it's not about you, it's about all of us."

"If you truly love me, love us, you'll find your way back."

History Edit

Her mom was the ShadowClan deputy when she had Berrykit[now, Berrystar] with a RiverClan tom. When Berrykit became an apprentice, she went to RiverClan. She was unable to meet her dad (see my profile on being Berry's RP dad), but met her best friend and future mate Ebonyclaw as well as her dad's two new kits (with a RiverClan feline) named Hurricanekit (her half-brother) and her half-sister. She became the well-known and deeply-respected Berryfrost. She then became deputy, then leader. Her deputy was Mudfoot. Mudfoot died because of wounds, so Ebonyclaw, her friend, became her deputy. After a while, Berrystar became his mate and they had two litters of kits, with one, Rushingkit, still in the nursery.

Personality Edit

Berrystar is a tough, bold, feisty feline that is not afraid to speak her mind. She's "all for war and all" (official quote) and is a merciless fighter.She can be sweet to friends, her Clan, and loved ones. Don't mess with her, she will get you back for sure!

Appearance Edit

She is a white feline with a black underbelly and mitts. She has sleek, long fur, and is slender. Berrystar has startling, bright yellow eyes. Her banner (or tail) is fluffy. She often doubts her beauty.

Ways To Contact Her Edit

  1. Her username is THSH04CUTE on Animal Jam.
  2. She's normally on ChatStep; ask what room she is in first though.

Trivia Edit

  1. Her bday is June 28.
  2. Originally, during the creation of the Clan, she was going to be deputy, but took over for the better of the Clan.
  3. Her name's Ann.
  4. During beginning RPs, her pelt was silver, but she changed it.
  5. Her name tag says "Wretched Berrystar".
  6. She edits Clan pictures, as well as draws.
  7. Some people have nicknames for her, some such as Berreh, Berry, Star, Berrystarfart, Berryfart, etc.
  8. She is an excellent swimmer.
  9. Her favorite Clan in the books is RiverClan.
  10. Only one person in the Clan knows Berrystar in real life.